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Siemens - 2182 - Hema-Combistix Reagent Strips, CLIA Waived, 100/btl, 12 btl/cs (10338451) (US Only) (Minimum Expiry Lead is 120 days)

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12 Bottle / Case
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Hema-Combistix Reagent Strips, CLIA Waived, 100/btl, 12 btl/cs (10338451) (US Only) (Minimum Expiry Lead is 120 days)
More Information
Manufacturer Siemens
Categories Lab Equipment, Urinalysis Strip, Condition, Glucose Monitoring, Hyperglycemia, Hypoglycemia, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Urine Test Strip
Code 2182
Sold By 12 Bottle / Case
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
25 Review
scrcrow Review from
February 19, 2022
Good Price, Good Strips. Win-Win
I have a FreeStyle Lite meter. The price I saw on this product was better than anywhere else. I also saw some complaints that the expiration date for the strips was sometimes less than 2-3 months away. I did some checking on that and learned that the strips are good for 6 months beyond the expiration date, which is really good. It also told me this was a safe investment.
Nancy Review from
January 14, 2021
An easy way to be tested, painless too
This system is so superior to others. Takes a pinhead of blood and you can, if you can stand a variance of 10 points, use your forearm or thigh (no creams on skin). If you're like my mother was -- a bloodless wonder where nothing made it possible to get the right amount of blood -- or myself, who uses her fingers for many tasks on a daily basis, this is the testing system for you. It has gone up in price a ridiculous amount so affordability can be an issue. Otherwise, recommend ever so highly.
James Review from
October 23, 2021
Short Expiration Date When Delivered
My only complaint about this order is that the 100 pack of strips had a short expiration date. The strips arrived on September 15, 2021 and will expire on October 31, 2021. I only test once a day. My suggestion is that the vendor should list the expiration date before an order is placed.
CECILIA Review from
March 25, 2021
The joys of testing
This is a necessity, not an option. I have been a diabetic since 1972. The meter I have used since 2003 is relatively heavy and not pleasant to tote in my purse all day. I purchased a Free Style meter, which is butterfly light. I can now test easily with confidence while away from home.
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
January 22, 2022
Glad I can use the Free Style test strips for the Alpha Track 2 cat glucometer. Appreciate the savings. I rescue cats and have them spayed/neutered and of course feed them. I don't have a shelter so its all out of pocket. Every penny saved means a lot for my 21 kitties and for feeding the possums.
christina.h Review from
July 15, 2021
My mom uses these and she absolutely loves them. She always had trouble getting enough blood on the stick to get a reading, with these strips you need the tiniest amount. She gets enough on there before it even really starts to bleed. I know she would definitely recommend this.
Karen R. Review from
March 19, 2021
Can count on OTC
I can count on OTC for supplies when health insurance companies require appeals, prior authorizations, and constant proof that, yes, Im still a type 1 diabetic, yes, I still need my supplies to assist in management, and yes, the type 1 diabetes is not going away. Type 1 diabetic for 51 years, healthy and happy. Thank you OTC.
j0j0 Review from
December 8, 2020
Strips identical !
I had purchased a new Lite meter and did not know they required a diffferent test strip. Bull. My old meter is 25 years old and the old strips worked in both meters AND the new lite strips worked the same as old strips in new lite meter. Strips are . IDENTICAL , I use the lite strips in lite meter and old strips in old meterl Walmart best prices.
Kirsten Review from
June 16, 2021
Good price but old
Bought these out of pocket due to upcoming lapse in insurance. Its important to know the ones I received expired 1 month after purchase, normally their expiration is at-least a year. The price is good though and they seem to be measuring BG accurately.
Cherry Review from
March 4, 2020
Good Prices - Watch expiration dates!
I have ordered these once before, and I really like the fact I can get them at a much better price than at the pharmacy and the expiration date was at least 1 year out. Because of that experience, this time I ordered 2 boxes of 100 each test strips, however the expiration date is 4/30/2020, 2 months out. I test at least 1 time (sometimes 2 times) per day, so these would expire before I am able to use them all. I will order again but only 1 box at a time.
