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HemoCue America From: 121422 To: 121422-EW3 - Glucose 201 DM Analyzer (mg/dL) 1 Year Extended Warranty - 2 3

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HemoCue America:
121422 - 121422-EW3
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121422Glucose 201 DM Analyzer (mg/dL)Each
121422-EW11 Year Extended Warranty - Glucose 201 DM Analyzer (mg/dL)Each
121422-EW22 Year Extended Warranty - Glucose 201 DM Analyzer (mg/dL)Each
121422-EW33 Year Extended Warranty - Glucose 201 DM Analyzer (mg/dL)Each
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1 Year Extended Warranty - Glucose 201 DM Analyzer (mg/dL)
More Information
Manufacturer HemoCue America
Categories Diagnostic Equipment, Lab Equipment, Condition, Glucose Meter, Glucose Monitoring, Hyperglycemia, Hypoglycemia, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Hematology Analyzer
Code 121422 - 121422-EW3
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Acculab Supplies|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
32 Review
Krys33 Review from
October 7, 2019
easy to use!
I am a first time diabetic, so I was worried about using the meter to monitor my blood sugar levels. The instructions were very clear on how to set the monitor up so it is ready for use. The package comes with a meter, test sticks, lancets, lacing device, control solution and a bag to keep all of the stuff in. The bag holds each item in a spot to keep the meter and items safe and easy to grab it on the go. Once the meter has been set up and ready for use, it was very easy to test my blood for the first time. First, you need to wash you hands to keep the meter and items clean. Then you can turn
JAZS Review from
September 25, 2019
Great meter for simple testing
I have been diabetic for more than 10 years and have had dozens of glucose meters. The best machines are simple to use but still have the latest technology. The True Metrix blood glucose meter is a great simple machine. I have been using this along with my older meter that is about a year and a half old and both have showed very similar readings, only being maybe a point or two different between the two machines. I like that the machine is simple, probably the most simple machine I have seen in a long time. On start up, you just set the time and date and you can start using. To use, you just p
Georgiagurl Review from
October 3, 2019
Fast Results and Super compact!
I began using the True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter few weeks ago. I love all of the handy features it has! It comes with a carrying case which is perfect for on the go, I take it to work and every where I go. This is the first meter I have used that has life event tagging, so I can tag when I check my sugar, if it's before a meal, exercise, or after, if I'm sick, or before meds, that feature comes in handy with tracking and monitoring my levels. This meter is super accurate and works very fast. There is a function for testing reminder alarms which would be good if you were to fo
AKJ2019 Review from
October 17, 2019
True Metrix gave me True Results!
The True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter was sent to me complimentary from Bazaarvoice Inc TryIt Sampling in return for my honest opinion. For someone like me who relies on a product to help me monitor my glucose levels each day to literally survive, this product is invaluable! I love the accuracy of the meter, how fast it returns the results, (I am a busy professional who is on the go all day, i don't have time to sit and wait for results , i need them immediately), so i respect this product for that comes with sterile lancets to get me going, a compact case so i can convenie
Mydadandme Review from
September 25, 2019
Its good as a back up but
Its good as a back up but it seems a bit outdated compared to my current monitor. I didnt use it and it works well I like that though results come in and under three seconds thats incredibly amazing. Also its fairly straightforward and easy to use. I am still getting used to learning how to track other things such as whether or not I tested my glucose before after dinner. One thing that I dont like about it is the process to draw blood is a bit overwhelming. You have to take the pan apart put the needle in twist to cap off the needle close the pan adjust the number pull the top and then stick
jzhang678 Review from
September 28, 2019
Great Features and Technology!
This Glucose meter is loaded with useful features and technology that really helps people monitpr their blood sugar level in a fast, convenient and affordable way. The meter is very easy to use and has a nice, clear display that gives instant results upon analyzing just a small sample of blood. There's a lot of technology built into this meter that I really appreciate, which helps me monitor my health, such as daily monitoring reminders, detection/monitoring/correction of my sample, the ability to save and download results, , and many other sensing technologies. I'm really impressed by the oth
Pipedr Review from
October 11, 2019
TRUE METRIX - Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter
Includes an owner's manual, instructions for Lancet use, and a tracker booklet. The instructions are easy to follow. The strips are easy to insert and remove. I did get an E-2 error code 3 times due to the blood sample being too small. Took on my 4th try and the reading appeared on the screen in no time. Next time I will just use a bigger pricking gauge. So that was just trial and error on my part and not due to the monitor malfunctioning. I like the easy to read display. Helps me keep track of my levels and stores your readings on the meter's memory. Lightweight and compact and perfect to tak
CPTX64 Review from
October 10, 2019
Testing made easy
I have been using this meter for a short while and i love it. The screen and numbers are large which makes it easy to see if someone has vision issues. The meter is easy to hold on to and i would say medium in size. Only a small amount of blood needed on the test strip which is awesome. The test strip slides into the port super easy. My test are always very accurate so no worries there. I absolutely love the strip release button on the meter;my favorite feature. I just simply drop it into the trash without touching it again. I think this is a great quality meter overall and will definitely rec
eddro134 Review from
October 11, 2019
Took a bit to figure out how to work but good
It took me a bit to understand how to work it and get proper reads from the monitor. It comes with the meter/monitor that tests your blood. It also comes with a little pen looking item that you put a needle in and then it will poke your finger or arm to get your blood glucose measures. My daughter hates shots and would not even try it but really this item just pokes your skin just enough to get some blood, then with your test strip, you place it on your poked location and the blood soaks in to the test strip. Then you put the test strip in the monitor and get your measurements. The measurement
Kris81 Review from
October 9, 2019
Blood tester
It's simple to use and has a carry case with room for supplies. It had a battery in it already. What you do is first get a blood sample. Put a blade in the lancer tool, pull handle back and then press release button to launch toward a finger, that will make blood a drop. I didn't feel it hit, and makes such a tiny blood drop that you may have to squeeze that out. Then stick a test strip end with black side up into the bottom of the tester, meter will light up, and in a few seconds shows it ready to do test. Touch the blood to the end of the test strip, it draws blood into strip automatically,
Doodle Mama Review from
September 30, 2019
So Easy To Use!
