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Juzo From: 5760ACL06 To: 5760ACM06 - Silver Sole Support

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5760ACL06 - 5760ACM06
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5760ACL06Silver Sole Support Sock,12-16mmhg,,Crew,WhiteLrgEach
5760ACM06Silver Sole Support Sock,12-16mmhg,Medium,Crew,WhtMediumEach
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Silver Sole Support
More Information
Manufacturer Juzo
Categories Compression Hosiery, Diabetic, Foot Pain, Leg Pain, Sock, Condition, Compression Level, Cotton, Crew Length, Diabetes Foot Problems, Diabetic Feet, Diabetic Foot Care, Diabetic Socks, Fabric, Gender, Large, Medium, Mild Compression (8-15 mmhg), Moderate Compression (15-20 mmhg), Sensitive Feet, Size, Spandex, Style, Unisex, X-Static
Code 5760ACL06 - 5760ACM06
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Lay Off Pain
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Regina C. Review from
November 22, 2020
Juzo Silver Sole - Best Socks Ever
The Juzo Silver Sole crew socks are high quality, comfortable socks. I have been wearing them for about 13 years and each set I purchase lasts approximately three or four years before I have to buy new ones. Even then, they are still good, only stretched out a bit. They are pricy but you get what you pay for; they are the only socks I wear.
Linda H. Review from
April 30, 2021
Juzo Diabetic Silver Sole Pink Anklet
I am not diabetic. I bought a pair to support cancer research. I've had the pair for over 10 yrs and only one sock has a few holes in it. I just ordered two more pairs. They're extremely comfortable, wonderful texture and thickness is great. I think they're close to indestructible!
APM Review from
June 2, 2022
They were the correct product as ordered, black med knee-hi cotton supportive socks. I order them on a bi-annual schedule for my spouse who uses them daily at work, prolonged drives or if standing for long period of time. They work great!
EK Review from
July 12, 2021
Unsatisfactory Product
They are not anklets, they are crew socks. They ate too thick for my shoes and do not have enough compression. The black socks are anklets, but they are too thick with not enough compression. Unsatisfactory! Please send return label.
Walter C. Review from
July 10, 2021
Excellent quality in compression socks,
Excellent quality in compression socks, they keep me comfortable for the entire day without being overly tight, look like regular sport type socks. Easy to put on and take off, wash well and retain their support. Highly recommend these for someone who needs compression socks to maintain vital venal leg blood flow.
michelle t. Review from
May 26, 2022
Great socks
I purchased these for my mother and she loves them. They provide just enough compression. She says they are soft and comfortable. They feel good when she wears them.
Margaret P. Review from
July 8, 2021
Fabric seems to be good,
Fabric seems to be good, but I could barely get them on and they were so tight I had to take them off immediately, with a struggle of course. According to reviews they were supposed to be comfortable for diabetics and not too tight at top of sock. Very dissappointed. Ankle was way too constrictive, as was whole sock.
Thomas A. Review from
July 16, 2022
Comfortable, supportive sock for shorts season
The socks are comfortable to wear. The mild compression and ribbed texture over the arched portion of the foot provided the needed relief in a more casual garment for the summer months.
LEONARD K. Review from
June 6, 2022
Although I have not used, or even opened the new compression Juzo socks, but I expect them to be perfectly fine; I did order a size larger as I read many reviews and I expect the mostly cotton socks to shrink somewhat.
Joseph T. Review from
November 9, 2020
Love the feel of these socks. Easy on and off but very supportive. High quality and great value, definitely will buy more. Also have the lower cut for golf and any activity while wearing shorts, they also are superior to any others I have tried.
Review from
February 9, 2019
These are perfect socks. I've struggled for years to find co
These are perfect socks. I've struggled for years to find compression socks that don't squeeze my legs so tight that I experience pain, and these are comfortable and effective. I like the fact that they are also thicker and slightly warmer than the usual nylon ones making them suitable for cold weather.
Elaine B Review from
May 19, 2022
Straight relief
I have not worn them to work as I have just received them. My Physical Therapist recommended them, former patients had given 5 star for them. Looking forward to trying them.
Katherine C. Review from
May 26, 2022
I have found the socks comfortable and they do not slide. They do leave a mark around the ankle, but I find this with any sock you dont want to slip. It did not cause my ankles to swell.
