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Johnson & Johnson - 48816 - Lubriderm, Scented

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Packaging: 6/box, 2 boxes/case unless noted.
More Information
Manufacturer J&J
Categories Condition, Diabetes Skin Problems, Diabetic Skin Care, Moisturizer, Skin Protection, Soothing Cream, Body Care, Skin Care, Skin Care Products
Code 48816
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Stomabags
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
40 Review
Review from
ting older, that my skinny is much dryer then ever in my life. I have tried many
BEST lotion for Extra-Dry Skin.
December 9, 2021
iHerb Customer Review from
January 2, 2021
I have been using Lubriderm since the late 90’s after a friend from the US introduced me to it . I use the Daily moisture Normal type on my face morning and night, and the Extra Dry Skin on my body once a day. Over this time I have tried other types of mo
natalie.r Review from
February 24, 2021
Over the years I've tried so many different moisturizers for dry skin - especially in the winter and with all of the covid hand washing. I decided to try Lubriderm after seeing it recommended for healing tattoos. GUYS. THIS IS IT. Lubriderm blows so many
Daniel Review from
May 11, 2021
Perfect/ best purchase
I love it , no greasy feel after you apply on your body. Feels very rich and expensive at the same time. Never have tried one like this one and for sure I will continue to purchase it. Would love a bigger bottle maybe a 32oz would be great. And a face cre
choc51 Review from
May 29, 2021
SPF15, not smelly or greasy - please keep in stock
Thank you Walmart for keeping this is stock. Amazon is apparently not doing price wars with you on this one. I have used this for years because of the 15 SPF. I use it before going out to work in the yard as my sunscreen. I want to get some sun, but not b
stephanie.f Review from
March 9, 2021
The lotion I have from this brand is this exact same color but fragrance-free. I find that lotions/moisturizers that carry fragrance tend to make my face itchy (not as much) but I constantly feel drier. I came across this when shopping at Target, I’m not
melissa.j Review from
March 21, 2021
This is a good lightweight lotion. While I prefer a thicker lotion/cream for my dry skin I still use this, especially if my skin is irritated. It is completely unscented. When I have an occasional eczema flare up this is the only lotion that I can use. So
PattiL Review from
September 8, 2021
I absolutely love Lubriderm Daily Moisture Body Lotion. Lubriberm lotion is easy to apply and is very soothing. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. It does not leave my skin feeling greasy at all. I have sensitive skin and this Lubriderm Dai
Serena Review from
March 3, 2021
Wish I found it sooner!
love it , my skin is super sensitive, I have eczema and a skin condition so any little thing makes my skin rash up and burn. Ive tried so many lotions , even baby lotions but everything made my skin burn. I got a tattoo recently and my tattoo artist recom
Anton Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
March 26, 2021
Great spf for indoors
It’s a steal of a deal for the price. I use it when I plan on staying indoors the whole day because those aging UVA rays penetrate the windows and you need protection from them. I opt for higher spf when I go outdoors. Overall it’s very moisturizing, easy
michelle.f Review from
May 25, 2021
There are tons of fancy tattoo care products on the market but time after time my tattoo artists have recommended unscented Lubriderm lotion. I have many tattoos and this lotion has never failed me. This cream is gentle and it’s amazingly effective at moi
Anton Review from
March 26, 2021
Great spf for indoors
It’s a steal of a deal for the price. I use this lotion when I plan on staying indoors the whole day because the aging UVA rays penetrate the windows and you need protection from them. I opt for higher spf if I go outside. But it’s a very nice moisturizer
parker.k Review from
March 7, 2021
I've been using this lotion for years and it is my favourite by farrrr. It dries really nicely - not sticky or greasy, so I use it on my body all the time. It is also unscented and lasts a long time. It's not too expensive either! It doesn't break me out
iHerb Customer Review from
August 2, 2021
Best moisturizer!
I used to use QV lotion for my sons eczema prone skin. Now that his condition has stabilized, I’ve decided to give other lotions a go and my friend recommended this. It’s liquidy like that of QV but less the stickiness. It glides on easily and absorbs qui
Review from
September 21, 2020
Face to Feet Fabulous
This lotion is truly the best. I've been dealing with Rosacea for over 20 years and tried many lotions for my sensitive, dry red skin and this one works perfectly. I use it literally from face to feet. It's a comfortable consistency, not greasy, absorbs w
iHerb Customer Review from
November 28, 2021
Moisturizer for all seasons
Personally I care a lot about the texture. I have tried the Aveeno body lotion, which is also a good one but I can still feel the slight stickiness after application. This is an excellent moisturizer for all seasons with non-sticky and non-greasy feeling.
nattyneedle Review from
December 10, 2017
This Lubriderm did not disappoint!
I am 71 YO Fem - maintain my own home inside and out - have Irish freckled skin. At my age and skin wear and tear - I am pleased as punch to find a quality moisturizer. I gave the scent outstanding because the scent is pleasant - almost unnoticeable - ver
iHerb Customer Review from
July 4, 2021
I've used Lubriderm body moisturizers for years. For summer, this is great: just enough moisture without a heavy, greasy feeling and it absorbs quickly. The price point is also great: in Japan, these creams start above 7 bucks for 100ml, and I am looking
Review from
September 6, 2017
My husband bought me a few creams to prepare for the cold weather which has already begun. One is the excellent Aveeno "Positively Nourishing™ and Comforting Whipped Souffle." The other is Lubriderm's amazing "Daily Moisture with Shea and Enriching Cocoa
heena-seattleblogger.r Review from
August 9, 2020
I am very satisfied with this lotion. It has helped me in winters as well as helped my skin sooth after getting sun tanned in Summers. It is perfect for entire family to use right from adults to children. It is fragrance free and good for sensitive skin.
