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Sigvaris From: 602CLLM00 To: 602CXSM00 - Sigvaris Diabetic 18-25 mmHg Closed Toe Knee High Compression Socks for Men

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602CLLM00 - 602CXSM00
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602CLLM00Diabetic Compression Socks Calf 8-25 mmHg Long ClosedLargeWhiteEach
602CSLM00Calf, Long, MensSmallWhitePair
602CLSM00Calf Short, MensLargeWhitePair
602CXLM00Diabetic Compression Socks Calf 8-25 mmHg Long ClosedX-LargeWhiteEach
602CSSM00Calf Short, MensSmallWhitePair
602CMLM00Calf, Long, MensMediumWhitePair
602CMSM00Diabetic Compression Socks Calf 8-25 mmHg Long ClosedMediumWhitePackage of 2
602CXSM00Calf Short, MenslargeWhitePair
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Sigvaris Diabetic 18-25 mmHg Closed Toe Knee High Compression Socks for Men, White
More Information
Manufacturer Sigvaris
Categories Compression Hosiery, Diabetic, Edema, Extra Large, Firm Compression (20-30 mmhg), Leg Pain, Sock, Condition, Closed Toe, Compression Level, Diabetes Foot Problems, Diabetic Feet, Diabetic Foot Care, Diabetic Socks, Fabric, Gender, Knee High, Large, Long, Medium, Men, Mild Compression (8-15 mmhg), Moderate Compression (15-20 mmhg), Nylon, Plus Size, Polyester, Short, Size, Small, Spandex, Style, Women, X-Large
Code 602CLLM00 - 602CXSM00
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Lay Off Pain|Stomabags
Score: 4.1 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Mark H. Review from
November 25, 2021
New stockings, problem fit with new increased pressure, help wanted!
I have been purchasing the closed toe, LS 20-30 for years. They are the best fit of all the brands I have tried. They work well. My cardiologist told me to increase the pressure to 30-40. I purchased them and have been using them. Unfortunately, they seem to slip on my ankle creating a tight spot that cuts off my circulation from my foot and lower ankle up. This can be painful, and while pulling up the stockings solves the problem, it returns within a short period of time. This problem primarily happens on my left leg, which is has more edema and more permanent damage from past episodes of cel
Brenda F. Review from
July 16, 2022
My First Pick
I have tried a number of support stockings and socks over the years for my venous insufficiency and varicose veins. I have settled on Sigvaris 242 as the best choice for me. They are attractive and relieve my tired legs and mild swelling at the ankles. Donning requires a little effort but not a problem. The fit is excellent and they are comfortable even in hot weather here in the southeast. I wear them during an hour or so of gardening in the summer. Stinky socks are not a problem. I hand wash them in warm water with mild detergent (I use Seventh Generation). Their length of service is reasona
Lynda O. Review from
December 2, 2021
So far, so good...
These Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton knee-highs have solved two problems for me: keeping my feet warmer and protected; not wearing holes in the heel area. Though I've only had them for several weeks, they are holding up well. I wash them in my front loading machine but air dry them, which takes a whole day, so I own 3 black pairs. They are a bit difficult to get on over the foot but feel fantastic! I wear a Women's size 9 shoe and purchased Medium size. They are a bit shorter than the 3 Sigvaris Sea Cotton knee-highs I own, but the Sea Cotton ones have all worn holes in the heels after about a mont
marlene m. Review from
December 14, 2021
Open toe aberration.