The True Metrix Blood Glucose Meter is so fast, efficient and user friendly to use. The monitor is small and easily fits into my pocket, purse or laptop bag. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. It took me about 5 minutes to set everything up for first time use. After that I was able to use this monitor in seconds. The reads are in a large font and the monitor stores your information. True Metrix makes it convenient for anyone having to self monitor on the go. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a self monitoring blood glucose meter!
Andres Review from
October 4, 2019
good quality and fast readings
I liked the product. The build quality is good and eventhough I've only used a couple weeks it is sturdy and hope it will last a long time. I like that the readings only take a couple seconds and the neddle has adustable trigger deepness. my girlfried and I have used it and I realiez that my skin bleeds much easier on the low settings but my girlfriend needs to adjust the needle to a higher size in order to get the same resutls. Overall is a great product I would recoment it. this is the first glucose meter I tried.
Loriloo Review from
September 30, 2019
Works great, very convenient
This glucose meter is very easy to use. The size is great. Just big enough so it is easy to hold, but small enough that it fits in your hand comfortably. The strips are very easy to insert in the bottom of the meter. It reads quickly and the numbers are large enough for easy reading. I like the memory feature in case I forget to write down a reading. The case that comes with it is a great size to carry in my purse, and it holds everything I need. All in all this is a great product and I would recommend it.
NewtoDiabetes Review from
October 2, 2019
Easy to Use
Im a newly diagnosed diabetic and not very familiar with glucose meters. This one came with lots of instructions as well as a book! Everything I needed to get started was included as well as a small black carry case. It was easy to startup. I had a issue using the control solution. I love that it has tags that I can choose for when I'm taking my reading (before meals, exercise, others). But most of all I love that it has ALARMS! Im mostly afraid of not remembering to take my reading and the fact it reminds me to do it as often as I need it to is PERFECT! I would definitely recommend.
Abjoy220 Review from
October 8, 2019
Easy to use!
I bought the True Metrix self monitoring blood glucose meter a few weeks ago. I am so glad I did. I have tried a few different types over the passed year and didnt care for them. They were complicated to use and most the time I felt like inaccurate. With the True Metrix it is very easy to use. The instructions are clear and helpful to read. The screan is clear and easy to read when Im testing. I am really happy about that. Its easy to record my blood sugar and keep track of. I highly recommend trying the True Metrix self monitoring system for any age person.
Review from
October 30, 2019
Great lil machine
This monitor is probably one of the best monitor's I've owned. Seems to be very accurate. Small so it doesn't take up lots of room. Came with convenient book so you could keep track of results. Quite a bit of test strips to get you by for awhile. All though didn't come with much lancet's which was kind of disappointing. Overall It's definitely a great machine. True draw allows you to set for deeper draw when testing finger.
tinied Review from
September 29, 2019
TRUE METRIX - Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter
TRUE METRIX - Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter is great for needing to checking blood. Great machine and the looks compared to old machines are more top notch now. I love the look. Comes with a bunch of testing strips for a good month. Testing couldnt be any easier. Reading area easy to read and accurate Portable for taking anywhere at anytime. A great machine overall.
Grammalaur Review from
October 2, 2019
A New Meter Was Needed.
Ive been a Type 2 Diabetic for 17 years, so testing my blood glucose is a regular part of my life. Meters have come a long way. The TRUE METRIX- Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter can be monitored from your computer with an app. Very easy to do and keep track of your numbers. Unfortunately, I was not thrilled that control tests were part of set up. I havent done this with a Meter in a long time. This is a good meter that has kept up with computer technology. It does the job quickly and efficiently.
Annc12 Review from
September 29, 2019
Great value - works great
This blood meter works great and the value is unbelievable. Its so great that the kit includes a pack of 50 blood strips, lancets, control solution and a nice case with zipper, where you can keep everything safe and organized. Very easy to use, all instructions needed are included in the box. The blood meter gives accurate readings. I use it every other day, just to monitor my sugar level. I would recommend it. Definitely.
