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Juzo From: 5760AA06-L To: 5760ABXL06 - < 10 MmHg Sole Below The Ankle Socks

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5760AA06-L - 5760ABXL06
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5760AA06-L< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Below the Ankle Socks-Large-WhiteLargeWhiteEach
5760AA06-M< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Below the Ankle Socks-Medium-WhiteMediumWhiteEach
5760AA06-S< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Below the Ankle Socks-Small-WhiteSmallWhiteEach
5760AA06-XL< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Below the Ankle Socks-Extra Large-WhiteExtra LargeWhiteEach
5760AA10-L< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Below the Ankle Socks-Large-BlackLargeBlackEach
5760AA10-M< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Below the Ankle Socks-Medium-BlackMediumBlackEach
5760AA10-S< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Below the Ankle Socks-Small-BlackSmallBlackEach
5760AA10-XL< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Below the Ankle Socks-Extra Large-BlackExtra LargeBlackEach
5760AB06-L< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Ankle Socks-Large-WhiteLargeWhiteEach
5760AB06-M< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Ankle Socks-Medium-WhiteMediumWhiteEach
5760AB06-S< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Ankle Socks-Small-WhiteSmallWhiteEach
5760AB06-XL< 10 mmHg Silve Sole Ankle Socks-Extra Large-WhiteExtra LargeWhiteEach
5760ABL06Silver Sole Support Sock, 12-16 mmhg, Large, WhiteLargeSilver, WhiteEach
5760ABXL06Silver Sole Support Sock, 12-16 mmhg, Xlarge,WhitelargeSilver, WhiteEach
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Silver Sole Support Sock
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Manufacturer Juzo
Categories Compression Hosiery, Diabetic, Extra Large, Foot Pain, Leg Pain, Sock, Condition, Compression Level, Cotton, Diabetes Foot Problems, Diabetic Feet, Diabetic Foot Care, Diabetic Socks, Fabric, Gender, Large, Medium, Mild Compression (8-15 mmhg), Mini Crew , Moderate Compression (15-20 mmhg), Plus Size, Quarter Crew, Sensitive Feet, Size, Small, Spandex, Style, Unisex, X-Large, X-Static
Code 5760AA06-L - 5760ABXL06
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Lay Off Pain
Score: 4.1 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Clare R. Review from
January 2, 2022
Not as warm, cinching uncomfortable after a few hours
They are good, not as thick or warm as the Original Crew length socks. The cinching above the ankle and in the arch gets uncomfortable after a while. So I cannot sleep the whole night in them and have to pull them off. I would like to see a long version of the Original Crew length socks Which would be warmer and not drive me crazy after a few hours. I am sensitive to my socks and would like an option for sensitive people like me. I gave a pair of these to a housemate and he loves them. He is not sensitive to his clothing. I have worn about 9 different pairs of the men's Original Crew socks and
Loves Cold Weather Review from
Academy Sports + Outdoors
February 25, 2022
Heat Holder socks kept my feet warm!
I hunt big game/waterfowl and sometimes the weather turns really cold. I own drawers full of "cold weather socks," including battery operated models, heated insoles and use toe warmer packs. I usually wind up with cold feet, especially if I'm in a tree stand deer hunting. I received a pair of Heat Holder socks for Christmas and discovered they really do keep my feet warm. They were purchased from Academy Sports but both local stores in my area were sold out. I went to their web site and ordered two pairs. They only had one remaining, so at least I now own two pairs. I recommend them to anyone
Erin G. Review from
November 9, 2021
Fantastic socks!
Borrowing a pair of my sister's Heat Holders led me to this purchase. She was visiting me in Galveston when the polar vortex rolled through last February. She let me borrow a pair of her Heat Holders, and despite no heat for 4 days, my toes were never cold. Considering I suffer from Raynaud's that is a very impressive accomplishment. I love that these are super warm, but can still be worn with regular shoes. Cannot recommend highly enough! I've also purchased the heavier Heat Holders, which I love, too. The only downside is that I can only wear them around the house as they're too bulky to fit
Angela M. Review from
March 15, 2022
Warm Feet, Good Living
I purchased my first pairs of Heat Holders because my feet are always cold. The socks Id been wearing had been redesigned and are now very difficult to put on for this old lady. Heat Holders slip on with no tugging and keep my feet cozy. The heavy ones are great with my Birkenstock sandals; the lighter ones are still very warm and fit into my shoes and boots. Not only that, but theyre comfortable on the foot irritated by sciatica. I have only one suggestion to make them better: Please mark them in some way so I can tell my heavy pairs from my medium pairs from my light pairs more easily.