I usually wear The Sigvaris natural rubber which is the best but I wanted to try the opaque open toe knee high (30-40 mm Hg) particularly for the summer and open toed footwear and I was quite disappointed. Once I put them on, the stockings covered 2 of my toes completely. I had never experienced that with any Sigvaris pair I had ordered previously. After wearing the stockings that day, after taking them off, I noticed below the silicone band the double stitching was loose and I felt this was a a quality control issue as Sigvaris stockings have always been well made. I telephoned For your Legs
Cindy C. Review from
December 12, 2020
Sigvaris Motion Comfort
I have worn Sigvaris compression knee highs for years ( ever since they were prescribed after varicose vein surgery). They are a high quality sock, with good compression, and don't seem to stretch out over time. They hold up & wash well. (I wash them in a longerie bag then drip dry them over a plastic clothes hanger/don't dry in clothes dryer) They look like "trouser" socks, not ugly stockings. My only complaint is that over time (many months of wear) a hole can deveop in the big toe area (like almost all socks). I wear them daily, & 4-5 pairs will typically last at least a year. I recently tr
James T. Review from
February 12, 2022
Tall Guy With Big Feet
I bought the Sigvaris 821 Microfiber Stockings, size LX. Great quality. FYI: I am 6'4", 200#, size 16 feet, ankle 10", calf 16.5", Length 18". By size chart, my choice was MX or LX. I chose LX. I get them on w/o much trouble and they are comfortable. My toes are not cramped. The length is perfect and because of the elasticity, there is ample adjustability. The top band stays put w/o clamping too hard. I never expected them to fit so well. Within a day, the bloating in my feet and ankles was gone. I'm very pleased to find quality like this. The MX would have been tighter, but the LX easily does
jonathanpasley Review from
March 23, 2021
Super well made! Consistent compression top to bottom.
Although I had to get over the price for one pair of socks, I love them! They are very well made and durable. I'm hard on socks! My toe nails frequently wear holes thru normal socks. I am careful with these and give my toes extra room; I also wear normal socks over them b/c they are so thin. The pressure rating, in my case 20-30, is just right and consitent top to bottom. They are stockings, so be careful of runs, although in 4 pairs, I've only had one run because I wasn't careful of a sharp toenail. Had for about 3-6 months and they still provide the same tension after multiple washings. I do
Sarah B. Review from
July 4, 2022
Very comfortable for summer
If you have to wear compression socks, especially during the summer, then these are a good choice. They are not too hot. Sigvaris also just makes a good sock in general with a selection of lengths. I prefer the open toe style myself,especially when it gets hot. They will allow you to wear a sandal. I know thats probably not the most fashionable statement out there to wear socks with a sandal, but who cares, these will get the Job done, keep your feet and legs healthy and let you wear your choice of footwear.
Christine C Review from
August 22, 2021
Versatile, Strong, and attractive!
These are the best opaque compression knee highs that you will ever findAnd believe me, Ive tried them all. For over ten years I have trusted these knee highs to both look and feel great whether worn under casual or dress pants. They are easily worn with athletic shoes, heels, and especially boots. Not a single pair has ever rolled-down, developed a run or been too tight on my upper calf. I love to wear them with all of my shoes: athletic, dress, even boots. You cant go wrong with any shade!
Donna S. Review from
September 17, 2021
Great socks!
These socks are a bit big in the foot for me but the compression is goodaround the ankles especially in high humidity. Event though they are cotton they are still a bit hot in 75F weather. Length is too long for me. They come up over my knees. Pricing is good on sale. From my chiropodist, i would pay 40% more even with the exchange and duty charges. Even regular pricing is still worth it plus you don't need a prescriptiin to buy socks 20 to 30 compression and up. Buy from For my Legs Only!.
Charlene F Review from
November 15, 2021
Sigvaris Rules!
I was recently ordered through my medical doctor to wear compression socks after a severe venous edema to both of my lower legs and feet. I went to a local vendor in my town where I live that does prosthetics and special orthotic appointments. It is there that I learned of Sigvaris and my first 2 pair were measured and ordered. I got the ones with the comfort top and I must say that I love them! I was searching online to see if I could order them a bit less expensive somewhere else when I found your company. I ordered the same pair through you and was greatly surprised at the amount of savings
Sharon R. Review from
December 2, 2021
Love Ameswalker
Back in the 1990's after the Doctor's stopped injections into varicose veins, medical support stockings replaced it. I found Ameswalker, and started my hunt for the perfect pair. If I was going to wear them, I better like them. After trying many, I settled on Sigvaris 20 -30 closed toe with Grip-Top! The grip top is expensive, but any other I just refuse to wear. Thank you for carrying my brand and for the many years of service.
