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Clarity Diagnostics - DTG-HCG25 (X6) - Purchase 5 boxes of DTG-HCG25 and get 1 box of HCG25 for Free

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Clarity Diagnostics:
DTG-HCG25 (X6)
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CLARITY HCG Test Strip (Box 25)  "CLIA Waived"


DTG-HCG25 (Box of 25) (X5) + DTG-HCG25 (Box of 25) Free

More Information
Manufacturer Clarity Diagnostics
Categories Lab Equipment, Pregnancy Test, Rapid Tests
Code DTG-HCG25 (X6)
Sold By 5 Boxes + 1
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Acculab Supplies|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
42 Review
DivaWench Review from
June 4, 2021
Great EKG monitor, but needs a carrying case
Due to my non-chronic AFib and having had two previous ablations, my doc suggested using this instead of the app I was using on my phone. I do appreciate that this can be linked to his office and he can get the EKG if necessary. Since receiving I have had one arrhythmia, but it righted itself within a couple hours. I like the app and find it easy to use and user friendly. The only drawback which I took off a star for is that it doesn't come with any kind of carrying case. I realize that this little thing is not terrifically expensive for what it does, but I don't have the kind of money to buy
Anya31 Review from
February 13, 2022
Because of result I went into emergency, Atril Fib
I have been having feeling of exhaustion for many years. Doctors couldn't find anything. I recently purchased the KardiaMobile and had serious exhaustion issues on 1/31/22 and 2/1/22. Told my doctor and triage nurse. They had me come in for an EKG and to see the doctor on 2/4/22. Everything was normal, especially since I wasn't having and issue. My doctor ordered an Echocardiogram to ben done at the hospital on the 16th and set up to wear an extended heart monitor on the 21st. Well on 2/10 I had another serious issue, 157 BPM according to KardiaMbile. It faded away, it seemed. Then on 2/11 it
Review from
February 23, 2022
So handy and simple to use. Immediate results.
I have both the KardiaMobile (Single-Lead) and KardiaMobile 6L (6-Lead). I keep the 6L at home and the KardiaMobile in my desk at work. Both devices give me the same nature of results; I can't tell whether the 6L is more accurate or more sensitive, they both seem to detect the same kinds of irrythmias. The KardiaMobile is easy to use at work, it just takes a few seconds, using two fingers, at your desk. The KardiaMobile came with a felt carrying case with magnetic closure, included in the box. At first I didn't quite understand how the KardiaMobile works, it doesn't use bluetooth it uses some
Review from
August 13, 2021
Kardia Mobile, my opinion and suggestions
The KardiaMobile device works as advertised and is a good tool for those with Atrial fibrillation and the need for monitoring. The device must be in immediate proximity to the cellphone having the Kardia app and fingertips must be somewhat moist for proper contact. I think that a few more abnormal rhythm options, like PVCs, should be included for free and one should not have to pay a monthly fee to add them on. But it can be on a monthly basis and canceled once no longer needed. The small accessory, semi-rigid sleeve is fairly protective, and works just OK. It is very overpriced in my opinion
Review from
March 8, 2021
A Fix for Android Compatibility Issues
I think that found a fix for the Android compatibility issues. Apparently, KardiaMobile uses ultrasonic waves to communicate with the smartphone through the smartphone's microphone. So, I downloaded the SoniControl app from the Android play store and ran the AliveCor app, WHILE the SoniControl firewall was running at the same time. What that firewall does is, it apparently stops Android from blocking those signals. New versions of Android seem to block ultrasonic signals by default. Perfect little device otherwise. Just be aware of privacy and security issues with using SoniControl. I recommen
PJinTexas Review from
February 7, 2022
Some great stuff, however...