David W. Review from
March 25, 2021
Very comfortable!
These socks are extremely comfortable. I have peripheral neuropathy and I like that they don't squeeze and cause me more pain. I wear them to help block much of the continuous pain I live with; your socks actually do not hurt to wear. One issue I have with these socks is that they tend slide down my leg. Some mornings the heel has slid almost to my toes. My shoe size is 10.5 and the socks are the Large (7-12); I cannot imagine how well they would fit and stay on people with the smaller size feet. Even the nights I wore a thin liner sock under your Twist Socks they still slid down a bit. Anothe
James M. Review from
March 15, 2022
Like the socks. Wish they
Like the socks. Wish they wouldn't shrink as much after washing and drying. I'm a size 14EEE so I'm sure you understand. Wish there was better reinforcement in toe and heel. These two areas seem to wear out quickly. Obviously when they develop a hole I have to discard them. I had to throw one pair away that I purchased not last purchase but one before. At upper teen pricing it gets a little expensive. Not mad at anyone, just some constructive criticism. Thanks.
Airyka R. Review from
February 22, 2022
Not super happy; socks way too thick and way too slippery.
I ordered 3 socks, having no idea that 2 out of the 3 pair would be so incredibly thick they would feel like I was wearing actual slippers on my feet, and wouldn't allow for me to wear shoes. They also are all so incredibly slippery on the wood floor I feel dangerous wearing them on their own. So, I basically only can use one out of the 3 pair I bought. Unfortunately I had to open packages to try on the socks, at which point they weren't returnable. I wish I'd known that certain kinds were HUGELY thick, and others weren't, or that they were returnable after trying on. Bummed.
Brandi P. Review from
February 26, 2022
Warm feet at a baseball game?? YES!
My husband and I have been sitting out in the freezing cold for spring baseball games for 15+ years (and counting) with our three baseball playing boys (little league, high school and now college) and the first time we wore your socks (a week ago) was the ONLY time our feet were ever truly warm. Im not even exaggerating. Unbelievable. Plan on purchasing whatever else you have! Only looked for socks bc I listen to Chicks on the Right and they told me to get me some! :)
Tim Review from
November 1, 2021
Warm, comfortable, great product.
Having owned a pair of Heat Holders before, I had to purchase new ones as \i wore the originals so often they developed thinning and holes on the sole. I did try to darn them but I think it was time to just replace. They are warm, comfortable, thick and luxurious. I would have given it 5 stars, but I gave it 4, only because it would be great if they weren't "one size only". A very minor complaint, but they don't fit as snugly as they could if they were sized for different feet. But this is no big problem as I only really wear them around the house.
Peter M. Review from
December 19, 2020
Greatest sox I've ever worn, bar none.
BEST SOX EVER. I purchased two pair of these sox to wear around the house and for watching TV in the evenings and they are amazingly comfortable. However the true test was when I wore them to out in a recent New England Nor'Easter Blizzard to clear my 650' driveway. Wearing them with my leather upper/rubber bottom LL Bean Hunting Boots I was warm and comfortable while shoveling the 75' to the barn to get my old truck to plow the driveway and courtyard. Hours out plowing and shoveling and they maintained wonderful warmth and comfort for my feet, thus giving me a far greater overall experience t
Barbara M. Review from
February 8, 2022
These help keep my feet warm on cold tile floors. Will buy again.
Nice and warm, although they're a little large (I'm an 8.5 shoe). We have tile floors and they really help keep my feet from getting cold. There is an odd thing, though. Sometimes the socks will move on my feet when I walk, and the toe of the sock moves out past the front of my foot. I think it has to do with the action of the "grippers" on the tile floor. This is not a real problem, though, as I can just adjust them again. I won't hesitate to buy more of these socks.