JANET S Review from
August 22, 2021
My VascularDr. informed me that I need to get compression knee hi's 20-30 mmHg so I purchaed some but! they were drupping by the end of day. So he gave me a prescription where to go and I was professionally measured. Now I have the perfect size and length. I'm so grateful for Sigvaris, I no longer have a problem. They feel great on my leggs and no more droopy. I would recommend this brand to everyone that need compressions.
angela h. Review from
September 5, 2021
So far, it seems good
Much easier to put on than previous compression socks that I've purchased at the drugstore. The lady I spoke to at the toll free was incredibly helpful in choosing the right size. Getting it right leads to the socks working best for you. So call before you buy so that you know. I bought these to work on both shin splints and light Achilles tendonitis. Will see in time if these help. I am pairing with a derm edge to get the most out of these.
trackerent Review from
June 1, 2021
Perform well and made in USA
I've been wearing (and evaluating) various brands of compression socks for about 18 months now. These are type 822, similar to the 922 prescribed by my doctor back when I started, but these are made in USA, not in Brazil as are the 922. So I feel better about using them. I make measurements nightly to verify that they are working well. I've evaluated lots of other 'brands', some made in China, Italy, Mexico and other non identified locations.. Not going into detail about results but one important thing to remember is that there does not appear to be a 'standard test' (such as an ASTM Standard)
Debra S. Review from
June 25, 2021
Not pleased with this product after all these years!
I have been buying Sigvaris opaque knee highs for over almost 2 decades! This pair was manufactured differently in the size, the fit and the compression. The silicone band has been the reason for my loyalty but now, it cuts just like the regular band. The "short" used to be perfect, now they come up to my thigh, and the compression is inconsistent up my calf causing an indent half way up my calf. I have reverted to the old, worn stockings opting to use these new ones only as my last resort. The difference is in the manufacturing, I will be searching for other companies that have the silicone b
Carole W. Review from
October 22, 2020
The Best Compression Socks.
I have been wearing these compression socks while at work for years. I wore Jobst prior too wearing Sigvaris. Not only do they do what they say- wick away wetness, they last a very very long time. My feet don't slide around in my shoes as with the Jobst. My feet do not have a bad odor as with the Jobst. My legs do not ache after wearing these Sigvaris socks for >12 hour per day that I work. They don't fall in to holes like the Jobst do after about 6 months. The only thing they do is shrink around the calf at the opening after wearing and wearing over > a year. This is why I have to buy more, b
Jacqueline M. Review from
May 19, 2022
Great service and I love
Great service and I love my compression socks! I feel the support when standing on my feet all day at work ! The fit perfect on my legs and feet ! I bought 4 pairs and plan on getting more! I pass the word and website to my nurse friends with encouragement ! Keep up the good work ! Prompt service and call back is amazing above and beyond . I got the 20 to 30 compression fit perfect !
Barbara H. Review from
July 3, 2022
The quality does not seem to be as it was before. I have been wearing this style for several years now. The last couple pair have not measured up. The previous pair got a hole within a month. The company provided good service and replaced. However, in the picture I share you will see the brand new pair already show a stressed area which is where the hole appeared in the returned pair.
Sheila s. Review from
January 13, 2020
The next best thing to custom-made compression socks
I have tried several different brands of compression socks, including custom-made ones. Sigvaris's soft opaque women's 20-30 mmHg knee highs are the best-fitting compression socks I've worn that weren't custom-made for me. They fit properly, right out of the box, and continue to fit properly through a 16 hour day. Unlike other brands I've worn, I rarely needed to adjust the ankles or calves throughout the day. They go on as easily as compression socks can, and come off with equal ease. I also like that they come in more colors beyond black, white, and flesh-color-that-matches-no-one's-actual-f
M Review from
February 1, 2022
Very peculiar
I've been wearing compression knee highs for years. These were impossible to pull up. The stretch seems to be predominantly horizontal, none vertical. When I finally got them on and put on a pair of pants, they clung to the stocking. I tried a different pair of pants. Same problem. Maybe it'll be better after they're washed, but I suggest you find something else.
