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Owen Mumford - NT0104 - 10G Monofilament

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Owen Mumford:
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Neuropen has an interchangeable 10g (white) or 15g (red) monofilament which allows the clinician to map areas of sensitivity loss by exerting a specific repeatable force on the test site. Neurotips are sterile, single-use neurological examination pins which eliminate the risk of cross-infection and reduce the risk of skin puncture. Using a neurotip with the Neuropen, a calibrated force of 40g may be safely exerted onto the skin, which may identify patients with a decrease in sensation to sharpness.
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Manufacturer Owen Mumford
Categories Exam Room Supplies, Condition, Diabetes Foot Problems, Diabetic Foot Care, Diabetic Neuropathy, Monofilament Test
Code NT0104
Sold By 5 / Box
UPC 384700100018
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
37 Review
Speedyjoe Review from
April 24, 2020
Great braid, just the right amount
I've been using Stren braid for quite a few years now and have been pleased with how it performs for walleye on Lake Erie. Purchasing it in the small filler spools, it allows for easy refreshing of spools on my line counter reels. By using the right amount of backing, spooling line from the smaller spools (450 ft .) is done quick and painlessly. Using big boards and standard planer board clips, line holds up well when trolling on Lake Erie for walleyes and Steelhead. Also awesome line when sensitivity is a factor for crappies and perch.
Adam Review from
Academy Sports + Outdoors
June 21, 2021
Old reliable
Tried and true, never had any issues. I prefer tying either the improved clinch knot (fishermans knot) or the trilene knot (fistermans knot with 2 lines going through eye of hook instead of 1). To minimize line twist get someone to hold the spool with a pencil going through the middle or use a box to hold the spool. I use the arbor knot to attach to my spool.
jbwilli Review from
October 26, 2016
I have been fishing for 60 years and used every kind of line ever made.(Stren Mono and Floro are my #1 lines for those categories due to performance and price point). I see the ratings on this STREN BRAID and am amazed how great it performs for the majority of the users and how poorly it performs for the few? How can that be? For those who had problems, have you used braid before? Is your drag set too tight? Any line will snap under a hard hook set if the drag is set too tight on a heavy or unmovable objectANY and ALL of them! Are your rod guides flawed? Doesn't make sense to me??? As all revi
eggzit Review from
November 20, 2019
Low twist and bind
The best thing stren is for is using a heavy mono on a spinning reel . It has low memory and its not prone to binding if you get a little twist . If you surf fish with heavy line , this is great . It will cast further . It does stretch , a lot . A total pleasure to fight fish on , but if you hang up a lot , it weakens the line eventually. I would say you need a full line change per season . So maybe only put a few hundred feet on then tie it to backing . I use it for a new technique called drift dogging for steelhead . I use the 20 lb on a spinning reel with braid backing . I use the heavy lin
golden-trust Review from
September 7, 2020
Classic Line / Great Value
Grew up using this. Over the years I've tried a bunch of other mono brands - some quite expensive - and I keep coming back to original Stren. It is reliable, castable and affordable. (Note: If you've got some that you bought years ago, just throw it away and buy some fresh line. I learned this the hard way. It does not store indefinitely.)
PowerFish Review from
April 28, 2020
Performance and Price
Stren is my go to choice for Mono line and now even for Flouro. I have been able to depend on Stren year in and year out with a quality formulation, long lasting durability and easy handling for Baitcasting or Spinning gear. You can spend a lot more for Monofilament line, but I don't understand the need. Stren Original has performed for years and I have tried almost everything out there and end up back at Stren.
aletrepiana Review from
May 14, 2015
STREN hi vis gold is simply the best mono i have used for surf fishing. I trully love this line and my friends do too. We are anglers from Chile,South America and we go fishing at least once a week on the ocean. This line offers great castability,super strenght, and trully low memory. I have used a lot of diferent lines and all had their issues, untill we had to order Stren on the internet from the USA since unfortunately the stores here do not sell it. This line resists week after week of real hardcore usage since we fish on the heavy surf. Never broken a fish on the line yet, and we go for d
JWtxfish Review from
April 11, 2019
Standing the test of time
Been a longtime fan of Stren Clear Blue Fluro. As new lines have come out, I guess I have tried them all. I always wind up taking them off my reel and going back to my tried and true Stren. It simply can't be beat for low memory, strength and durability. I am a line watcher for both crappie and bass fishing and I prefer the clear blue fluro over any other. If I had 1 critique it would be that it was a tad bit more HiVis. As some of us long time fans have aging eyes, I do find it is a little harder to see than it once was. Still my favorite and I won't waste time or money on other brands.