Marian F. Review from
January 5, 2022
I'm one of those cold footed persons. Chilled tootsies year 'round. I even wear socks to bed! I wanted a pair to wear around the house minus shoes. When I put on my Heat Holders for the first time, I was overjoyed and surprised by the silky softness of the insides of the socks. They also keep my feet just right. Not too hot, not too cold. These are the best socks I've ever had. Worth every penny!!!!!!
Shirley Y. Review from
January 13, 2022
NOT long by a long shot
Since I have larger calves, I ordered the Men's Ultra Lite Long Twist Socks. I have two pairs of Men's Lite Long that fit fine and come up to my knees (the feet are a bit too long). I wanted lighter weight socks to go in my dressier shoes. The weight of these socks is great. They stop 4 INCHES below my knee, however! That means that as I walk, they just slide down to my ankles. I'm not sure if they were mis-sized or not. They are definitely NOT long!
Brandi P. Review from
February 26, 2022
Warm feet at a spring baseball game??
My husband and I have been sitting out in the freezing cold for spring baseball games for 15+ years (and counting) with our three baseball playing boys (little league, high school and now college) and the first time we wore your socks (a week ago) was the ONLY time our feet were ever truly warm. Im not even exaggerating. Unbelievable. Plan on purchasing whatever else you have! Only looked for socks bc I listen to Chicks on the Right and they told me to get me some! :)
Wayne C. Review from
November 25, 2020
Cold Feet - No More
As a transplanted San Diegite, no, San Diegoan, no, San Diegan, in Minnesota, I do not acclimate to the winters quickly. My feet and hands are my Achilles Heels. My first trip out this year I wore my best thermal sock, and still suffered. Two weeks later, in colder weather, boots covered in snow, I was cold, but my feet weren't. My feet usually sweat when they get cold, making the cold worse. No sweating, no frozen toes. The only somewhat negative that I could find with these socks is that they slipped down into my boots a little bit after 4 hours of trekking through tall grass covered in snow
Stephen G. Review from
December 10, 2020
Ultra lite socks
I have mixed review of this Heat Holders product. My wife & I purchased over 12 pair of these socks in preparation for a Fall trip to Ireland last year. We initially loved these incredibly warm and comfortable socks. We chose the ULTRA LITE as they fit nicely into conventional street shoes (both men or women) - since we were not intending to use in a heavy hiking style shoe/boot. Unfortunately, after wearing them several times both my wife and I had many of the socks wear a hole through the big toe area of the socks. I have darned them (yes, my mother taught me to darn socks!) and that has ext
Karla M. Review from
November 19, 2021
I don't like writing reviews but this is one of my fav products of all time
These are my favorite socks for a couple of years now. I always buy the extra long mens even though I only wear a women's 8 1/2. I just love the extra big room fluffiness and prefer them so much more over the women's long socks. I wear them year round to bed because they are super comfortable and it feels like my feet are wearing cloud blankets. Please make more men fun colors!
Amanda V. Review from
February 28, 2018
Warm, but way too scratchy
I hate to leave negative reviews, but I believe honesty is important. These were purchased for my husband, who has peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes, which makes his feet freezing cold year-round. He owns several pairs of the original Heat Holders socks, which he loves and always wears 24/7. When we saw these wool socks with a slightly higher TOG rating, we immediately ordered four pairs. The outer material is scratchy feeling, like a very cheap blanket. Upon washing them, this gets much worse. The brushed lining isn't nearly as soft and comfortable as the original Heat Holders socks. Also
Karen K. Review from
January 7, 2022
Just socks
just socks, nice enough but not super warm by any stretch. At least not for my feet and when out in colder weather. Weather in N. Calif is not generally super crazy cold except in the Eastern Sierra mountains where snow is present. cold for my feet is is 46 degrees and lower, these heat holders are nice for indoor slipper wear or in boots with outdoor weather being closer to around 50- up in temp. Cozy on the feet but not warm enough without using an extra liner sock and super warm snow boots
Kathryn H. Review from
November 21, 2021
Great slipper socks! I bought
Great slipper socks! I bought some for my sister and brother-in-law in Oklahoma where it gets really cold. The quality is the best, and the fact that theyre non-slip is great. I noticed you dont have as much variety in the colors and designs as before. My brother-in-law always got compliments when he wore his Heatholders superhero design slipper socks! Please offer them again.
