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Covidien - 1510SA - Blood Needle Disposal System, Pack Includes: 60 Threads & 1 Needle Holder

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Drops needles easily into disposal; container in a true one-handed, one-step needle removal and disposal technique. No need for manipulation of blood needles by disposing of the holder with attached needle into proper container. The autodrop system combined with Point-Of-Use sharps disposal containers.
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Manufacturer Covidien
Categories Sharps Container, Sharps Disposal Container, Condition, Insulin Needles, Needle Disposal, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes
Code 1510SA
Sold By 50 Package / Case
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
50 Review
hdihpnow Review from
September 7, 2021
Good combination supplement
I like that it has many ingredients in one product that I was taking separately. It is slightly expensive, but it is less than buying them separately. I will see if my blood sugars and HGBA1c are staying stable in the next two months. I would recommend trying it. The product arrived a little ahead of time and was sealed well. So far, all the capsules seem to be intact.
Ivan B. Review from
May 28, 2022
Amazing product! Best ingredients to
Amazing product! Best ingredients to keep you lean when having free meal. I personally split doses during a day and would have 2 pills with <50g carbs meals and 4 piils with over 50g of carbs meals. It keeps muscles full around a clock! Stick to this simple instructions and you will see results fast!
Cameron F. Review from
December 25, 2021
Excellent product
Just a great product to have at your disposal. Can definitely feel the benefits during my work outs. I take this pre and post workout. Definitely feel a difference in muscle recovery. When I take it with a high carb meal I dont feel as heavy as I would otherwise, definitely bringing results.
Michael R. Review from
March 17, 2022
Excellent product
There is no other product out there like this one. High quality with noticeable results. I can keep my gains going even when in my cut phase. The only downside is the quality control. The number of pills in a container varies and the pills break easily, spilling all over the container.
Abraham L. Review from
March 11, 2022
This is my personal experience and in no way represents my opinion on the brand, quality of products, or Redcon1 in general. It seems I had some sort of allergic skin reaction to some ingredient in this product, causing me to develop hives throughout my body. I would recommend running allergy sensitivity tests on the ingredients of this product as I am normally susceptible to allergic reactions.
Alex S. Review from
May 9, 2022
It works
This review is being given a little early, but so far so good. I havent been taking the product long. But I do notice a slightly fuller feeling in my muscles and tighter skin. Ease your way into it if youre carb sensitive. I can definitely feel some low blood sugary effects.
M. H. Review from
December 23, 2021
Good Stuff
Good blend of ingredients and sensible instructions. Note this is very high in Biotin. So your hair and nails are gonna get some benefit as well. I paired this with intermittent fasting and took it before each meal at least 4 hours apart. Had some good results.
Paul K. Review from
March 16, 2022
RPG Works!
Ive been taking RPG for a few years now and, although the formula has changed slightly, it still does the job in lowering insulin spikes when eating high carb meals. I actually took RPG about 35 minutes prior to a meal and can feel the drop in insulin just to see if the new formula worked and it certainly does as I had to eat something right way. Its a good way to channel carbs to your muscles.
Eugene G. Review from
February 7, 2021
Works amazing !!! Definite permanent addition to my supplements.
Just started using, but can tell a big difference. I take these before a high carb meal and I dont feel near as bloated. The lethargic feeling I used to get after that meal is gone. Seems to suppress my appetite, but that could be a positive mental side effect from the discipline keeping my goals. Overall great product.
Darren S. Review from
February 14, 2020
As of now, I think the product works exactly as described. The biggest benefit I've found so far when I take RPG with higher carb meals, is I don't feel nearly as bloated afterwards. And I also feel a little kick of energy afterwards as well. So, I fully believe RPG is doing what it is supposed to doing with the carbohydrates; they're being used, instead of just lingering in my gut and turning to fat. I'm not a bodybuilder, nor an elite athlete. I'm just a dad who wants to be healthy for my son and a husband who wants to look good for my wife. So for me, I may not be benefiting from all that R
Jeffery H. Review from
December 29, 2021
Great addition to help with blood sugar diversion
RPG does great for me giving me that additional energy and has helped gain the results I have been working on. The instructions of usage are clear and definitive. Would recommend it to anyone that requires help with their blood sugar and diverting those nutrients.
Johnny D. Review from
June 26, 2020
Who knows at this point...small person dont mean none
Honestly, took about 12-15 days for my order to ship. Love the RedCon1 products, but this is seriously the 2nd time ordering straight from the site where its a blind 50/50 throw whether you receive the product or not. Absolutely no contact update whether its been shipped, youre in the dark. Its sad when you spend a couple hundred bucks of hard earned cash and are seriously wondering if your order is even coming.
Chad B. Review from
September 20, 2021
Love this product. I usually
Love this product. I usually take it with my breakfast and either lunch or dinner. Defiantly see results within a short amount of time. Highly recommend it!!
