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Emed Technology From: SUB-606 To: SUB-612-G24 - SCIg Set, Hexa-Furcated Needle Set with Six Site Dressings

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Emed Technology:
SUB-606 - SUB-612-G24

Prescription MAY BE REQUIRED

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SUB-6066mmBox of 10
SUB-60936"Box of 10
SUB-612-G2412 mmBox of 10
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36" SCIg Set, Hexa-Furcated Needle Set with Six Site Dressings
More Information
Manufacturer Emed Technology
Categories IV Therapy, Condition, Infusion Set, Insulin Pump, Type 1 Diabetes, IV Set
Code SUB-606 - SUB-612-G24
Require Prescription? Yes
Store Diabetics Treatment|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
49 Review
blairbunker Review from
June 2, 2020
I SaY DECAL too Banana-fana fo fina Fee-fi-fo meena DECALA BANANA
Works GREAT, but everybody already knew that. Right? Tis most likely the VERY BEST Decal setting solution out there in the wide WIDE world of plastic MODELING.... Really; NO wait I take that back it IS the BEST Decal setting solution in THE WORLD .... THE UNIVERSE... THE COSMOS because It will solve each and every one of your model decal setting problems without fail; its THAT GOOD!!!! AND.... Micro Sol setting solution is for the most difficult irregular surfaces to be found on models. It completely softens the Microscale Decal, allowing it to drape down onto the surface of the model, conform
nyland1987 Review from
June 8, 2020
First time using this product and first time doing decals on my model trains. Some recommend the micro set for decals but i gotta say i didn't do this. I had some Microscale decals and i placed them on my train by doing the usual water transfer, after that i let it dry and then i lightly brushed Micro Sol on it and let it dry . If your inexperienced do not touch the decals once you brush it on . If your decal moves a little carefully put it back if your not careful it will rip the decal because it is making it very brittle. after its GREAT . Made My Custom Roadnamed Mantua Steam engines look b
heatherchris23h1 Review from
June 22, 2020
Great stuff!
This product works exactly as advertised, You can use it as a two-part procedure with Micro Set, or just apply it alone, Either way, it really makes the decals on your plastic models look perfect - almost as though they were painted on. it allows them to exactly form to the surface contours. It only takes a tiny amount, so a small bottle will last a long time. Be sure to follow the simple directions. Highly recommended.
gozza1812_9 Review from
July 26, 2017
Microscale Micro Set + Micro Sol Decal setting solutions for scale modelling
This stuff is fantastic for the "Painted On" look for decals when finishing your models! If used correctly the Microscale 1-2 method will make your decals look, well, painted on! If your model has irregular surfaces like raised or recessed detail the softening solution will help your decal conform in or around the detail you are applying the decal on! There are other manufacturers of these solutions on the market for sure BUT in my opinion Microscales is THE best! Once you have mastered the technique you won't want to use anything else! For the job it has to do and the excellent finish it enab
brakenoodle Review from
January 20, 2021
The only way to fit decals.
Fixing decals well to a compound curve is impossible without unsightly wrinkling. These products allow the modeller to fix the decals on around awkward curves. It does take practice, delicacy and patience however. It's not super easy, but they work together with modelling skill.
pipsary Review from
February 28, 2020
Great Product
Always thought these products would not really help as seemed to have no real problems with just using water. I was wrong! They really do help and make life easier to apply your decals. The only downside I find is that if you have older kits and decals the solutions make the decals more delicate and can damage easily.
emtman217 Review from
November 23, 2020
Great Product for Modelers
It allows water decals to snuggle down tightly to irregular surfaces and make them look even more realistic. I recommend it for your more decal difficult applications. (Also, you may wish to buy Micro Set, a related product, which I use for most of my decal applications.)
tosenio0 Review from
January 24, 2018
Essential modelling equipment
These two decal solutions have long-since become an essential part of my modelling toolbox. Along with Glosscote and Mattcote these two little bottles help make transfers and decals adhere much more closely to the contours of the model - helping to achieve that elusive professional finish. It does not require much solution to get the job done, making these two last for a very long time. I can recommend this product to both novice and expert alike.
qwerkey-uk Review from
September 23, 2016
Micro-Sol. Great for uneven surfaces.