Alicia B. Review from
December 20, 2021
Perfect for Snowy Weather
I bought two pairs for my sister who lives in Indiana. She has had surgeries and has had metal parts implanted so she gets very, very cold during the harsh Indiana winters. She LOVES these socks and says that shell get so warm with them on, she has to take them off when shes at home. She will wear them when she leaves the house and they keep her perfectly warm. She absolutely loves these socks and theyve made a huge impact for her with being able to tolerate the snowy days and nights.
Mary M. Review from
May 30, 2021
Great socks, though not what I was looking for
I bought 2 pairs, 1 classic and 1 lite. In blue. Truth be told, I bought them because my go to socks, World's Softest, discontinued the light blue color I always wear. It's a tall order to fill that void. The Heat Holders didn't. They were too thick and not the right color. I would need a size up in sneakers to wear them. BUT let me tell you, they are softer and more comfortable and I will wear them, though probably just around the house. Great quality. And even though they're very warm, my feet didn't get sweaty in them. I have a friend who is a diabetic whose feet get really cold and he has
Jan D. Review from
December 15, 2021
Love these!!
My husband loves these socks. He has peripheral neuropathy in his feet, from years of playing hockey. These are soft and warm. He wears them every day. He also has a pair that he wears to bed, so that the bedcovers dont irritate his feet. Heat Holders are the best thing Ive ever found for him. I appreciate all of the research and development that has gone into creating these.
Clare R. Review from
November 11, 2020
Owned two pairs last year. Bought 10 pairs this year. Will be buying more.
A year ago I bought two pairs and love them. I moved from the state I bought them in and looked for quite some time to find them online and then in a local store. I bought 7 more pairs for me and three pairs for my son this year. Once I hear from him if he wants I will treat him to more. Here's a suggestion. There are women who needs a larger size socks. I love the women's colors but they are too small for me so I buy the men's colors in the men's sizes. Please consider making women's colors in larger sizes. You don't have to start big, but give it a try at least on your website and see how th
David G. Review from
February 19, 2022
Slipper socks/sleep socks
My husband bought me these socks and they are no where near as nice as the ones he bought a few years ago. The pair I recently received move forward as I walk as though they are coming off. Also, one of the reinforced toes is thick and lumpy which drives me crazy. I thought washing and drying them would solve the problem, but it did not. Very disappointed this time. The sleep socks I received at the same time are fine.
Jon W. Review from
January 26, 2021
Simply the best
I have fairly wide size 14 feet so finding slippers or even normal socks are often a problem. If socks are the right length they alway seem to be too narrow BUT not at all with these slipper socks. They are perfect regardless of if you have wide or normal width feet and fit perfectly without leaving any marks proving they are not too tight at all. Quality of the socks is fantastic. Customer service is second to none. I was kept fully update from ordering to delivery. So impressed with Heat Holders as a brand that not only have I ordered another 2 paid of slipper socks but have now also brought
Abbey G. Review from
January 3, 2022
Bad quality, not fit for purpose
Purchased a pair of the socks a while ago. First pair got a hole in after wearing them once so they sent out a free replacement. Second pair is also now starting to get a hole after one use. The socks haven't even been washed yet so I would hate to see how they would turn out after going through the washing machine! Definitely would not recommend these, really bad quality especially considering the price.
Joan B. Review from
December 12, 2021
The shipping was fast and
The shipping was fast and no problems. I thought the socks would be thinner. They are really bulky, and they slouch down all the time. They might be good under a high -top boot to hold them up. My feet do stay somewhat warmer but not what I expected for a lite version of a sock. Somehow, they do manage to tightly fit into my shoe, but very snug. Won't purchase again but may try the ultra lites, maybe.
Annie D. Review from
February 2, 2022
Best socks ever
These are the coziest most luscious socks we have ever owned. Living in Alaska, having warm socks is crucial to spending time outdoors at below zero temps. I just discovered your socks this year, but the store only had regular sizes. I was delighted to find Mens Big/Tall online for my husband. He has lots of problems with his feet, and these are his favorite socks. Thanks.
Pauline G. Review from
January 1, 2022
Warm, but did not last long.
I really loved the socks, however they already have holes in the toe area. I keep my toe nails short, so it wasn't from lack of toe nail care. I have only worn them about 4 times. I would have asked for a refund. I do not have an order number. I thought the socks were so wonderful, I tossed the package out. The socks do keep your feet warm. Just wish they'd last longer than a few times wearing them.