I only bought this a few days ago and already I'm pleased. I like how it works, how simple it is to use, how small it is (I've ordered a case for it so it won't be lost), and how I can see the results instantly. I have an apple watch and this, I think adds additional peace of mind. However, two things. 1) While the app does sync with Apple Health Kit, it doesn't sync with the blood pressure readings, that I must take several times a day. It has space for me to add the info, but I would rather it added it itself, because it already adds the EKG readings from the apple watch, so I'm confused why
JustAgirl Review from
Best Buy
November 14, 2021
It worked for me
First if you have a concern about your heart racing or pounding, get off the internet, call 911 and get to your nearest hospital!! If you are still here, then maybe you only have a mild concern. In short, Kardia is as good as the positive reviews say!! I bought it in store, installed the App and was able to use it right away. I did not pay for any extra subscriptions so I cant say anything about those. I will say that my heart was periodically racing, pounding (I did not think it was that serious.) It was mainly in the evening when the doctors office is closed. I looked at reviews, bought it,
Richard Review from
March 7, 2021
Save my boss' life
I am a friend of a 99-year-old and I am caring for him 24/7 at his home. He saw an ad on TV a few months ago for the KardiaMobile device and we purchased it. Over time I could see his heart rate becoming more erratic and even stopping for a minute after he climbed his stairs to his room. This past month he started getting dizzy spells and collapsing at his dentist's office and at his dermatologist's surgical room. At first I thought it was due to anxiety but four days ago he was dizzy and fatigued when he woke up in the morning. His KardiaMobile show a very rapid prolonged heartbeat that was g
NeeceK Review from
July 10, 2021
Saved My Life
I was having panic attacks which I thought was a heart problem. Had full tests done at my Cardiologist including wearing a very high tech new heart monitor/patch for a month. We were not able to capture my episodes during the monitoring because I didnt have one during that time. Cardiologist gave me all clear and said my heart was fine. I wasnt convinced. It just didnt feel right. So I bought the Kardia Mobile device just to give myself peace of mind. I captured many episodes on my device that read as AFib. I sent the reports to the Kardia Mobile cardiologist who confirmed I was having AFib. I
PaulM Review from
Best Buy
April 3, 2021
When you install the app, it requests permission to use the microphone in your tablet/phone. I believe the link is audio. My EKG monitor worked out of the box. As signal strength weakened, I replaced the cr2016 battery. Signal strength was strong but ALL recordings were "unreadable". I found that with a new battery and strong signal, the monitor HAD to be a minimum of eighteen inches away from the tablet/phone. Then it worked fine again. Understand that this is the less expensive model, that works with two finger contacts. The other model includes a bottom contact for your left knee in additio
Review from
May 2, 2021
Atrial Flutter
I am a physician and recently converted to atrial flutter. I spoke with a tech at AliveCore. The EKG cannot discern flutter from normal sinus rhythm but will pick up fibrillation. I am satisfied with that honest answer and purchased the device for post atrial flutter to NSR( normal sinus rhythm) and documenting it. It's worth the $ and peace of mind and I am impressed that the techs are available 7 days a week. I would recommend googling a normal EKG and looking at atrial flutter/fibrillation and the difference between the two, for your own edification.It's not a perfect EKG but is always at y
JohnH Review from
Best Buy
December 25, 2021
Cardiologist recommendation
I have been using the KardiaMobile Personal EKG Monitor since mid-2020 after my Cardiologist recommended it. He keeps one on the back of his phone and his ARPN has a smartwatch which is built on the same analysis platform. It is not a substitute for an office EKG, but it is easy, fast and accurate way to detect irregularities in your heart rhythm. Most people will be satisfied with the free KardiaCare account. It will also allow for guest readings. One caveat: Look at the list of supported devices. It does not work with my Moto G Stylus, so I use it with my Samsung tablet and an older Moto G p
BiomedPICU Review from
Best Buy
June 26, 2021
Good start
Really pretty good - actually, I should say quite good. Don't get it unless you are ready to use it properly, not try and be a cardiologist, or be frightened at what you see. Ok - that's just how it went for me. I didn't want to find out I had heart disease, and had to grow up. But, I'm in health care, so it was easier to read about my disease. This device is i bit small/unstably on your stomach, and you must have moist fingers or the device never finds "baseline". The mfg must be nuts not giving you some way to steady your fingers, phone and device, and moist fingers. I'm in the trade, so pat