Andrew K. Review from
February 21, 2020
Pump, pump, pump
I have used total war, total war + big noise, total war with MOAB. All just to get an idea of what works for ne and to mix up my suppliment phases Nothing has given me a better 5am pump than a serving of RPG with cluster bomb after total war. This stuff is on point and not only funnels carbs into your muscles for energy but tell total war to get in on the act. Love the stuff. Added bonus is i take a serve with my morning oats to give then more recovery than fat storage
Russ R. Review from
December 18, 2019
'Tis the season for non-stop eating so I figured I would put all of those extra carbs to good use with a quality GDA. Redcon1's RPG has been working great to stem any fat gain from holiday binging. Who can have Thanksgiving without piles of sweet potatoes and pecan pie? I've noticed significantly less bloating after high carb meals, increased vascularity, and even a bit of a recomp effect! Highly recommend this product.
parker r. Review from
March 24, 2022
First Time
It was my first time trying a supplement like this and I was surprised how well it worked. I used to feel heavy and sluggish after larger carb heavy meal but with taking RPG about halfway through a meal that feeling is no longer there.
Anthony Review from
January 26, 2022
Great carb shuttle tool
Im great nutrient practitioner. Enjoy your sheet and card meals while helping minimise the damage. Helps keep my blood sugar down and muscles full.
Devin H. Review from
October 13, 2018
Awesome multifunctional product
The combination of ingredients synergistically work to help bringing nutrients into your cells. The the action of glucose and nutrients being shuttle into yourselves during a workout increases your pump in the gym. It also helps you lose stubborn body fat on the back end because the carbs that you consume, a good number all those calories are going right into your muscles instead of being stored in your liver and or fat. It also helps with lowering blood sugar.
Barrie B. Review from
November 6, 2019
Im not sure if this
Im not sure if this is a fair rating, the product may work just fine and I did have a great pump combined with clusterbomb/total war, however once the workout was complete I had a lot of stomach pain and needed to use the washroom ASAP. Im not 100% sure RPG was the cause, however after a few days of no longer taking it the side effects are gone. Ive been taking supplements for years and this is really the only new product Ive introduced into my system . Again, maybe this is just me.
Monique S. Review from
January 7, 2022
Great way to stay lean
Great way to stay lean through prep with high carbs. I have used this product during my competition prep multiple times and never left me disappointed.
Richard L. Review from
October 10, 2019
Not enough sample size
This product appears to be working for me. I do not have the sample size needed to confirm or deny its efficacy. I do feel that the muscles are fuller after workouts and taking this product. I have also noticed what appears to be a change in definition and mass. So, overall I would have to lean towards this product working. But again, sample size at this point is too small to verify.
Sean G. Review from
June 27, 2019
First week
I normally don't jump to conclusions about supplements and anabolic products but I have really been enjoying this already. I'm not sure if it is plasebeo effect or not but I have already felt my muscles getting fuller and harder. I have been using three capsules with my post workout meal (I am a smaller guy and the meal is a bit more than 60 carbs) and I have felt less bloated and more pumped! I am going to finish a cycle with it this way and then may try the pre workout method with cluster bomb.
Sheena G. Review from
May 20, 2020
Glucose disposal
I added this to dispose my extra glucose intake and to regulate my blood sugar despite of my cheat meals. This is best when going out for heavy carbs meals, etc. I would suggest to not take this daily, because you this is not intent to lose weight, so there are possible side effects of you take this excessively. It may drop your blood sugar without noticing it. Overall, I loved this product!!!
dennis d. Review from
April 4, 2022
Great product. Really helps if
Great product. Really helps if you compete. Take 30 minutes before going on stage with carbs and you will win.
Juan Y. Review from
September 3, 2021
High Carb limiter?
Pretty good product. I use it when I know I am going to eat high carb meals. One thing that I have noticed is that I get satisfied fairly fast when do eat starchy vegetables.
Austin B. Review from
May 28, 2021
Favorite product
I can see a significant difference between the way I feel after eating and taking RPG than when I do not. Digestion is improved, I feel very little stomach bloat and when taken preworkout I feel like I have more energy from the food I put in. Results are much more impressive than I anticipated.
John D. Review from
December 26, 2021
Cinnamon Burps
Still trying to figure out how effective this product is. That being said, if you take this after food, you might get some pretty heavy cinnamon burps for about an hour or two.
Alexander A. Review from
December 23, 2020
Good stuff!
This was the first glucose partitioning product Id tried and I wasnt sure what to expect but it was killer. I felt less bloated, less filled but still full, gave me good pumps pre workout, and felt better recovery post. 10/10 will buy again
Michael C. Review from
March 2, 2019
This was my first time ordering with Redcon1 and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The pumps I get with this in the gym is crazy. I make sure to have a high carb meal and hour before getting to the gym and I can tell it's doing something. I have only been using it for 2 weeks so far, so we shall see what kind of changes I see in a month. Thanks Redcon1 for the great suplements!!!!
Leanfire69 Review from
October 18, 2018
king carb controller
I take this after a high carb meal . like on Fridays I let myself have either past or pizza and bam no bloat no feeling over full. also seems to distribute it to all the proper places. this will always be in my cabinet. also got my wife to try it she is sold. so guess ill need to be ordering more than one container. this is by far the best in its class !