David M. Review from
April 6, 2021
Warm but don't last very long.
It's April 6th now -- I got the socks as a Christmas gift. These socks are definitely warmer than regular socks, or fleece slipper socks. But by the end of January I was already pulling mats of the inside fibers out of the inside of the socks. On April 5th, there was already a hole in the bottom of one sock, and both "bottoms" had become very thin. Granted, I did wear these nearly every day since Christmas, altho many days for only a couple of hours in the mornings. In looking at the website, they no longer carry this version/style of their sock. I have contacted them about any warranty -- the
Tracy R. Review from
January 7, 2022
The socks themselves are warm
The socks themselves are warm and soft BUT. I bought these because they were extra tall and should come up over my calf. I live where it gets very cold and hard to keep warm so I was excited to see tall socks. I am a bit disappointed that they DONT stay tall. After one wash the tops have shrunk, do not stay up and are no better than store socks. For the price, I would like to have what was promised. I will say they are warm and soft.
Stephanie F. Review from
February 19, 2022
Very Nice but be prepared for a lot of Lint
The heat holders socks are really nice, comfortable and very warm! What I do not like about them is that they leave colored fuzzies all over my white carpet. They are very messy. Also do not wash them with anything else as they leave a ton of lint fuzzies all over everything. Don't wash colored socks with the black as its a lint nightmare.
Teresa M. Review from
December 26, 2021
Best slipper socks ever!
I've bought multiple pairs of these slipper socks over the years, they are by far my favorite socks to wear. I've also bought pairs as gifts for others and have received rave reviews about how warm and comfortable they are. I've had trouble finding these lately and have tried to settle for other brands, but they just don't even compare. Heat holders ankle slipper socks are by far the warmest, softest, most comfortable slipper socks I've ever owned.
Jason B. Review from
February 3, 2022
Neuropathy cold feet are finally warm!
My feet are very sensitive to the cold due to neuropathy. I have struggled to find socks to keep my feet warm and used charcoal toe warmers. I heard an add for heat holders and bought one pair. I loved them; no sock has ever kept my feet as warm as these do. So I purchased several more pair. They are thick so I can't wear them with all my shoes but they are awesome!
Trey S. Review from
January 31, 2021
Awesome but dont last long
They instantly warm my feet up and keep them nice and toasty. I was worried that my feet would get too hot like they do in other slippers and I wouldnt wear them much. I can actually sleep with these on and my feet do not overheat! The reason I docked 2 stars is because I bought a bunch of different types of heat holders before Christmas and this type is already worn out and has holes in the bottom. They do not last long especially for everyday use. The type with the treads seem to last longer, but the first time I washed those they ended up with holes in the toes.
Linda T. Review from
November 18, 2021
Best Socks for Warmth!!
We can't say enough about these fabulous socks! LOVE THEM!! My husband is retired and runs around the house in them all day, so we would of course be wearing the bottoms thin. Get the WORX ones! Everybit as soft and warm, but more durable weave at the toe and heal! Pamper yourself and get some! I can't get enough of them either!
KENNETH M. Review from
December 11, 2021
After searching years for warm
After searching years for warm socks, I found it in these. These are the very warmest socks available. Equally important, customer service is fantastic and very helpful in providing information by someone who speaks fluent, flawless English! This company provides the best product by the best customer service available in the US. Both are endangered in this nation today.
A C. Review from
November 5, 2021
heat holder socks
Heat Holders were recommended by a friend some years ago (when they were stocked locally in Millets). My Father found them so cosy the socks have worn out, so I've sent him both Original and Long styles. Glad to know they will be appreciated. A shame mail-ordering was withdrawn, cutting off so many people from buying your products. As it may be a long, cold winter I bought 6 pairs, to keep friends cosy fingers crossed the sizes fit!
Gary T. Review from
January 12, 2021
Quality socks. Unfortunately not 7X warmer than regular socks. Live in north Texas. Rarely do we get snow. Snowed almost 3. Great day to test the nee socks. Put on rubber boots. One foot had heat holders the other regular thick socks. Spent 45 minutes outdoors walking and sitting. Stood in river also. Honestly I could only tell a very, very slight difference. If I didnt know which sock was which it would have been a guess. See no value over regular socks. Disappointed!