Angied Review from
November 21, 2019
Great Glucose Monitor
This is a great glucose monitor for diabetics. I took mine with to my doctor appointment, they tested it to theirs and it's very acurate. TRUE Metrix Self Monitoring Glucose Meter is a reliable and accurate monitor. It's easy to use and quick to test your blood glucose . This meter tests blood sugar from the fingertip and is able to store up to 500 results with date and time. Its convenient and practical it even has 4 test time alarms so you don't forget. Great product.
Wbiggers11 Review from
September 23, 2019
Great Glucose Meter!!
I am so very happy with my new self monitoring blood glucose meter. It's so easy to use. When I hold the meter it's very comfortable and fits perfectly in my hand. The meter has a large display screen and is very easy to read. The numbers are large and clear. The meters test strips are very easy to use and slide easily into the meter. The results are fast and displays in only seconds. I absolutely love my blood glucose meter.
Gradyson Review from
November 30, 2019
Good meter
Overall, this meter is super easy to use and the interface is straightforward. It came with lancets and test strips, which was nice for beginning to use it. I tested it multiple times and the meters came out accurate. The only downside I noticed was the amount of blood that it takes to get a read seems pretty high. I had to just the lancet in an aggressive way to get enough blood. If it doesn't get enough blood, it throws and error code and that was annoying.
sandysue Review from
October 1, 2019
Great Features!
I am not diabetic, but I keep an eye on my glucose readings because I am on a special diet due to many other health issues. The True Metrix - Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter is so efficient and easy to use and the instructions were so easy to understand. The monitor is small enough to put in my purse so I can take it with me when needed in the carrying case provided. The screen is easy to read, the meter works quickly and I like the fact that it stores my information for me. I would definitely recommend this glucose meter to everyone.
Kcrump07 Review from
October 1, 2019
Easy to use
I got this blood glucose monitor about 2 weeks ago for my significant other because he is diabetic and was in need of a new monitor. It has a very nice design and was comfortable to hold and easy to use. The test strips are easily inserted and the results were ready within a few seconds. The large display made it very easy to use but most importantly, the results seem to be very accurate. I am very pleased with this monitor and happy that the test strips are very affordable also!
Review from
November 6, 2019
Easy digital monitor.
This testing meter is easy and convenient to use. The monitor comes with easy instructions to calibrate. You only need a small amount of blood per strip. The display is easy to read and a decent size so your reading is clear to you. The monitor is a good size and fits in your kit quite well. I did not get false readings or errors- so you are not wasting strips. This is a great system to test your blood sugar.
Rich54 Review from
October 9, 2019
Good readings and fast
Got this for my granddaughter who was recently diagnosed with diabetes,, love the fact it can store up to five hundred prior results with the time and date in case of an issue and doctor needs to see readings over a certain time period. You can also set reminder times in case you get busy and forget it's time to test. You get the results very quickly, sometimes in as little as 4 to 6 seconds. Will also give you the average readings over a time frame 7,14,and 30 day, so if you are followings a weekly diet plan you can see how the levels fluctuate on a week in week out basis. For the cost the me
OzzyRee Review from
October 9, 2019
Blood Glucose Meter
The included owner's booklet is very handy and detailed. The meter is lightweight and easy to handle. I got an accurate reading in 4 seconds. I like that you can tag your reading with events such as being sick, taking medicine, or exercise. Your blood glucose reading is stored in the memory with a date and time stamp and is easy to retrieve. The strips are easy to use and discard. I did follow all instructions.
Grannieof4 Review from
October 10, 2019
Great product
I finally tried the blood glucose meter. Once I found the directions to all the steps it went well. The first time I took to long and the meter had an error message. I feel there Are to many slips with direction. It would be nice to have everything in the booklet. I had to search through several pamphlets before I knew what to do with the drops you put on the strip. And I had trouble figuring out the Lancet devise. Over all once I found all the directions for everything it went well.
cfry32 Review from
January 20, 2021
Really small and compact
I got this to try out and I will first say that I live how small it is. Its very compact and comes in a little carrying case. It has little pouches on the inside of the big pouch to keep every thing secure. Very good luttle reader
PaparazziMom619 Review from
September 29, 2019
Good Product
True Metric self monitoring blood glucose meter works really good. Very good product and very easy to manage and easy to use. It requires a tiny blood sample and the results are very fast and very accurate. its actually helping to keep blood sugar in line. The one downside I found was sometimes it gives me error reading. PROS: * Easy to use * fats reading and accurate * helps keep blood sugar in check CONS: * error reading sometimes
RachelW Review from
September 29, 2019
This glucose meter has been such a blessing for my mom who has type 2 diabetes! Shes always had a hard time keeping track of everything and this meter saving her last readings are less of a worry for her. The numbers are big enough for her to not squint at and it reads her glucose within seconds! You also only need a little bit of blood for this meter. I love how flat and compact it is as well! Definitely a game changer!
Aredkey Review from
September 29, 2019
Affordable meter
The TRUE METRIX - Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter is a very affordable meter. However, the package does not include test strips. It does include the battery, 10 lancets and a compact carrying case. The strips the machine uses require more blood than previous machines used, but it is not that big of a deal. Overall this little unit is okay for blood sugar metering.
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