LittleMissMommy Review from
April 29, 2020
feeling mislead
Clearly these test strips belonged to someone else who sold them to this company. The box was properly sealed, but the prescription label was ripped of tearing the box leaving only 30 days before the test strips expired. I rated a 3 because the test strips are still probably fine, but need to be used quickly. I will not be using this company again.
itsbasschick Review from
April 21, 2016
FreeStyle Lite strips - my personal favorites
I've used a lot of meters and strips over the past few years. Each had their own issues, some more than others, but FreeStyle Lite strips, which are used with the FreeStyle Lite and FreeStyle Freedom Lite meters, ise the absolute smallest blood sample of any I've used and the strips wick the blood in the fastest. I use my thigh for samples, but I haven't had a single strip I've had to throw away since I started using these, a first. On the downside, these strips are expensive compared to any others I've used except maybe other types of FreeStyle strips, but for me it's worth the extra money to
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
July 19, 2020
I have tried other BG testers and by far and wide, Freestyle Lite is a winner for me. It's small and easy to use. It takes only a very small sample of blood, so I don't have to do a deeper puncture on my finger. I never get an error (or if I do, its definitely my fault). There may be newer testers, but this one is tried and true.
Kimberly Review from
July 25, 2021
This item was much less expensive than from the Rx. Only thing to be aware of is dates. They were both different expiration dates, close dated but still plenty of time to use. Pay attention to site as it will say Date so you know to look.
loudmouthfrog Review from
February 11, 2018
Better than expected
I was elated to learn that these strips are rated the most accurate on the market after a google search. Then I was not surprised. I was part of a glucometer evaluation almost 30 yrs ago. The most accurate despite highs, lows or temperature changes was made by a company called medisense. This glucometer system was apparently bought by Abbot Labs from Medisense. Its the best on the market as far as I Know. Ive been teaching diabetes management for 35years.
jamhor78 Review from
April 27, 2020
Freestyle Insulinx - good price, and works
Got these to use with my AlphaTrak2 meter to measure my cat's blood glucose. Much cheaper and they work fine - only drawback is they need a little more blood than the AlphaTrak2 strips to register. For the price difference, it is definitely a good substitute
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
January 4, 2022
Excellent, all I can say is this is terrific! No more racing to over priced pharmacies. Your company took away the doubt of when my strips would arrive. Im about to place another order. Thanks!!
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
April 7, 2021
Love FreeStyle glucose monitors. Very accurate. Have multiple models. Fast accurate glucose result with minimal blood drop.
Susan Review from
August 11, 2017
More accurate testing
I used to use a Freestyle meter and I really liked it. Then, my insurance stopped covering that brand, so I switched. I started using another glucometer and test strips, and my numbers were all over the map. So I decided to go back to Freestyle, but the strips are really expensive. Going through Wal-Mart online was the most economic solution...still expensive, but only about $10 more per 50 strips than what I was paying for the ones that were not consistent. Also I received my order even sooner than it was scheduled to get to me!
Roger Review from
July 31, 2020
My insurance covers these but only once every three months (100 strips). I use them up much faster. I found out they were far cheaper than I had expected. So now, I can use them at leisure as wanted. They are obviously the same product that I am given at the pharmacy.
rcalien Review from
October 22, 2021
The package came on time. The main problem I found is that the strips expire in 9 days. I've used the freestyle strips for a couple of years and as far as I can see, they work easily and correctly.
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
April 1, 2021
just received these the other day and pleasantly surprised that the expiration date is a bit longer than was advertised! hope they will be available when I need more. best price I have seen to date.
gjbarker51 Review from
November 8, 2021
Good value but could be cheaper
Good quality. I've used 1000's and there has never been a hint of an incorrect reading. Could be cheaper though given the volume they sell.
clydaj123 Review from
July 19, 2021
Easy, Trustworthy, Holds Me Accountable!
Easy to use. Results are trustworthy. Helps me track my blood glucose every day, and this helps me make changes to hold it in a good range.
Mrssuekopp Review from
September 5, 2017
A little troubling
I was thrilled to find these test strips online at a great price. Having used them for years I fell comfortable with them. However when I received them in the mail, one box said "for professional use only" and the other said "not for individual sale"! I want to know where these came from!?!? Did they fall off a truck, were they stolen. Just strange and will not order from them again. They do seem to work, at least.
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