Glenn S. Review from
December 20, 2021
Dog ate my Heatholders, he loves them, too!
This is the secind time I've ordered the same socks, my dog got hold of one of my original pairs and tore them up pretty badly, so I had to replace them. Can't go through a Colorado winter without them. Ordered the small Joint Warmers also, they're great on my sore elbows. Arrived very quickly, good thing too, as it been single digit temps at night already. Thanks.
Review from
October 22, 2020
Need to cut off elastic top for myself
I just ordered 7 more pairs. 3 in the talls a different color for my son and 4 for myself. I already own 6 pairs from stores. My legs are skinny and I do not have diabetes but I always cut off the elastic tops from socks and they stay up just fine. The elastic digs into my legs. These socks are the warmest socks I own , I have had them for a year. They do not feel itchy after awhile like even the softest Merino wool socks can. If my son likes his as much as I like mine I will order more for him. I don't like mine, I love them!
Ron S. Review from
December 25, 2021
My first pair of casual comfy warm socks
I wanted warm socks and that's what I got. But even more than that they are super soft and comfy inside. My pre-purchase expectation was exceeded. I am an avid skier and have several different types of warm ski socks. However the experience wearing those and heat holders is significantly different, both in a good way.
Katie Review from
December 7, 2020
Completely changed my winters
I get awful chilblains every time the weather shifts, and when they started up this year I stumbled upon these socks and ordered 4 pairs. I wear them all day and night, and my feet are so comfortable and warm! It has completely changed my comfort level in the winter. I'm outside playing with my young kids for long periods of time, and they hold up! I might come back for the warmest level later, but the medium is good for most days. Even my husband borrowed a pair and fell in love. I've come back to place 2 more orders, and they won't be my last.
Judy P. Review from
December 1, 2020
3 pair men's ankle socks for those with foot neuropathy
Husband appreciates the cushion & warmth. However, after 2 weeks, worn twice in rotation with the other 2 pair, the weave came undone leaving a gaping hole I had to darn. I hope this is not what happens with the other 2 pair. I did notify customer service. They did get back to me offering a replacement pair if I would send them a photo. I had already darned them so you could not tell where the hole had been. A photo is not going to show where the large hole existed. My goal was only to make customer service aware of our experience with their product, not to get a replacement pair.
Patti G. Review from
December 16, 2021
A Dream Come True!
My husband has never found socks that keep his feet warm. I heard the ad on radio for Heat Holders and decided I had nothing to loose. I ordered one pair that is the original and another pair the Lite Crew. He likes the original the best but both pair are a dream come true for him. They actually keep his feet warm!!! I will tell everyone about this product. And I will buy more.
Debbi P. Review from
January 18, 2021
Better than most
We got the gloves for both my husband and I and the socks for my husband. The socks work well during skiing and snowshoeing, though his toes still get a bit cold on days when its especially cold out. The gloves also work well with caveats; the gloves are so thick that its difficult to zip jackets or do any other fine motor skill, including holding ski poles. Also, when very cold out, the fingers tend to stay chilled; I suspect mittens might be more effective. Overall, theyre better than most.
Margaret J. Review from
February 3, 2022
Great for warmth but need smaller woman's sizes
Actually I love these socks for the warmth but they're too big! I wear a size 7 shoe and these bunch in my shoes since they are so thick. Not that thickness is a bad thing but it's also because they're too big. I wish there were either children's socks in this material or would make a smaller woman's sock.
Madalyn E. Review from
January 13, 2022
Why didn't I get these sooner?
These socks are super warm and yet not too thick to fit in my running shoes. I have been wearing the heavier version for many years, to sleep in and around the house. I have Raynaud's and they are the best at keeping my feet warm - even better than my shearling slippers. This Lite version will also be perfect for wearing with boots.
Nigel C. Review from
March 26, 2022
Best warm socks ever
Heat holders socks are the only socks to ever keep my feet properly warm. They are the best I've ever tried. I originally mis-ordered and had to re-order but communicating with the Heat Holder company was impossible. No phone number, Unanswered emails, complete radio silence. To this day they have'nt even have the courtesy to reply to my questions. However 5 stars for there prompt deliveries
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