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Medline - MSC9210Z - Arglaes Antimicrobial Powder Dressing 10 g Bottle

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Arglaes Antimicrobial Powder Dressing with Silver Ions 10-g Bottle with Reusable Screw Cap
More Information
Manufacturer Medline
Brand Others
Categories Condition, Diabetes Foot Problems, Diabetic Foot Care, Diabetic Foot Treatment, Antimicrobial Dressing, Wound Dressing, Wound Powder, Burns, Diabetic Foot Problems, Pressure Sores, Venous Ulcers
Code MSC9210Z
Sold By Box of 5
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Stomabags|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
48 Review
jeepgrrl2112 Review from
October 2, 2021
A must for your pet’s first aid kit!
My outdoor cat came home with a good size battle wound on his neck. We used Vetericyn spray on it and it was healing nicely. Well, the scab must have been bothering him b/c he ripped it off while scratching it, exposing an even deeper wound. Of course, th
Ashley N M Review from
June 16, 2021
Wonderful Product!!
I had a horse that got tangled up in a fence and gashed his leg pretty good. I was worried about proud flesh developing and bought this product to help with that. Not only did it keep the proud flesh away, it healed his leg up a lot faster that I could ha
Laura Review from
October 26, 2018
Product great, container awful!
This review is strictly for the powder. This product works amazingly on our elderly dogs’ hot spots. He had a raw spot. We shaved it and put this powder on it and within 6 hours it had scabbed was no longer red and was healing. Now, the bottle that it com
LINDA29 Review from
SmartPak Equine
May 27, 2015
My new horse, a missouri foxtrotter, new to my corrals spooked in the middle of the night, I'd had him about 2 weeks, fell butt first into the bathtub water trough. In trying to get out skinned about 7 in. of hide and skin off the back of his leg below th
John Review from
October 17, 2018
Wonder Dust
I have not used the product. Our pony sustained a wound. I researched a lot of products on the internet that might speed up healing. Wonder Dust was one and I bought it. Meanwhile I started using a herbal antibiotic cream and found this to help healing si
wiltzerranch Review from
October 23, 2015
Wonder Dust
Our horse injured her front leg at the joint while we were gone one weekend and for three weeks we attempted to get it healed up, to no avail. It kept getting worse and bigger and nastier. The day that I removed the dressing to apply Wonder Dust for the f
Sisi Review from
October 2, 2020
Good Old Product
Wonderful product I've used for decades to prevent proud flesh from forming on horse wounds. Especailly usefull on this horse who goes nuts with sprays. Used properly it is amazing, and has a long shelf life.
EC BRANGUS Review from
June 26, 2021
Foot rot in goats
The Wonder dust product is the only product that cures foot rot or sore feet in goats and sheep with one or two applications. It works wonders just clip clean and apply and the foot rot is gone
Carly Review from
SmartPak Equine
September 2, 2019
Don’t be caught without it
This is a staple in wound management for your horse(s). Always useful, keep it handy as a little goes a long way. Help wounds heal by adding this directly to a freshly washed or debrided wound. It helps reduce proud flesh while maintaining wound integrity
Melissa43221 Review from
March 20, 2013
Worth every penny, a must have in ALL first aid kits
I work at a boarding facility with 65 horses as one of the stable hands I do my usual chores and spend the rest of my day caring for the pasture kept horses (fly spray, brushing, checking for wounds etc.) One of the horses had torn off a section of his up
Star Review from
November 5, 2018
Works Wonders!
I've been using Wonder Dust for at least twenty years on my horses and dogs. Absolutely dries up any nasty and open wound. It can be a pain to get out of the bottle but is much easier to apply to painful wounds than having to touch them with a salve. Love
Aimster813 Review from
September 23, 2017
Works as advertised
As my animal was suffering from a small, oozy would I decided to give this Wonder Dust a try. It was not easy to apply as using the advertised puffer made it spray way more area than was necessary. Instead I had to put it on a cloth and apply directly and
cryptonotis Review from
August 2, 2017
Easy to use & works great!