Charles M. Review from
November 22, 2019
Great socks. Like them as they are easy to get on and off and the compression they come in works for me. Company very easy to work with if you are not satisfied and need to return them. I would recommend them. Charlie M
Janet H. Review from
January 15, 2020
long lasting
I have been wearing these socks since 2005. My first order of socks lasted over 10 years. I had about five pairs that I rotated wearing M-F. I'm a vet and on my feet for at least half of my day. Just in the last year, a few were developing holes, not on the soles or foot area but along the back of the sock right above the heel. I finally got new ones and my lower legs feel warm, supported and happy.
Jacqueline Review from
June 5, 2022
Actually, these sock are super comfortable with a bit of padding on the sole in crucial spots. I love the fact that they don't slide down my heels as many low cut socks do.
G Review from
November 21, 2021
Great socks
I've worn this kind of socks for years. They wear extremely well. They are comfortable and provide the compression I need.
David T Review from
December 28, 2017
At least 2 sizes smaller than advertised.
I have size 11 1/2 feet. I have always used size 10 - 12 socks. I have a bandage wrap on my feet and the size 10 - 12 socks still fit but they are stretched. I figured the size 12 -14 should fit comfortably without even stretching. Can't begin to get the 12 - 14's on. Don't even come close to try and slip over my heel.
Review from
December 13, 2018
Juzo Silver Sole Diabetic Knee Sock 12-16 Hg
I love the roomy sock and toes, especially since I have some problems with hammertoes and bunions. I also wish that the sock was a bit roomier in the calf and taller. It is supportive and comfortable, but I should perhaps have ordered a large instead of a medium, to gain more height and girth around the calves.
Review from
January 7, 2018
Very Good Socks
These socks are very good. Good quality, easy laundry and very comfortable. Because they are crew cut and made mainly of cotton, they are relatively cool. They have mild compression level so are good socks for people with mild edema and minor circulation problem of the legs.
Karen H. Review from
May 26, 2022
I switch socks throughout the
I switch socks throughout the day. . I vary different levels of compression .
Review from
August 28, 2016
This Juzo product is very good as are all the rest of Juzo.
This Juzo product is very good as are all the rest of Juzo. My insurance sent me to Hanger Orthopedics in Los Angeles and they recommend Juzo 20-30 mm. Hg for edema. I can also wear the diabetic sock for edema if I keep my sodium intake low. This Juzo 5760 is very easy to put on and it keeps the human stink down.
Anne C Review from
June 3, 2021
Much too large - probably my mistake! I wear a Ladies size 9 shoe and ordered large - received socks for Men, size Large. Maybe can wear for slippers if they'll even stay on my feet!
Ronald H Review from
June 17, 2022
Diabetic socks
The arrived on specified date and fits with the proper diabetic tension. A good product at as competitive price.
Kristie P. Review from
April 21, 2021
So Comfy
Great quality socks! Socks you used to be able to buy in a store years back. Not like the 97% polyester socks we see now. Happy with purchase.
Review from
December 15, 2017
I love these socks, heavy duty and comfortable. I don't like
I love these socks, heavy duty and comfortable. I don't like a tight toe area, these are perfect. And, they last for a long time. My last pair I had for 2 years before they got a hole in the toe area.
Review from
August 24, 2018
Who knew that socks could
Who knew that socks could make a difference? I have peripheral neuropathy and they really do. They have some padding and minimal compression but they really help. Ive spent hundreds of dollars on shoes and ? These socks really help.
Review from
January 18, 2017
Can't figure out why the compression is not present around t
Can't figure out why the compression is not present around the ankle area. Both my daughter and I find our ankles swelled after wearing the socks for awhile. The soles are so comfortable that it is amazing, yet we are trying to protect our legs from swelling. Any suggestions?
Review from
July 6, 2017
Great summer option
Hard to wear full compression hose in the hot high desert summers. These offer me an option. Odd though, how the compression is really only across the arch. Leaves me with a band of swelling toward my toes. I'd like a more across the foot compression.