Ann F. Review from
May 19, 2022
The right fit
I absolutely love the feel of these compression socks compared to many many others I have tried. These feel like an extension of myself, very comfortable. Thos particular sock I get in wide calf and short length and the fit is perfect. I am 5'3" and my swelling is all over but worse in calf so having the option of wide calf compression garment is a huge plus!
KATHLEEN O. Review from
July 29, 2022
Take Sigvaris on vacation with you
The Sigvaris cotton series is comfortable to wear in the summertime while still providing firm compression for my lymphedema. I just wore these knee highs while on a week-long summer camp experience hiking and paddle boating, and the support was excellent. Plus the length was perfect to wear under capri pants. You can't go wrong with Sigvaris quality and style options!
Vicki B Review from
January 27, 2022
Not worn yet.
One star because they came in the wrong color. I wanted Navy and black was sent. The package says Navy. I sent an email and I got a reply then wanting a picture of the packages and I complied. Got email back that the issue was sent to someone else. This was yesterday so no reply yet. I have not tried them on yet to write a review about the product. I have ordered before and no issues. This time I ordered a different sock so no comments yet.
Maria Review from
October 5, 2021
They could be better
These stockings are the best Ive tried but petite sizing is for women 54 and under. If you are 411, there is a five inch differential and the difference makes an enormous difference in how they fit. It makes them bunch up at your ankles and essentially cuts off the circulation. Not a good thing. In addition, they should be thinking about making a sheer grip top.
Judy Review from
January 25, 2021
They stay up! Replacement worked!
I have been wearing 20-30 support calf high stockings for 15 years but tried a pair of 862C's without the silicon grip top and was very disappointed that they kept riding down to my ankles by the end of the day. Ames Walker very graciously allowed me to return the slippery pair and replace them with the grip top without any extra charge other than the $4 needed due to the grip pair being more expensive. These are awesome stockings. They go on easily, stay up nicely, the toe area is comfortable and they do not bind at the top of my calf. Ames Walker customer service has been very accommodating.
Upstate NY g Review from
August 12, 2021
Best stockings ever!
The silicone dots are a huge improvement over the conventional band. They don't slip and they don't tend to create grooves in soft tissue. I've used them successfully on their own and with another conventional stocking on top to boost compression. I wear them on one leg for lymphedema and on the other leg for venous-based dependent edema and they are great for both conditions.
Joseph H. Review from
September 14, 2021
Sigvaris Had been recommended by
Sigvaris Had been recommended by my primary care doctor. The Cushioned Cotton 15-20 became my selection. This was my second purchase of 2 pair. Having a great experience with the first 2 pair I thought well to purchase another 2 pair. I don't need to look any further for Compression Socks that fit my purpose. Great product.
Astrid D. Review from
October 22, 2020
I love these compression stockings.
I love these compression stockings. They are durable. And best of all, they make walking and standing -- like for cooking -- comfortable. My only regret is that the foot isn't made in different lengths. The leg length is sized and the calf circumference is sized. Why not the foot length? I wear a sz 12 shoe. I can wear these because they are open-toe, but the length is skimpy on me and the stocking wants to creep back toward my instep.
Kathy Review from
September 29, 2021
Great fit and comfort
I looked carefully at the sizing charts for every brand before purchase, and Sigvaris fit my measurements best in the short length I need at 53 . (Regular length is too long and creases up at the ankle.) These are soft, comfortable for a 12 hour day, and I love the colors. They fit like a second skin and are not static-y. Im very happy with these. I use the fold-over method with donning gloves for ease.