Caroline F. Review from
April 1, 2020
Honestly surprised
This product has helped me significantly! I was surprised because I already take digestive enzymes, ALA, and a BETA with my meals daily, I added this supplement in twice a day with my big card meals and it helps me digest my food and decreases bloating!! Will definitely purchase again! Highly recommend.
Rebecca D. Review from
September 28, 2018
Love it!
Ive been using this product for about 3 weeks and I absolutely love it so far. I use it with my preworkout carbs as well as my post workout carbs. I get the best pumps in the world! I also had my boyfriend (whos spent years bodybuilding) try it out and he had the same rest results. I also like to use it if I know I will be consuming a large refeed meal. 5 out of 5 would recommend it!
Blessing S. Review from
August 3, 2021
Easy Digestion
This product is great! I feel a big difference in digesting my food, I dont feel bloated or clogged up after eating. Its amazing!
Demyya W. Review from
February 26, 2020
The bomb!
This is my first time trying a product like this and I will probably never use anyone elses!! Been in it for two weeks now and I can already feel the difference. Being in off season right now and carbing it up (heavy) with some cheat meals here and there. I always use it around my training times pre/post ... never fails!
Marcus S. Review from
May 3, 2017
Best Insulin Mimic Ever
I've tryed a couple of different insulin mimics and none work as efficient as RPG. I take 1 serving in the morning 30 min before breakfast and you can actually feel your muscles get fuller. I also take 1 serving 30 min before my pre workout meal and the pumps are absolutely insane especially paired with Total War. Probably the best product in your line up.
Scott M. Review from
March 31, 2021
Great stuff. Definitely helping me
Great stuff. Definitely helping me preserve and even build muscle during my shred cycle! Will buy again!
Samuel K. Review from
March 27, 2021
Not sure if effective.
I dont notice too much of a difference. I have tried higher carb meals with this (100g) and dont feel the usual sluggish feeling afterwards so I guess it helps a little. But that could be all mental.
Stacy E. Review from
December 30, 2021
I love how this product
I love how this product works with my "cheat day" while on prep. I do not feel bloated after the meal and can rest assured I can pick up right where I was before the meal.
Tyler M. Review from
August 25, 2018
High quality product!
I started taking this product last off season also while on prep and also took my blood sugar to make sure it stayed regulated. Come to find out this stuff is so high quality a full serving lowered my blood sugar to much so I had to back down to half a dose. That just shows high great this product is and does what it says it does! Highly recommended!
Jose P. Review from
March 21, 2022
RPG Rocks!
RPG really helps your muscles rebuild their lost proteins and replenish their depleted carbohydrate fuel supply. I recommend it!
Sam L. Review from
December 15, 2021
Great product
Great product. I take pre workout and have pre post and intra carbs (cluster bomb) you can feel it pushing the carbs into the muscles
Marshall M. Review from
January 17, 2020
Great Product!
RPG seems to working like it should! It comes with 60 servings so it will more than likely end up on every other order because the rest of my supplements are about 30 servings! I absolutely love RedCon1s supplements and I feel like I am seeing quicker results over other brands I have used in the past!
Jeremy N. Review from
March 5, 2020
This stuff is killer!
Good stuff...tried this tried that like we all have. Keep coming back to Redcon1 and may not leave again. Great quality supps and this stuff works great especially on them cheat day. Take before eating and you really can feel the difference.
Alexandra D. Review from
December 18, 2019
I take RPG twenty minutes before 2 of my highest carb meals. Personally, I think it lets me take those high carb meals without feeling exhausted after. Also, I think it helps my training a lot. Ive noticed significant improvement since I started.
James M. Review from
November 17, 2017
Great Company, Great Products
I am very pleased with every aspect of Redcon1. Their products are high quality and their staff is courteous. I am currentley taking multiple redcon1 products including RPG. In just 2 months of taking Redcon1 supplements along with hard work , my strength has shot up & I have lost 25 lbs.
Jonathan R. Review from
July 6, 2018
Great product ! Ive been using for about 2-3 weeks now and ive noticed great strength gains and crazy pumps during my workouts ! Awesome product to use during offseason to minimize fat gain! And increase the absorption of all the extra carbs coming in !
Review from
May 6, 2017
I've only taken a few servings of RPG so far, but I can say this: the pumps are absolutely INSANE! Took my first dose with a pre-workout meal -- haven't felt THAT kind of pump since my first serving of Total War! Really excited to see how the partitioning effects muscle development vs. fat storage. Thanks RC1!
Abraham r. Review from
February 10, 2020
Lived up to the hype
I was told about this product a couple of months ago from a friend who was saying you need this product if all you're focusing on is making new muscle cells. After a couple of weeks, I take progression pictures in the morning, I can see the improvements in my body and it is definitely a good product if you keep your lifting program and diet well maintained and disciplined.
Melissa B. Review from
August 2, 2021
Great product! Always use when I have high carby meals. Just wish that they would always have this in stock!
Blaine M. Review from
July 1, 2020
Glucose Disposal
So far im liking this product alot. Im only partially aware of what it does but my body feels alot more alot better taking this product aswell as other Redcon1 products!!