Riodell Review from
November 29, 2017
Stern clear blue monofilament fishing line
Clearly a line thats stood the test of time, stren has been my go to line for decades. I like the cast ability in both spinning and casting reels, its knot durability, and strength. It has a bit more stretch than lots of others, but to me this is a plus, allowing me to use lighter pound test line to land large fish. This may be a bit much for fishing that demands a very hard hookset, where the spectra lines excel. I dont use these super lines except for deep jigging for halibut. Good fishing!
JETGREASE Review from
July 26, 2016
Superior strength
I have been using Stren line for 20+ years. Stren original lo-vis green is my favorite. 4lb and 10lb test. From its incredible knot strength to its fray resistance, I know this line is going to hold up whether I'm fishing gravel beds or hooking random trees. Stren original goes the distance. Recently put Stren 10lb mono on a medium/ heavy rod. After a few casts I managed to get my lure snagged on an underwater log. No amount of pulling could get it loose. Long story short the rod broke in half from the strain, the line stayed intact. Ended up having to cut the line.
Bassboy92 Review from
August 19, 2016
Strongest Monoflilament Brand by Far!
In 5th grade I did a strength test for most brands of Monoflilament line. 8lb test Stren actually held 11 pounds of weight! Same diameter as all the competitors, but held POUNDS more. Not only is it stronger, the quality of line makes it easier to tie good knots. No fraying or sticking. With other brands I typically have to work my knot down nice and tight. With Stren it's just one smooth tightening motion. By far the best fishing line I've used. I have reels with 10 year old line, still good as new (though I should probably switch it out). Wouldn't use any other brand.
Review from
April 23, 2016
simply the best line on the market
I'm 48,been using Stren clear,and clear blue fluorescent for 35 yrs now. Stren truly is the best line I've ever used,knots hold,great memory,almost bullet proof to abrasions. I fresh water fish,everything from blue gills to buffalo, and this line handles it all. Like any line,you need to know how to fish and play your drag! Casts like a dream,and I've caught NUMEROUS buffalo and carp,weighing 20-40pounds, on 10 and 12lb test. You owe it to the fish to use quality line,and if you use lures,you'll lose less to snags if you fish stren. 35yrs..who would've thought I'd use a product that long. Long
hsw-doo-rd3ghd8r Review from
March 23, 2019
Any Stren, a decent choice. Never problems spin or spincast. Lo vis green seems to be like camo. What I like; works for me. This "heavy duty" line reduces capacity a bit. Opposite of Magnathin so for tougher environments.. No big problems memory using 15&20lb line. Stretch, knots acceptable. The price is right!
tqrst_41 Review from
May 15, 2020
good line
a few line twists getting it on the reel, but I think that's normal and I may not be unspooling it off the spool in the proper direction. It's always been kind of a mystery to me how to do it just right. Good line! Can see it perfectly well from rod tip to surface and then it disappears once it's in the water..
Review from
August 6, 2016
Smooth, durable, strong
I first started using Stren when I lived in Tennessee. I really liked it in the weather we had up there fishing from summer threw winter in the cold it still worked fine. I'd fish from Kentucky down to Florida, using the same line without issues. I've used line ranging from 6lb test to 20lb test depending on what I was fishing for, or how. I now live back in florida and fish salt water and fresh, including the Stick Marsh where strength and durability is important. I've been fishing for a long time, and have been threw a lot of lines... If I'm using mono. It'll be Stren!
guru Review from
April 22, 2018
stren high visability gold
I have been using stren high visibility gold lin e for years. I am a fishing instructor for our State fish and game.. I like the high visibility gold especially with kids, its great because they can see very easily where there line and it helps me instruct them on fishing techniques. I also want to mention fish are not shy with this line at all we have caught hundreds of trout which can be the easiest to spook. I order stren every year, thank you pure fishing.