I used this product on water slide decals that were being applied to a non-flat surface, and the results were superb, with a real "painted on" finish. You need to use it with care though, as being a solvent, it can dissolve the decal if too much is used. Used in light applications one after the other until the desired effect is reaches is the best method rather than applying a heavy amount in one go. Great tool for any model maker's kit.
jaysteel78 Review from
September 6, 2017
Brilliant stuff
This is essential if you're putting waterslide decals on uneven surfaces as it causes the decal to go all stretchy. Just make sure to get the decal in place before applying. Once you've put the solution on and it's wet leave it alone as the decal will be really weak while the solution is working and you may damage it (Like I did with one of them) but if done right the results are amazing, the Mercedes badge on the steering wheel in the photo is on an uneven surface as the badge sticks up from the wheel, but you can see from there how the decal has set around it, and the bit to the left is wher
highlander_62 Review from
April 17, 2017
New modeller
I have just completed my first model in over 20 years and was just using the Microscale Set and it does what it says on the bottle. Now that my decals are on I wanted to see how good Microscale Sol was. After just two applications I can see my decals conforming to the lines and contours on the model. It's as if they were hand painted. I will stick with both of these products due to the outstanding results they have achieved.
daemonic_miniatures Review from
November 24, 2017
Does the job!
Picture is really misleading, the bottles look fairly large, but they're not much bigger than a 12ml dropper bottle of vallejo or similar. Other than that, the product does it's job pretty well ... I've had no issues with decals coming off and they do seem to soften enough to be placed in gaps and crevices and such - Good product if not a little expensive for the size :D
pulsejet10 Review from
February 24, 2021
Micro set and micro sol
These two products are great have used and makes the mask almost invisible at close range but from a small distance they are hard to detect the mask
lawrley-0 Review from
September 3, 2019
Worth having for the serious kit maker
To improve the look of your models use these products on the decals and you will see a difference. The decals will mould themselves to the shape of the model and look very natural. May not have much of an effect on some Japanese kit decals.
chrisboch0 Review from
July 15, 2020
Sol M: a must for model building
If you do model and like to put the decals on them this is a must use ! This solution softens the decal and seemingly melts it into the plastic and once dried looks almost painted.
pendleton-antiques1962 Review from
December 11, 2019
This Decal Set product really works!
I have never used a decal set product before. I followed the directions and it worked out well. It looks like the decal was painted on. I highly recommend it!
ands-776 Review from
April 21, 2020
I have been using Micro Set & Micro Sol for quite a number of years and have yet to find a reason to discontinue doing so. Both are easy to apply and act to enhance the finished model aircraft.
corktip100 Review from
July 19, 2016
Never be without it again!
This stuff is incredible. It turned up quickly, and it does a fantastic job. I always shied away from putting decals in awkward places, now I will embrace every challenge! If you've not tried it, you really should. Highly recommended.
marshall323 Review from
August 28, 2019
Total winner for me
Reading the reviews on this product I was torn between buy or not to buy, but having used it half a dozen times now it works well for me and I dont know how it does it but it seems to melt them and seal them to the model with very little showing around the outside of the decal. Top notch
mhawkes-78 Review from
April 28, 2017
Product works great!
This product works great for helping decals lay down and conform over irregular surfaces. I have used it for years and it does not disappoint. Highly recommended if you want that 'painted on' look to your finished model.
garfeinstei-0 Review from
September 22, 2020
Love the product
Love the product it does a great job with decals and makes the cars look cool or sick. Which ever term you use.
chritorre-503 Review from
March 29, 2020
Works great!! acting!!..