Barbara R. Review from
February 17, 2021
Ankle fracture rehab help
I broke my ankle in 3 places in December and my orthopedist recommended that I purchase either Sigvaris or Jobst compression socks, 15-20 mm, to aid in reducing the swelling once my cast was off. I chose the Sigvaris as I liked the idea that I could get cotton. I was a bit apprehensive about trying compression socks as I hate wearing tight things. However, when I put the sock on, I was pleasantly surprised as it did not feel tight at all. It actually felt more comfortable that some of my regular knee socks and left no mark around my calf as regular socks sometimes do. I was very pleased with m
Sharon R. Review from
April 8, 2020
better than all
I have been wearing these stockings for 20 years and they couldn't be more perfect. Way back when, I went to my doctor who prescribed the compression and the ordering was up to me. When he was looking at my legs ( without stockings) , he asked me if I had been wearing them. He glanced over at my clothes on the chair, and on top of the pile was my stockings. Because I didn't have the tell tail sign of the top of the stocking band imprinted in my leg, he didn't think I ;was wearing them. I know that the Grip-Top stockings are really expensive , but I will not wear any other kind. They are so com
Melinda B. Review from
August 4, 2021
Dynaven Compression Hoisery
I have been purchasing these compression closed toed knee highs for a long time. They wash well, line dry and are easy to maintain. They give me the perfect amount of compression that I need for everyday wear. They are durable and do not easily get holes in the toes or run, A good quality product that really works well. As long as I wear them all day my feet and legs do not swell, even in hot weather. I would highly recommend these for others who need to wear compression hoisery.
Beth C. Review from
October 2, 2021
Inconsistent Sizing
These 863s are my favorite support stocking - when they fit. I went to a small short size because the medium short varied by a couple of inches in length - some were way too long. These small short 863s are so long in the foot and calf, I can pull them over my knee easily. Im sending them back and going for the 843s, which I dont like as well, but at least all the pairs are the same length.
Edward L. Review from
March 22, 2021
Ill listen to you all next time!!!
Ummmm...the next time you kind folks send me the reminder that its time to buy new stockings? Ill hop to it right away! I thought I could go a few more months with those original stockings, but no way. I suffered horribly by not having enough blood circulating back to my heart and head. I was exhausted and feeling wiped out all the time. So, to all of you: Thank you for your care, for your concern and also your wonderful service. Two thumbs wayyyyy up!! Oh! And quality? Superb...
Marian R. Review from
May 19, 2022
Very disappointed. Brand new, they started out stiff, cutting in at the front of my ankles and do not stay up well. That has increased over three months of wear. I own 3 other pairs of Sigvaris and none have this stiffness/harshness problem. Sea Island cotton are wonderful. Do not be fooled to think these are similar.
Judy C. Review from
November 6, 2021
Beautiful quality; however, open toe
Beautiful quality; however, open toe works it's way back, back, back and bunches up under my foot. Who knows why? Closed toe is better for me and I already own a coup[e of pair. I am trying out a CIRCAID JUXTALITTE lower leg item soon. Thank you, judy chechele
EducatingMama Review from
January 24, 2021
Not enough ankle compression
I purchased these many years ago. Sadly, they have changed. The ankle compression stitching used to go up the heel more and provided better graduated compression. The way they knit them now causes my foot and ankle to balloon. The foot part is just too big and floppy too. I loved these socks and the strength of the cotton. Wish they would make them the way they were 10-15 years ago. Guess I am back to mending the old socks where I have worn through them, but it's just not the same....
Stacie S. Review from
April 3, 2021
Quality disappointing.
I have bought the same brand and size for several years. So once again I ordered 2 new pairs. They will not stay up and do not seem to have the quality of my previously purchased compression socks. I just went walking and spent it pulling up my new compression socks. They are currently around my ankles. My legs have not changed in size. I will have to use my old socks until I find a new brand that is worth the expense. I am very disappointed.
