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Santus - 0710 - Daily Care Skin Protectant, Jar

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12 / Case
‌ 14 oz Price
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Daily Care Skin Protectant, 14 oz Jar, 6/cs
More Information
Manufacturer Santus
Categories Condition, Diabetes Skin Problems, Diabetic Skin Care, Moisturizer, Skin Healing Cream, Skin Protection, Antiseptic, Barrier Cream, Barrier Lotion, Fecal Protection, Ostomy Skin Care, Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Urine Protection
Code 0710
Sold By 12 / Case
Product Size 14 oz
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Stomabags
Score: 5 from 1 - 5
43 Review
harshashri.r Review from
April 4, 2020
Presently, I claim Vaseline at home, and I realize a few people may believe this is just Vaseline repackaged, however it is far beyond that. It contains different fixings in it that are very valuable towards profoundly saturating and relieving the skin, a
sybil.w Review from
March 18, 2020
Now, I own Vaseline at home, and I know some people may think that this is nothing more than Vaseline repackaged, but it is so much more than that. It contains other ingredients in it that are super beneficial towards deeply moisturizing and soothing the
amy.m Review from
January 21, 2021
I have been using this for years on my lips. I tend to put a lot of lipstick buring the day, so at the end of the day, when I remove it, my lips get dry. I found this and been using it since. Everynight I put it before bed (and sometimes during the day if
iHerb Customer Review from
April 21, 2021
An amazing ointment for extremely DRY and CRACKED skin
If your baby suffers from INTENSELY cracked and dry skin, this is the ointment to buy. We have tried EVERYTHING to help our baby's dry skin. The thicker the ointment, the better. We have been using Bepanthen, but it tends to dry up too quickly even though
jaime.c Review from
March 5, 2021
I love this product for the lips. I have super dry lips that peel and look really disgusting. This is better than Vaseline or any other lip balm, lip oil or lip treatment. It is the only thing I've ever tried that makes my lips look smooth and soft and ke
mary.p Review from
February 11, 2021
Aquaphor is a great ointment/moisturizer to use on extremely dry areas. Recently my face has gotten really dry and really sensitive. Sometimes it gets so bad that everything hurts that I put on my face, even organic baby lotion with aloe. This and vaselin
kelly.c Review from
November 28, 2020
My winter hero! ???? Perfect for babies and adults! Funny story is that I only started using this after seeing it being used on my niece this year. I know, I’m totally late to the game. But better late than never, right? I’ve read so many mixed reviews ab
ammy.w Review from
April 15, 2020
this is one of the best products for dry skin! it has many many different uses. I have used this obviously for my twins- they had alot of issues because of the nicu all the wires and shots and no bathing no lotionstuff they had to go through left their sk
deondralaseia.s Review from
May 10, 2021
I was in a terrible accident and unfortunately lost a limb (my right arm). I also had my breast amputated (right) and I’ve undergone more than 40 surgeries. I have significant nerve damage EVERYWHERE large lacerations that left huge scars. My scars are de
andrea.c Review from
September 5, 2020
So close to 5 stars. This product is AMAZING! The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is that I don't love the slightly greasy texture and finish (it is not a lotion. Almost the same texture as Vaseline). However, it is hands down the most hydrating and he
iHerb Customer Review from
August 29, 2021
Awesome product!
I really like Eucerin products. This one i use on the bum at each diaper change and given it has no perfume I feel it’s safe for my baby’s skin. Never had a red bum and I think it’s thanks to this! I have also sometimes used a tiny bit on the face and als
stevie.t Review from
January 17, 2021
I absolutely LOVE [brand:aquaphor] for healing my tattoos. It's the only thing I use. I like that it creates a barrier that protects from any dirt or other from that comes near my ink. I does leave whatever it touches a little greasy. I have to have a spe
florence.h Review from
October 14, 2020
I have had extremeIy dry skin my whoIe Iife. In the winter months this onIy product that keeps me from cracking and bIeeding. ParticuIarIy shins, knees and eIbows. It is better than vaseIine, however, it cIear and consistency that is the same. You need to
Lauren S Review from
February 25, 2021
Must Buy
Love this ointment! I’ve used it on my baby for the past 1.5 years/since she was born it works great! I also use it on myself, on my hands, due to very dry skin with increased hand washing. My daughter has had chapped skin on her face (cheeks and chin) du
SharaBD Review from
August 6, 2021
Bye Eczema!