Rich Review from
Best Buy
December 31, 2021
A must have for anyone suffering occasional AFib
This device is a lifesaver! 8 days after purchasing it, I was feeling awful and suspected I may have gone into AFib like I did once before. KardiaMobile confirmed it and told me that my heart rate was 204, so I went to the ER and got admitted. It is highly accurate and agreed perfectly with my heart monitor in the hospital. The one negative is it uses some weird ultrasonic method of communicating with your cell phone and it not compatible with my Moto G Stylus cellphone. I wish it used bluetooth like most other devices. It works with my work iPhone and my wife's Google Pixel cellphone, but it'
AJ Review from
December 7, 2021
Kardia Mobile Works Great
I suffer from occasional Afib that has been fairly well controlled with Metoprolol for the last couple of years. But the Afib incidents have begun to increase over time and I was beginning to worry about them. My cardiologist suggested Kardia Mobile and it seems to be working very well. I have a new Samsung Galaxy 21+ and it is not yet listed as a compatible device with Kardia Mobile since they have not had time to test it out yet. However the Kardia Mobile device seems work just fine with it after I downloaded the Android app. Kardia Mobile is quick and easy to use and seems accurate. When yo
Marcia B Review from
June 26, 2021
Mine is still going after 5 years!
I bought my Kardiamobile five years ago at the suggestion of my cardiologist when I developed atrial fibrillation. I have used it multiple times a day through these years of heart rhythm problems. It has worked for five years with a few battery changes. Id love it! It has never malfunctioned! I have used it on friends, and one friend credits this device for getting him to a cardiologist and saving his life.I have not paid anything but the original price and do not feel pressured to spend any money while using it. It generates reports I can take to my doctor. I highly recommend this!!
planner13 Review from
Best Buy
January 12, 2021
Super easy, reassuring device
On the advice of my primary care physician (PCP), I purchased this device to be able to monitor myself for incidences of atrial fibrillation. It could not have been easier to set up and to use. Because my phone is 3 yrs old, before purchasing, I checked the AliveCor website to verify that my Android Samsung is compatible. I had no difficulty downloading the App. Getting readings of my heart rate and EKG was simple--it takes only 30 seconds. After saving the results to my phone, I can email them to my PCP. My cardiologist viewed the saved results at my next appointment, which was useful to conf
Anne Review from
Best Buy
June 1, 2021
Easy and great product.
Love this product! I have the blood pressure machine that belongs to the same name as this product. And also stores its information with the same app. That is actually how I found this product. I decided to give it a try. I sometimes have a heartbeat that skips and wanted to keep an eye on it. This product is pretty easy to use. And has the option to have it sent over to your doctor. It can help categorize what your irregular heart beat is in terms of if its super serious where you need to get to the emergency room or if its undetermined. Both my husband and I use it.
Daniel Review from
December 8, 2020
Incredible Technology
I purchased the KardiaMobile two weeks ago. I have persistent AFib most of the time, with occasional periods when I am out of AFib, although I am unable to detect when in AFib. The technology of this device is incredible. AliveCor could not say if it was compatible with my LG model G7 ThinQ phone because they had not tested the device with that specific phone. Regardless, I purchased the device and it is compatible with my phone as well as with my wife's IPhone. The device is easy to set up, and fast and easy to operate. The results compare favorably with results from EKG in cardiologist offic
Elliern Review from
August 27, 2021
Works Great
I have only had this device a short time. The delivery was fast. It was recommended to me by my cardiologist. I used it a few times and sent my results to my doctor as soon as I got it to be sure it was working correctly. She received it as soon as I sent it. Since then, I had a few episodes of irregular heartbeat and some fluttering. I sent the results and she read them and assured me there was no indication of serious heart problems. I also like that I can keep the strip in PDF format for future reference. I have had irregular heartbeat for many years. At least I know the device works.