Rivergod Review from
June 15, 2020
Dependable as sunrise
It's Stren. I have used Stren most of my life and it is a dependable line. If I am are using monofilament, then this is my go to brand for it. I use other brands for fluoro and other brands for braids...but mono is almost always going to be Stren
rocco16v Review from
June 25, 2021
No complaints
Item arrived promptly and was exactly what I ordered. The line is easy to see above the water, and works just as any mono should. The price is certainly right. All in all, very satisfied.
apostasia Review from
May 27, 2020
Still the BEST
Stren Original Clear Blue is STILL my choice for monofilament leader material. Excellent abrasion resistance. Easy to see to tie but also disappears in the water. AWESOME line !!
EyeHooker Review from
April 10, 2018
Best Mono Line
Been fishing with Stren for over 30 years. High break strength, excellent knots that won't fail and high abrasion resistance. You can pay more for fluorocarbon or braided, but if you are regular angler like me out 2 to 3 days a week, this is the best mono out there. I use for trolling, jigging, slip-bobbers, cranks, and bass worms. From 4lb. to 12lb., I use it all and it performs well
Mitchell Key Review from
Academy Sports + Outdoors
February 11, 2020
Best line
Over the last 36 yrs. i have tried most of the brands on the market . Expensive and low cost, i have not found a brand that will out preform and out last last stren original. No matter what you are fishing for, bass, crappie, pan fish or any thing else.I fish in all conditions, spring , summer and fall and this line always preforms great ! I recommend it to all of my friends !!
Stren and an Uglystik Review from
May 9, 2016
Never let me down.
I grew up fishing the clear/blue Stren. Years ago i deviated with great success to braid/fleuro combo but here lately everyone seems to use that setup and in my little section of stream the fish has become temporarily line shy due to the annual spring fishing boom. I went back to the old purple package 6lb clear blue and caught 2 smallmouth, a pumpkinseed and a rockbass within minutes. Great versatile line But shines with small crankbaits. When all else fails, Stren comes through.
GFM1 Review from
December 24, 2017
Stren Gold is great!!
The Stren original in gold is my preference! I like the line visibility! I was afraid the Panfish would see it but doesnt seem to bother them on the lakes I fish in NY and PA. I use 4 lb. works great! Im starting using it for bass in 6 & 8 lb. this year have to get back to u on my success rate!! The older I got, the harder it is to see clear mono line, see ur line can make the difference on days when the bite is slow!! Give it a try, maybe it could help u too??
Jake299 Review from
March 24, 2018
Great company!
I recently purchased 3000 +yards of line from stren two 12 lb rolls of moss green, a spool of 8 lb clear and a roll of 12lb flouro. I like this line because it is cost effective. I have never had it break on me unless self inflicted or damaged and it seems to be consistent diameter all the way through and has the same amount of stretch. Really for the money I feel as though you cannot better this product anymore! Keep it up guys!
LJE62 Review from
July 29, 2016
Many years .... Many fish !
My fishing mostly is done on / in river rubble. Cold weather - hot weather . I've tried various brands thru the years ... seem to come right back to Stren Original EVERY time. Knot strength and visibility are awesome. Abrasion resistance has been great as leaders on my ice fishing equip. also ! Some times hard to find the original but when I do ... I buy extra !
Kenji Review from
September 11, 2018
Stren Original Gold 4lb. Test Monofilament
So far Im liking it. Its strong, tuff, easy to see, & easy to tie. Im using it for a shock line attached in front of my 4lb test mainline tied to a swivel and then to my leader which is about 12 ft long. It makes it a lot easier to see, and it lets me know when the fish is coming up, and about how far away my leader is. The only thing is, I wish it came in the Flourescent Green color.
skeeter 66 Review from
May 18, 2018
origional stren
I have caught more fish with original yellow Stren than any other line. Every one keeps telling me I should get a line that is invisible in the water, but the fish don't seem to care that it is bright yellow. Now that I am 70 years old and can't see to well the bright yellow line shows up well when I am trying to tie knots. To me Stren original is still the best line on the market. Good work.