My baby had dry eczema patches beginning at one month old, I started using this after every bath and all eczema and dryness are completely gone! His pediatrician said the long term use of petroleum on skin has proved very beneficial in recent studies. I o
dayra.p Review from
March 28, 2020
Sacred goal item. This tub spared my life when I was on Accutane. I'd slather it on consistently all over my whole face and lips. I'd wake up with dewy child delicate skin. The cost is past sensible for the sum, the quality, and the way that it will keep
AdorkableJojo Review from
August 2, 2020
AQUAPHOR SAVED MY BABY’S BUM! You heard me right! She was using the old formula A D Ointment (before Bayer took it over) and it was working fine. But when I bought a new tube of A D with Bayer as the manufacturer, it left the worst diaper rash or burn on
kjs Review from
August 17, 2020
Love this stuff - no need for lotions or diaper creams!
Use this instead of lotion after bath! We give our daughter a water only bath every night (we use soap every few days, but generally unnecessary). This stuff clears up any diaper rash or drool rash, and it keeps her skin incredibly soft. We put it on her
megan.w Review from
April 5, 2020
THE HOLY GRAIL OF HEALING OINTMENTS! I cannot stress how amazing this product is. The pics I have posted show you just how amazing this product is. Friday night I had a few new blemishes popping up so I put “The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution” very s
melissa.f Review from
March 21, 2020
I originally bought this in the tube form for my ????Granddaughter and diaper rashes. Well I was reading it one day, saw it's many uses I didn't know of. The main are healing dry, cracked, chaffed skin, minor cuts. Like a Neosporin with an added use. Well
a.m Review from
July 2, 2020
I bought this product in this size about two summers ago. I've barely made a dent in how much of the product is in it, because I have been exclusively using it for my lips. Living in the Midwest, dry skin is a given during the winter. And my lips are crac
kara.m Review from
February 9, 2021
Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment is a holy grail product for me. It has so many uses- from preventing and treating diaper rash to healing and protecting any irritated skin. My son sometimes licks the bottom of his lips and gets a red rash underneath. We app
j.s Review from
February 15, 2021
I’ve recently started using tretinoin to treat adult acne. My face has become extremely dry.... all I can say is, AQUAPHOR=LIFE. Instant relief for my extremely dehydrated skin. PUT IT ON EVERYTHING. Have chapped lips? AQUAPHOR. Is your nose raw from blow
iHerb Customer Review from
April 9, 2021
It's very hard to squeeze out of the tube, which is a bit irksome. Overall, I'm liking this product. Nothing else has worked as a barrier cream for my son's severe eczema. I have to apple a moisturizer and a thick layer of this for relief, which it does p
kes.b Review from
April 8, 2021
Obsessed. Say bye bye to chapped lips, dry skin, cracked skin etc. I got this by mistake and it is the best mistake of my life. It is thick in consistency but applies smoothly and protects your skin instantly. I use it for my lips and let’s just say it sa
ally.t Review from
March 12, 2020
I use Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment every night before bed and it works like magic!! I think the trick with this is that is locks in moisture, so when I do my skincare routine before bed I'll put Laneige Cream Skin toner and whatever moisturizer I'm usin
Kim Review from
September 11, 2021
Great for treating eczema!