Destiny Review from
July 13, 2020
My Personal Preference
I started using Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion for a month now and this lotion works wonders on dry skin. Its fragrance free, which I thought I wouldnt like but actually ended up living. There is no greasy or heavy feel. Its very light and feels clean. C
choubaila.m Review from
September 6, 2017
Review for: LoverYALL this stuff. I don't think I can rave about it enough. I received the color Lover which I can describe as a Wine color. It has purple undertones and looks pretty good on fair skin. The packaging is sleek and very modern. Definitely di
Barb Review from
July 30, 2021
I have used different lotions and hate how they feel sticky on my arms and legs but this kind doesn't. When I use this kind at night I don't have sticky skin in the morning. It actually goes in and hydrates my skin. So very happy to have tried this Lubrid
Gregory Review from
June 30, 2021
Fantastic moisturizing cream!!!
I have been using Lubriderm Daily Moisturizing Creams since Complex 15 was discontinued about 10-15 years ago. I like how this moisturizing cream can easily be applied over my 50 SPF sunscreen without lumping up and flaking. My skin stays looking refreshe
Christine Review from
August 21, 2021
Sad and frustrated
I have been using Lubriderm spf 15 for years and have been having trouble finding it lately. I just discoved it has been discontinued which explains why I can't find it. Other products, which I won't name, are sticky and greasy. Please please bring it bac
iHerb Customer Review from
January 30, 2021
The best moisturizer for treating skin problems
it’s for dry skin, itchy skin and normal, useful for all skin types. I have been using all types of lotion from Lubriderm for three years and I well not change this products. The deep hydration is very excellent and leave your skin moisturized all the day
iHerb Customer Review from
November 12, 2021
This is my third purchase I have been using this product for 8 months now. Its light but really great moisturizer. I have dray skin but when ever I apply a heavy vream I get pumps. So I replaced it with this one it keeps me light but moustrized it worked
valeria.f Review from
August 5, 2020
This moisturizer is perfect for dry skin. This truely is the only lotion that will make my severely dry skin feel plump, healthy, smooth, and moisturized. This lotion does not cause me to break put and leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated. It doesnt cause r
iHerb Customer Review from
April 23, 2021
Amazing lotion! I was suffering from eczema and this lotion keeps my skin hydrated and well moisturized. It doesn’t feel sticky but has a very nice consistency that is absorbed well in the skin. I apply it every night and massage to my skin before I sleep
Judith Review from
March 25, 2021
Great product, great value for money.
I have been using this product since I was in my twenties. it was recommended to me by a dermatologist and I have never stopped using it. the addition of the sunscreen is really helpful if you live in an area with lots and lots of sun and you're outside a
okperryman Review from
August 27, 2021
Super Disappointed This Has Been Discontinued
I am super disappointed this has been discontinued. I have vitiligo on my hands. This lotion is perfect for protecting my hands from sunburn & skin cancer plus moisturizing them all in ONE step. Also the SPF ingredients did not make my eyes burn or tear i
MaBrownSkin Review from
June 6, 2018
No complaints
I absolutely love this lotion. I was looking for a mosturizer that also had SPF in it at a reasonable price. And I found Lubriderm. I have heard of this company for years but I never used it. I would normally use Jergens or Cocoa Butter. But something tol
Review from
January 18, 2020
Out of all the VO5 products that I have tried, this one smells the best by far. This is my number one favorite from VO5 conditioner. I can use this conditioner as my only conditioner… for the rest of my life... and my hair would be happy. I will always re
Twinner Review from
December 19, 2020
Moisture without greasy feeling
I have used this moisturizer for as long as I can remember and at 77 have few wrinkles. Especially in the winter, it leaves my skin feeling soft and moist without being greasy. I'm sorry that it's so hard to find with the SPF 15. I wish it had a higher SP
quartzlady Review from
December 9, 2017
Lubriderm Normal to Dry Skin Lotion
This lotion comes in a 16 Oz container. It is a daily moisturizer lotion. This lotion has been dermatologist developed. It has been shown to be able to moisturizer for a full 24 hours. It contains vitamin B5 and other essential nutrients that are needed f
nilsa.m Review from
April 18, 2020
Best moisturizing cream in the market! No fragrance, which is why I sometimes apply it on my face. I keep this product right outside my shower and apply it on damp skin to lock in the moisture. I have always delt with extremely dry skin and with this prod
india.w Review from
September 25, 2020
This is my favorite lotion of all time! [brand:lubriderm] as a product has always been the best moisturizer for my skin, but then to top it off, it has the BEST SCENT out of the entire lubriderm line. I typically do not like lavender scents but this one s
Maximus Review from
March 19, 2021
Watery lotion
I bought this as my local store was out of the brand (rhymes with Ameeno) that I normally use. I bought the no-scent and surely it didn't smell. After using it, I feel like it is a bit runny and watery compared to the other brand. I also feel it dries out
louisebiscbay Review from
February 10, 2020
Good All Purpose Body Moisterizer with SPF added
Lubriderm was always a good all purpose moisturizer. The fact that they added SPF made it even better. Most retailers have stopped carrying the SPF added variety in the store, which is crazy here in South Florida where we are exposed to the sun every time
iHerb Customer Review from
December 5, 2020
it's just fine moisturizer
I have dehydrated skin. I didn't feel that this particular lotion gives my skin the enough hydration it needs although that I've used the advanced therapy from the same brand before and actually fell in love with it, so I decided to try the calming body l
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