Tim57 Review from
March 12, 2018
Get you some
I have used stren in various weights from 10 lb. to 30 lbs. Normally I use stren 20 lb. Clear Blue Florescent & C.B.Fl. in 30 for heavier flipping. The C.B.Fl. helps me alot when flipping. The line is super strong & cast excellent. I always keep bulk spoils on hand. Thanks for a great line.
Bpbbie Review from
June 9, 2017
Found on bulk spool
I used this line when I was a younger man, then went on to try other and various lines.I found this 20lb clear/blue on a bulk spool, and can't wait to spool my Penn spinfishers with it. The clear blue will be perfect for the surf, allowing me to see the line but not that much for the fish. I love the strength and low memory of this line. Eccellent knot strength, too. Can't beat this line for the money. Try a spool!
Skalla Pat Review from
August 12, 2016
More for less.
When Purchasing this item I was looking for a string not only long casting but Strong, Durable, and holding less reel memory. I found Stren. I put 3 dollars into my first small spool and haven't looked back. Stren is by far the most durable Long casting string I have found as an Angler.I recommend this string daily to other anglers and have some comeback and say, I always doubted this string now its all I want to use. Thank you Stren Keep up your great work
Redfish34 Review from
May 10, 2016
Best line for me in my 45 years of fishing !
This has been a staple line for me for 45 years of fishing ...freshwater, inshore drum fishing, dolphin fishing, haibut,ect. It seems to be the best line ever as memory goes as it comes off the spool easily when casting with no twisting or tangling or backlashing . stren is tough too, I've reeled in a thousand ten pound red fish with it as well as some 50pound grouper! Oh...did I mention how affordable it is ?.hats off to Dupont for an old school , tried and true monofilement line !
Jobo Review from
July 26, 2016
Tough, great casting!
I am a weekend fisherman who wants a quality product at an affordable price. I have been using Stren for as long as I can remember, have tried others, but always come back to the best. I usually purchase 3 new spools every year in 6, 8, and 10lb test. My wife and I fish every chance we get, she likes the Bluegill and I fish for Bass. I use the 8 and 10lb and very rarely brake one off. If you want strong, easy casting and affordable line, this is it!
Big Fish72 Review from
July 25, 2016
Always Dependable
I have used several different fishing lines over the years, but none of them compare to Stren. I have been using the Stren Clear Blue monofilament line for over 25 years. I trust it to never let me down, and it never has! What really solidified my belief in Stren was about 15 years ago I landed a 28 pound Asian grass carp on Stren Clear Blue monofilament 6 pound test. That is why I have the utmost confidence in Stren.
TomR Review from
March 4, 2015
Still the best value
Started using clear blue fluorescent Stren mono back in the 70's. Like most of us, I switched to braid and will never look back. I stumbled on this new Stren Superline Braid, available in clear blue fluorescent. I use this at night as an advantage to knowing where my line is while fishing around bridges in salt water. Performs equal to or better than any of the other top name brands I've tried. I have never been disappointed with the performance of any of the Stren products I've used.
Cuz1 Review from
July 27, 2016
I have used Stren since 1977, and it has proven itself to be superior to all other brands that I have tried. Yes I have strayed a couple of times but always come back to Stren. Those others have let me down time and again, but Stren has always delivered when I needed it. I have used 6lb test up through 20lb. all have performed to the standard that I have come to expect from this product. Guess you can say this is one product that I will be a life long user of. Great fishing line.
mitchiemags Review from
July 26, 2016
Best versatile line on the market. AT ANY PRICE.
I always use stren when I hit the water! Great stretch to the line, never breaks, never wears down! Had the same spooled line on for about 4 months of every day use and it still has the same smooth flex that allows me the strength to set and fight, with the cushion to prevent any quick jut breaks... All with great resistance to wear when fish get into cover!
Angler Ace Review from
July 21, 2016
Great Features
There are many reasons why I decided to start fishing with STREN Braid, but I will get right to the point that helped me make that decision. I love the High Visibility (yellow) the line has. I can tell where my line is all the time so that I can make what ever decisions or moves I need to make while fighting a fish. There are many other great feathers to using STREN BRAID, but I'am writing a review here not a book. I recommend anyone who is thinking about giving STREN BRAID a try to do so.
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