Patricia K. Review from
May 30, 2022
Elegant compression stockings
These stockings do not feel like the heavy compression stockings that I usually wear. These stockings are lightweight and feel like fancy silk hose. I don't care if people see me wearing them! Plus the open toe version is great for when I am wearing sandals.
Deborah B. Review from
August 18, 2021
Love the silicone band.
I like the fabric. However, I wish they had the cafe color in this style. The fit is good. I really like the silicone dots on the band. They do not roll. I have wasted a lot of money purchasing the style without the silicone band. They roll down even when using the body adhesive.
Mary R. Review from
November 15, 2021
Sigvaris 142 Socks
I have worn these socks for at least the last 6 years while working as a Med Tech in a local hospital. They have just the right amount of support as l am on my feet most of the day. I recently retired after 42 years at the hospital and still wear these knee-highs with my pants and jeans. They still keep my legs from being numb and tired! A good investment...
Bernice K. Review from
November 21, 2021
I have to wear compression
I have to wear compression hose due to lymphedema in my legs. I like these compression stockings but I wished that they would go on sale sometimes. I order 2 pairs in the winter and 2 pairs in the summer. I have filled out that cardboard that comes when I order the new stockings but I lately dont bother to fill out it anymore because I have yet to receive a new pair, thats why I am saying it would be nice if they go on sale.
Paul R. Review from
July 13, 2021
Simply the Best
These are simply and without question the BEST compression stocks out there. They are the highest quality, very even graduated compression for effectiveness and has many sizes, e.g., I wear a small but need lengthSigvas offers that on their sizing. Other companies dont. And Ive tried other brands and they never live up to their hype. Yes, they are always cheaper, but never the quality of Sigvas. Ive been wearing Sigvas for over thirty years, and I highly recommend them.
Elaine R. Review from
December 11, 2021
The 20-30 mg did not
The 20-30 mg did not fit my legs like the compression socks I normally receive. They were loose like a pair of regular socks you buy in a store. The 30-40 mg compression socks work best for me and you dont offer that size for this type of sock. These socks are not worth the price since they dont provide the compression needed for my legs. I am not satisfied.
Janelle M. Review from
January 3, 2022
Fit well. Easy application. Great
Fit well. Easy application. Great color. Plenty of room in toes. Very pleased seem to be of better quality then my last pair of these. ? Change product ?
Frances J. Review from
September 2, 2021
Reasons for toeless
Sigvaris compression socks and stockings help my edema of my leg and foot be controlled and is extremely comfortable. I have found the toeless to be comfortable during summer days. When flying, it helps to keep edema from being pushed below the ankles. Sigvaris has sizing which is allows for specific lengths, widths, and compressions.
Dorothy H. Review from
June 18, 2021
The Best Compression Socks I Have Ever Worn
These knee highs with the grip top are the most comfortable compression socks I ever owned and I have been wearing them for years. I have them in black and Crispa which is the flesh color. I have recommended these compression socks to many friends and doctors. Be sure you purchase them with the grip top. Sigvaris is worth the money. They last a long time if washed in Hosiery Mate which can also be purchased from BrightLife.
Donald W. Review from
June 24, 2022
Tried and true
I've been wearing these for years and they are nice socks. They do get holes after a while, but it's probably time to replace them by then anyway. One thing to know about these is that the foot size changes when you order "long". So if you have big feet like I do, you'd better order long or the feet part of the sock will be too small - and with compression socks, that's bad.
Ruthie P. Review from
February 11, 2021
Great socks!
I used to spend a lot of time on my feet at work before I retired, and now i enjoy puttering in the kitchen, sometimes cooking most of the day. My lower legs ache badly after standing for long periods. These compression socks almost literally give a lift! They seem to gave more give than others Ive tried, so they are much easier to put on and still give the support I need. When they came, they looked way too short, but they stretch, and stay up. I think they are expensive, but worth it for the energy lift and relief of discomfort.
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