We breed horses, and it is easy to apply. Keeps dirty and flies out of wound. I just had a good size cut on a yearlings shoulder that we could not bandage. So with cleaning twice a day and applying this, it healed up perfectly. No stitches needed, no vet
4uCisco Review from
SmartPak Equine
October 7, 2015
It Worked!
My horse had a small spot on his back that was raw and oozing. Of course, I don't know what happened. I proceeded to use a gel product for infection, and it simply would not heal. I went on to various other products still with no result. Finally, I ordere
Rose g Review from
SmartPak Equine
August 20, 2021
Always handy to have this product around. Works well on wounds that are trying to over create proud flesh
Mtn Rose 4 Review from
November 1, 2015
Wonder Dust
This product is excellent to use on proud flesh that appears in a healing wound. However, you must follow the directions and apply as directed. If you apply too much, it can take part of the new growth in its endeavor to do it's job. I made the mistake bu
Mrs JT Review from
July 25, 2019
Must have in your Vet Supplies
Amazing product! Treating a goat that has necretizing flesh we believe from a snake bite. A large portion of her back leg died and sloughed off, treating with peroxide and then coating with Wonder Dust she is making a miraculous recovery!
Marietta S. Review from
August 10, 2020
Wound powder
We've been using this product for years. It covers the wound and helps stop the bleeding. Quickly. Great product.
Breana Review from
SmartPak Equine
August 22, 2013
great to cover up wounds
Me and my horse were at a dressage show and he has bed sores on both of his fetlocks. Well my trainer took him out of his stall at the show and found that both bed sores were bleeding. It was a USEF, USDF rated dressage show and we would be eliminated for
PAMELA T Review from
May 12, 2019
Off label use
I use it to block "filth" flies that feed on my horses canon bone. I clean the area then load up his leg with powder. Helps heal the bite marks and help keeps flies from landing. I also apply a lite amount of fly repellent spray.
London Review from
August 24, 2020
Excellent product
Used it on my puppy after his tail was docked and the stitch was licked away by his mommy. LOTS OF RESEARCH. CHEWY delivered on price, availability and delivery.
JollySpaniels Review from
June 2, 2013
Awesome Product
Every spring when the weather starts getting hot, two of my dogs will get a hot spot under their heavy coats. The only thing that I have been able to find that works really well and fast, is Wonder Dust. The dust covers the hot spot and lets the wound hea
lizj Review from
June 27, 2013
best product for wet or weeping wounds
WHile this was developed for horses and cattle it is the best thing to use for hot spots on dogs or for any wounds that don't heal quickly due to moisture. I have working retrievers, always wet and this is what I use for any messy wounds. Also a great fly
uga58 Review from
November 9, 2016
Outstanding Product.
This product was bought for my wounded chickens. Work wonderfully on the wounds. Also used it on my dog. He tends to chew on his paws. Heals open wounds. Very good product. Will use again.
Jolly Review from
SmartPak Equine
September 16, 2016
every barn needs this
My mare started to get some proud flesh and continuing sensitivity from a wire cut despite all the medical care. I started using this morning and evening, cleansing before as needed, and it has helped enormously. My mare is no longer sensitive in the area
crisevan Review from
March 24, 2010
Wonderful Wonder Dust
When we purchased our horse 2 years ago, we did not realize how bad his skin & coat was until we gave him a thorough bath. You see, our horse was a rescue animal. We rescued him from a life of starvation & mistreatment. Once we got him cleaned up, he had
PSM13 Review from
June 20, 2020
Can't beat it!
This stuff is the best!! A must staple for any stable. Certainly a proven product-been around forever and does the job beautifully.
Debra Review from
August 30, 2020
Product aids in prevention of proud flesh with open cuts. Clean wound, apply Wonder Dust, then seal with AluShield Aerosol Bandage.
jensilver Review from
June 18, 2021
great wound care
excellent product for wounds.heals/prevents proud flesh too .cost effective as well
MichelenaZ Review from
SmartPak Equine
May 17, 2013
good product
good product for cuts that need help to stop bleeding or are oozing a lot and attracting bugs. Have also used when a horse had bit their tongue before going into the arena to stop bleeding quickly. *** My vet told me something that I didn't know and thoug
ladybee192 Review from
March 1, 2017
Stops the sores quickly, no more spreading!