This product makes plastic model decals look like they've been painted on instead of looking like stickers!...after you use this you can see revits & lines better and the lines of the decals blend into the paint to give you a paint on look!! shipping!!..I recommend!!
amaralmodels Review from
October 12, 2020
Micro Sol Setting Solution
Micro Sol setting solution is great stuff for applying decals, especially over compound curves.
holmdigital Review from
June 9, 2020
Great for small delicate decals!
Worked perfectly on small delicate decals. They are all on the model permanently!
dmbpne Review from
February 23, 2021
A must buy
For the painted on look for your model planes. look no further then this stuff
yellowcheck Review from
June 9, 2021
Works great, looks much better after using it.
Works great, does what it says on the t..bottle :-)
welly45 Review from
December 5, 2018
Successful transfers
Just what you need to perfect the art of applying decals/transfers to models. Easy to use with clear instructions, adds the finishing touches to your models.
c_mantle Review from
August 25, 2021
Great product
Brilliant product, works exceptionally well and for a good price.
hardingbentick Review from
December 16, 2020
Great product
Great product leaves decals looking like painted on recommended especially for older decals
hailwood13 Review from
August 12, 2020
Great products
These items enhance models with decals following the contours of a model, like paint.
lbea5241 Review from
August 7, 2019
perfect for that painted on look decals
As a user of this product previously. I can honestly say it is very good and does exactly what it is intended for. .
adrianswall0 Review from
July 16, 2019
Simple and effective.
Did not affect the acrylic painted surfaces (Tamiya) beneath. Very simple and straight forward and very affective.
merus_itvw2tu Review from
January 31, 2018
Works as it should, great product. The decals form around curves, and lines so it looks like it was painted on...and when you clear coat, the decals blend in very well to your paint job.
moorhen66 Review from
March 20, 2017
All you'll ever need for applying transfers
This stuff is pretty much magic, absolutely essential for getting your waterslide transfers to sit flushly on rounded or uneven surfaces, and gives them a nice painted-on appearance
bigrupes95 Review from
May 9, 2019
Microscale Micro set and Sol setting soliution
Ive used this a couple of times and am still experimenting, but it does work, practice makes perfect
soulshroud Review from
February 26, 2018
Bit small
Bottles arrived in good time but were about half the size I expected. You only get a 1fl oz bottle of each product and for 10.99 I would expect more tbh
mmenard402 Review from
October 21, 2021
A must have for modelers
Decal border for that painted look
romealaxed Review from
July 31, 2018
works great.
This product works really great on the new funny cars and top fuel dragsters getting the decals on the rear deck spoiler
ifh777 Review from
June 25, 2020
I already knew it was good stuff
Bought to replenish my supply - I've used these for years
m2uddlesued Review from
March 18, 2020
Good stuff
Far better than other products for placing decals on models
davep00le Review from
March 14, 2017
Great product a must for every serious modeller
Does what it says on the bottle. Helps decals adhere and conform to the model
davep00le Review from
April 4, 2017
A must have for applying waterslide decals
Use microset and microsol for applying waterslide decals for a painted look
jeneese7 Review from
September 19, 2018
Great Product
Great product for applying decals that adhere properly. Easy to use.
scottythebaby Review from
August 15, 2018
great stuff
great stuff a must have for puting decals on your model. worth every penny.
stratsplus Review from
November 8, 2016
Great Product for the DIY
Great aid for adding waterslide decals to guitar headstocks. Thanks!!!!
jalo-8627 Review from
December 8, 2020
Brilliant. A very useful product.
gkwlootfos Review from
August 31, 2017
Decal on wooden surface
Very useful for smoothing out water soluble decal on wooden surface.
bettgaret Review from
September 5, 2018
Great product.
Great product for decals. It does what it's supposed to do.
gnossosp Review from
October 27, 2016
Works Great
This product can make thick decals settle down and conform to irregular surfaces.
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