Walter N Review from
June 27, 2021
Great idea, improvements needed.
Product is a great idea, but the electrode piece is too small to comfortably just sit and place your fingers on, and too easily moved to interfere with getting a good ekg. I have a prosthetic aortic valve and Ive yet to get a good ekg from it since purchase. All I get is that my readings have too much electrical interference no matter where I sit to do This. The idea was to purchase this device and use it to create EKGs and send them to my cardiologist on a weekly basis, but with no readable ekgs that all went out the window. My advice is stay away from this device until they improve the size
Njs757 Review from
February 21, 2022
Saved my life
I can say that kardia saved my life. My cardiologist recommended it, because I was having palpitations in my heart that could not be explained, all the tests were performed did not show any problems, but I was not having the palpitations at the test time. When I purchased kardia, I was able to test myself at the very moment of the palpitations, and guess what, I have a heart condition, now I can take better care of myself, and the doctor prescribed a medication that will help me live longer. Without kardia I would have not been able to know and the condition could have killed me. Thank you ali
Suzanna Christine Review from
October 7, 2021
This saved my dads LIFE! Thank you!
Definitely saved my fathers life. He would not be here without this product . Thank you!!!!I recommend KardiaMobile to anyone who thinks they may have the slightest heart issue. Its a FANTASTIC way to not only monitor issues, but also provide information to a Dr, hospital , or family almost instantly. Again I would like to impress upon anyone reading this : MY DAD WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY WITHOUT KARDIAMOBILE! Thank you for making a product with such awesome technology! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Denise Review from
May 11, 2020
Worth every dime
I began having heart palpitations, wore a monitor, was recommended to see a cardiologist who didn't think there was a problem. My husband got me a Kardia and suddenly I was able to record an episode myself. I was able to record my pulse increase to 220 bpm and see the irregularities as my rhythm changed from tachycardia to possible atrial fibrillation. After a trip to the emergency room my doctor decided that I did have atrial fibrillation and ordered a stress test. She has been able to adjust medication because I have documentation. I went to the office for a 12 lead ekg Friday morning which
KeepingMyKardioMobile Review from
Best Buy
July 16, 2021
Peace of Mind with Kardio Mobile
I am really happy with this KardiaMobile. I had an implanted heart monitor for 13 months and did not feel comfortable keeping it in for another 3 years as recommended after my heart ablation surgery which so far has been successful-I have not had any worrisome episodes for afib and since this loop recorder (Heart Implant) monitor migrated more to my breast area-I did not want to keep it in since I had abnormal mammograms in the past. So far I have been checking my own heart with this less invasive device which is easy to use. I check 2x a day and feel so relieved that I have had no more episod
Debbie D. Review from
July 4, 2021
This product is a great way to capture an on the spot EKG when you are having symptoms and your doctor office is closed. I wish this was around when my sister was going through A/F. Her symptoms only happened away from any instant recordings. It took over a year and a half before she was lucky enough to be right in the doctors office for them to catch it on their EKG machine. Their was nothing they could do for her until they saw it. Thank you for having this easy to use product. Now when Im having a problem I can not only record it, I can send it to my Doctor so he can see it. If nothing else
NurseMedic Review from
Best Buy
February 20, 2021
Good quality for being in your pocket
I am a Paramedic and a Critical Care nurse and have been looking at ECG strips for 24 years. When my husband had been having palpitations a Cardiologist I respected suggested the pocket ECG device. At the time diet adjustments seemed to correct the problem. Fast forward 4 years and my sister in law is having concerns. So I saw this on the shelf at Best Buy and made a spontaneous purchase. The set up was simple and the only hiccup was figuring out where to place the device in relation to phone and fingers on the device to obtain the best tracing. It's not 12-lead or hospital grade, but for bein
Malagua Review from
November 15, 2021
Very Sensitive Device
I have had two of these. Both are very sensitive and it takes me up to 6 or 7 times to get a good tracing. Problems with signal, interference and so on. I've got dry hands and that can be problematic. I've talked to tech support (emails) and done everything they ask but nothing is better. Also changed settings. ANYWAY. It does work. It just takes multiple attempts most times for me to get an EKG. Rated very good so when I do get a good tracing I feel pretty confident. Thanks !