Review from
September 9, 2011
Pure garbage. I am a
Pure garbage. I am a diabeic who has sufferred from neuropahy for many years. I am always in search of he most comfoable socks without any concen for cost. Based on he fact that my doctor prescribes Juzo compression sockings for Lymphedema patients I thought they would probably make a decent diabetic crew sock. I was wrong. The sock is stiff cmall (even though I ordered a size larger than normal. I couldn;t even get them on. So I thiought hey might be siff from sizin so my wife wahed dryer. Thay came out jus as bad. Don't buy this product!
Review from
January 26, 2012
I've always been a b
I've always been a bit confused why doctors will tell a diabetic not to wear anything constrictive that will hinder circulation and then have them tell you to wear compression footwear. Now I've found the answer. These socks make my legs feel so much better without being too constrictive -- the perfect compromise! I've tried compression hoisery and found it not worth the struggle to get on. These socks go on easily and are extremely comfortable and well fitting. I highly recommend them!
Review from
February 10, 2018
diabetic socks (ankle length)
I sent these socks to my sister in a nursing home because she did not want the above ankle socks. She said they are too short. She feels there is something in between the sole ankle and the above ankle. But she said she would wear them.
Jane M Review from
April 27, 2021
Great socks. They relieve my achy calves every time. Just the right weight. I will buy them again.
Carolyn B. Review from
December 12, 2020
I actually purchased these for
I actually purchased these for my husband. He has had both knees replaced & Is on his feet a lot. They have really helped him.
Carolyn R. B Review from
January 13, 2015
Great socks! Love them!
I love these crew length socks from Juzo and have ordered them in white and black. They work really well for me and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants and needs compression stockings or socks. They are warm in winter and keep your feet dry during exercise and summer. They are a great price - especially on sale!
James S. Review from
October 7, 2021
unnown as have not recieved
unnown as have not recieved items it has been considerable weeks and havent even left USA? Looks like another SCAM!!
Linda W. Review from
July 16, 2022
Not a review but a
Not a review but a comment: I mistakenly ordered Small instead of Large socksthey looked great, but I gave them to a friend.
Review from
March 20, 2016
Great Product
Well made and designed! I bought the Juzo Arm Sleeve Slippie to replace the Arion Easy Slide. The seams of the Arion unraveled within a few months and neither sewing it nor using iron-on repaired the seam for more than one use. The Juzo is simpler to use and, after several months, it is still as good as new.
Sandra C. Review from
June 6, 2022
Fit nicely, comfortable. Satisfied.
Fit nicely, comfortable. Satisfied.
Jerry B. Review from
March 7, 2022
They had had apositive affes=ct
They had had apositive affes=ct on my feet,feeling better looking forward to more confort
Curtis B. Review from
October 12, 2021
use these socks for golfing
use these socks for golfing and bowling. Comfortable and lots of cushion
Judy T. Review from
April 16, 2021
Acton homebound
Got these for my mom. She really likes them. Easy to put on, good support, comfortable footbed.
Charlotte B. Review from
March 4, 2021
Love these socks! I am
Love these socks! I am experiencing less soreness and tiredness in my legs.
Review from
January 25, 2019
Like them better than my previous socks. More comfortable. W
Like them better than my previous socks. More comfortable. We'll have to see how long they last.
Nicole S. Review from
June 14, 2022
So glad I finally found ankle socks that have adequate padding and dont cut into my circulation on the ankle!
Philip B. Review from
January 7, 2021
Cotton silver socks
They are the best silver socks. Id like to try 100% polyester silver socks, but these cotton silver socks are the best yet,
Lynn H. Review from
July 19, 2019
Too hard to get on
I ordered these and a pair of a different brand for my husband to try. This pair was too hard for him to get on and off, but it also had higher compression. He also said the material was a bit scratchy.
Joseph T. Review from
August 5, 2020
Best I have used
Product offers great compression on ankle area and soft support to arch and underside of foot. Toe seam puts no pressure on that area. I already ordered 5 more pair
Review from
January 12, 2019
These socks have just enough compression to keep my feet and
These socks have just enough compression to keep my feet and legs comfortable while standing on concrete floors for hours. They don't feel right and finding at all.
Jo Review from
July 9, 2015
I Am Happy With These Socks
This is the latest of the compression socks that I have tried for my painful foot. I like that I can wear it with sneaker and it doesn't show. I definitely helps. This will probably be the last time I will have to be looking for something better.
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