Use for hot spots on my dog, no more oozing or spreading sores. Just puff the dust and you're done! It's that easy. I ordered 2 more bottles, will never be without it again. Thanks so much.
Pony girl Review from
SmartPak Equine
February 14, 2017
An old favorite
This product is great. I have used it for many years. It's great for reducing proud flesh and to stop bleeding. Works well on broken dog nails too.
Kobi Review from
SmartPak Equine
August 13, 2011
first aid must
This stuff is great. On top of taking car of my horse caring for school horses is a big part of my job. This stuff is good for cuts and things that can't be bandaged or as insurance if bandages are likely to come off. Follow the directions on the bottle a
Djnadeau Review from
SmartPak Equine
January 29, 2013
Great to stop bleeding!
I use this mostly on little cuts my horse gets that drips blood and on my dog's nails when they get clipped too close. It works really well! I wouldn't go anywhere without it! Also, I bought my first and only bottle of it in about 2003 and now 10 years la
JackDenver Review from
June 18, 2021
Works great for goats.
Works great! It’s a great wound powder that I use for my goats.
Kimbe Review from
June 25, 2013
Excellent product
One of my Nigerian Dwarf goats has a problem with CLA abcesses. I'm using the Formalin on them, but I don't always see or catch them in time so we still have problems with the occasional exploding abcess and the resulting hole in her hide when I drain it.
JEAN OR THOMAS G Review from
March 21, 2017
Terrific Product for our Horses and Chickens
My husband introduced me to this product. We used it on one of our chickens who was suffering from vent prolapse. She is now doing fine and has made a full recovery.
CJohansen Review from
October 10, 2020
Farnam Wonder dust-great product
Always a great product. Arrived packed correctly in perfect condition.
Natural Horsewoman Review from
SmartPak Equine
July 16, 2015
great for small wounds
I purchased this to use on my gelding who tends to get bites while out in the pasture. Works great to "cover" the wound, protect from flies and jump start the healing process. Before using I cleanse first and use the tea tree oil spray found through Smart
puckle Review from
March 12, 2018
use cautiously
It killed the proud flesh, but after I used it others told me that it is harsh and is not the best proud flesh option as it slows the healing of the wound. I don't think I'll use it again, but haven't thrown it out yet either.
rachel.s Review from
May 27, 2016
I love this stuff! I always have a bottle in my tack box ready to go if my horse gets a cut or wound that is fresh or bleeding. It not only stops the bleeding but it also helps dry out the wound faster so it will start scabbing up sooner to heal
sck90 Review from
September 28, 2018
Does exactly what its supposed to
Great for stopping bleeding, especially on animals that aren't too big on being touched. Also good for knocking down proud flesh.
Diva2010 Review from
SmartPak Equine
May 7, 2011
Great Product
I always keep this on hand. I had purchased a thoroughbred mare from a dealer that had caught herself on a nail in the pasture and sliced the point of her shoulder. It was too late for stitches and I was worried it wouldn't heal. My vet told me to keep it
Rusty Review from
October 16, 2020
Is there ANYTHING you don't carry?!?
Tractor Supply didn't have it. Walmart delivered it in 2 days. My mare thanks you!
Aroz Review from
September 17, 2020
Does work!
After repeated canker removal, proud flesh kept forming until I added wonder dust to the medication.
kasssidy1007 Review from
May 23, 2018
Good for Wounds
This product was recommended to use for skin wounds on our goats. The packaging is easy to use and easy to store. Only had to use it once, but it worked well.
e.mcmurray Review from
September 22, 2016
Excellent blood coagulant
I keep this in my first aid bags for wounds that won't stop bleeding. It is a great blood coagulant. It does burn when applied, so be aware that it is going to hurt.
JustLoo Review from
October 22, 2021
works fine!
Works very well! I'm pleased with the results of this product!
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