Frank Review from
May 22, 2021
Good device with tolerable flaws.
Kardia mobile lasted 2 years and then had to be replaced. Along the way it killed a couple batteries but gave no battery alert other than starting to function erratically. It won't work unless I turn off my hearing aids. In spite of these issues, I am pleased with the information it provides (most of the time). Occasionally it can't record an ECG due to interference - I've never been able to identify the source of said interference. My cardiologist was pleased with the reports - although the backup cardiologist at the VA was simply confused by the monthly report.
Paula Review from
May 2, 2021
Great Device !
My doctor recommended the Kardia Mobile EKG device. I was reluctant to purchase it because I was afraid it would be too expensive and too complicated to use. I was wrong on both counts. The device is reasonably priced considering the valuable information it provides PLUS it is super simple to use and tiny enough to fit in a pocket or purse. This is a great device....especially when you consider how much it would cost to visit a cardiologist and have an in office EKG done. It also stores your results so you can have them with you at your next doctor visit.
Abigail Review from
Best Buy
February 20, 2021
Excellent device; EASY to set up and use.
Excellent device! E A S Y to use, no training or instructions needed. None! Anybody can do it. Really! download the app to your phone, sit down comfortably and put the device and phone side-by-side, put 2 fingers from each hand on the silver pads, wait....BINGO!! This device will tell you whether your heartbeat is in rhythm or whether you are in A-Fib. IT WILL NOT DETECT HEART ATTACK. You can "join" and have benefit of a doctor's opinion, etc., or still use it free without joining. In addition, it is very small.... maybe 3 1/2" long and 1/4" thick, and so it will fit easily into your purse or
T Review from
December 5, 2021
Simple setup and use, however....
Product is easy to set up and use. Once set up it will record basic 30-second EKGs that you can save and store as you choose. It will detect some types of arrhythmia for the purchase price, but to get access to more types you need to pay a subscription. Could you imagine a doctor telling you that they've listened to your heart and will tell you part of their assessment, but to get their entire assessment you'll have to pay an additional monthly subscription? Unbelievable! Capitalism without compassion, I guess. I think that's lame!
Brooke Review from
February 7, 2021
Needs better protection
It's a great product - however, it keeps not working when I want it to. My heart beat was acting up the other day, and I immediately went to the KardiaMobile to measure my EKG to send to my cardiologist, and it kept not reading my heartbeat. It said there was no signal, however, the device was right next to my phone, not near any phone charger or anything (apparently that affects the signal). It has happened a few times. There also is nothing to protect the device. There is a clip that sticks to your phone, but there is no hard case around it to protect it. So if it is bouncing around in my pu
ArsennTiger Review from
Best Buy
March 6, 2021
Easy and light device for some peace of mind.
Very easy to work with and doesn't require a bluetooth or wireless connnection to function. It uses the phone's microphone instead. Only real "downside" to this is it does need to be in close proximity to the phone for detection and NFC must be turned off. It does have a monthly for a free "diagnosis" of EKG results once every 90 days. But if you're just looking to monitor your own results and send them on to your doctor, it allows for a PDF to be saved to the phone and forwarded on. It even allows for guest usage so it doesn't add to your personal stored results.