This cream may be marketed for diaper rash, but this is my holy grail for dry skin and eczema. My babies tend to have a lot of skin issues, such as eczema and atopic dermatitis, and this is the best cream to treat and prevent that. We put it on immediatel
katie.r Review from
August 23, 2020
A good friend of mine recommended regular Aquaphor to me for my tattoos during the healing process, and I fell in love with it. Then, when I was preggo with my daughter, I saw this Aquaphor Baby while shopping, and remembering my wonderful experience with
cindy.r Review from
January 21, 2021
This is a MUST-HAVE in all households. Got chapped lips? Aquaphor! Sun-burnt? Aquaphor!! Rough skin? Aquaphor!! This product is so versatile in terms of its use and I can’t imagine my life without it. I know people who use this only this on their face bec
iHerb Customer Review from
November 13, 2021
Aquaphor is the best! Even though it says it is for babies, it's really good for dry lips and skin. I lather this on my skin at night for moisture. When I wash my face in the morning, I can feel Aquaphor still on my skin. It is like a protective layer for
alexandra.p Review from
December 14, 2020
This product is a MUST HAVE in every body’s essentials cabinet. The uses are endless from baby bums to dry cracked feet. When my 7 year old gets really red and dry chapped lips heals them almost instantly. My feet become dry and cracked in the winter and
Timber Review from
August 4, 2021
Exelent Product
As an adult with a bladder problem I get a similar rash as that which baby\'s get. I found a tube of Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy in the kitchen window several weeks ago. I\'ve tried other products but none work as well as the Advanced Thera
iHerb Customer Review from
September 3, 2021
Used this for extremely dry skin (cracking/fish scale skin). I apply Aquaphor after shower to seal the moisture in. Its oily, but it'll be OK if u wear pants if u apply it on your legs or socks when applied on feet. For my cracked heels, I'll give it a go
J Review from
October 15, 2021
Amazing wonders!
This stuff is a godsend!!! I had tried different brands and none really did anything until this one! My daughter had a bad rash from the sand, we got home gave her a bath and put this stuff on. Before she went to sleep for the night her rash was gone! For
Review from
March 13, 2021
This stuff is great! We were using the red butt paste it seemed to be doing its job until our daughter got a horrible rash so we figured maybe it’s just something that happens for babies well it never went away after two weeks so I found this stuff on Pin
alexandra.o Review from
January 30, 2020
I adore this product. I know it is not perfectly natural, however it is the only thing that fixed my eczema after I suffered a 6 month long bout from gluten exposure. It is thick and creates a protective barrier for skin. I highly recommend if your skin c
daylene.w Review from
September 22, 2020
This really is the best all in one treatment. Canadian winter's can be harsh drying on the skin/lips. This has saved my skin on more than one occasion. Healing chapped lips, softening dry skin on the feet, saving my dry hands lastly, as a face mask at nig
Kim Review from
July 18, 2021
Great for treating eczema
This is my preferred ointment to prevent newborn peeling skin, and baby/toddler eczema. Just lather it on immediately after a bath for super soft skin! It's a little greasy, so you don't want to be touching the remote control right after putting this on,
kemorine.s Review from
January 19, 2021
The has become a staple in my home. It can be used on dry or cracked skin, to moisturize my lips, in combination with Neosporin on a cut, in combination with lotion during the winter etc. The only con would be is that I can’t really wear it on my lips out
manee.z Review from
July 12, 2018
I have been a Vasiline user since I was a child. But after my best friend recommended AquaPhor, I haven’t bought a tub of Vasiline since. She originally told me to use it as a lip balm and hand lotion for hard-working hands and I haven’t looked back! Regu
meghan.h Review from
January 2, 2020
My son has super, super sensitive baby skin. He always has. He unfortunately inherited that trait from me lol. But we've tried so many lotions and ointments and this one was not only my favorite, but my son's! My child loves this stuff and in fact put it'
TargetMama Review from
June 17, 2021
Use it for everything!
We LOVE using aquaphor for diaper cream for our baby! We used it for our daughter when she was a baby too. We swear by it! It’s much thicker and more protective than vaseline, doesn’t have any odor, and works wonders with diaper rash! We also use it with
iHerb Customer Review from
October 18, 2021
My mom introduced me to this stuff. I use it on myself actually, it makes my skin extremely soft. Also during the humid months where I live, I could product heat rashes that would pop up behind knees and in armpits and it would help the rash go away becau
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