Jan Review from
May 6, 2020
Diagnosed self
I am a retired ER RN and kept flipping into an unknown very rapid arrhythmia that never got caught on clinic EKGs in doctor visits. I figured it was probably a PAT but too rapid to count. I bought your 6L Alivecor Portable EKG unit and SO easy to use and I can read EKGs. I did a baseline and it was a Regular sinus rhythm at rate of 58 which is normal for me. . One Saturday night ( so a weekend) I flipped into the weird arrhythmia and quickly got an EKG and it was A-Fib at rapid capture rate of 132 to 150. It lasted 5 hours. I called snd sent both normal and abnormal EKGs to my cardiologist on
Thomas Review from
May 30, 2021
Good quality product
The device was easy to pair with my phone instructions were uncomplicated. The EKG rhythm strip was clear and understandable. Personally I dont wThe device was easy to pair with my phone instructions were uncomplicated. The EKG rhythm strip was clear and understandable. Personally I dont wish to mount it to the back of my phone, I would like to see a separate carrying case for the device. Otherwise I think its A good product and reasonably priced.
Ed Review from
January 10, 2021
KardiaMobile Device
Simple to use and provides an adequate 30 second single lead EKG. I found at times that I have some trouble getting good contact with the sensors or a good signal to my phone. Repositioning away from the computer desk with a little moisture and pressure helps. I have always managed to get a readable EKG. I purchased this on the advice of a cardiologist to monitor PVCs which I have occasionally. I wish there was an option to capture longer than 30 seconds. You can always run another 30 second strip. So far I have not captured any PVCs. All EKGs I have taken so far interpret as normal which the
Kim Review from
April 20, 2020
Great Product!
For years I was having brief episodes of fast heart rates 2-3 times a year. I would tell my doctor but there wasn't much he could do as the EKG didn't show anything out of normal. When I had four episodes in four months and was able to capture beats per minute on my blood pressure monitor (up to 170!), he put me on a heart monitor for a month, but of course because of the sporadic nature it didn't catch anything. Last year, my husband saw Kardia Mobile on TV and bought it for me as a Christmas gift. It was the best gift. I was able to catch an episode on the Kardia Mobile which the Cardiologis
Joe Review from
January 27, 2022
I dont want to stand out.
Works beautifully and simply with my phone-very intuitive. Getting copies of ekgs to professionals is not so user friendly. My cardiologist recommended your product but unfortunately getting him copies is anything but straightforward-he has no work email so a couple of additional goofy steps are needed to get him involved. Nothing in your information/instructions prepared me for navigating with that missing piece. Also the instructions for your monthly plan are lacking/confusing After almost 2 weeks using your product, Im still not sure what to do, what options are available or if its worth th
Joat90066 Review from
October 30, 2020
Great when it works
We have had Kardia and do the 6 lead when it works. I have to move all electronics from the table where I set my phone to capture the blue tooth record. I put Kardia unit on my knee right under the phone, and even then often the bottom does not connect. No lotion on my knee. So frustrating. If it is a battery, once a day for about 2 month should not wear out the battery. By the way, we went through our doctor and paid 175 for this unit. Not the 90 advertised here. Sometimes when the 6 doesnt work, we drop back to the 2 lead. Also,, doctor says the notices that say irregular recording actually
flyyuma Review from
Best Buy
January 11, 2022
Doesn't work for me!
I am kind of in the middle on this one. I should probably give it 5 stars. It's works with other family members and friends. For my reading always says "Recording is unreadable due to interference". I even paid the $9 a moth or extras and it just doesn't work for me. Every one else that tries it seems to get a good reading. Unfortunately I had to leave town for family emergency and got back after the return date. So I am stuck with a product that doesn't work.
dacklink Review from
Best Buy
November 13, 2021
Simple, Small, and easy to use.
I bought this EKG monitor for my mom and the first one I received came empty with AAA batteries in it, it required me to go back to Bestbuy and swap it out. However, the second one I received worked great, it was small and easy to use. It has all the information for the doctor to decipher for you to make sure you are healthy. It's not something to rely on out, but it does give peace of mind for certain health conditions. I'm giving it a 4 stars mainly because sometimes it will spit out randomly out of range data, but the solution to that is to test multiple times.
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