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Clarity Diagnostics - CLA-HBS100 - Hbcheck Hb Cass

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Clarity Diagnostics:
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Hbcheck Hb Cass 100/BX - HBcheck Hemoglobin Strips Clia Waived 10 Strips/Vial 10 Vial=Box 12Bx/Cs
More Information
Manufacturer Clarity Diagnostics
Categories Hemoglobin Meter Parts, Lab Equipment Parts, Test Cartridge
Code CLA-HBS100
Sold By Box of 100
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
37 Review
ClownMonkey Review from
Best Buy
October 25, 2021
Perfect for Visually, Hearing or Memory Impaired!
I bought the Clarity P300 Amplified Corded Photo Phone as a recommendation from a friend in an assisted living facility. I bought it as a gift for my father-in-law who has hearing loss, difficulty seeing and dementia. This is the perfect solution! The buttons are LARGE! The photo buttons take a bit of time and patience to get the pictures to the right size. However, the results make it worthwhile. He can now connect with family and friends, and he only has to touch their face. The notification light at the bottom of the phone and the amplified ringer gets his attention. When he answers the pho
jlwether Review from
Home Depot
January 12, 2021
This is the second one-button-call phone we purchased for an elderly relative wi
This is the second one-button-call phone we purchased for an elderly relative with macular degeneration and moderate hearing impairment. The first model didn't work (we couldn't get a dial tone). Probably just a lemon but we decided to try a whole new model because we didn't want anything potentially unreliable. This one has been great. We plugged the various cords into the right places and programmed it but couldn't set it up in her home due to Covid. All she did was take it out of the box and plug it into the jack and it has been working fine. It gives her great comfort to know that she can
Audiovisualcomputerguy Review from
June 12, 2020
Works OK, easy to program, handset is loud enough,
Like others, I bought this for Mom. In the past year I've bought her 2 smart phones (couldn't use either one, but that's what she wanted); a flip phone (could not tell you how many people tried to teach her how to use it. I even printed special instructions with pictures and arrows); a plug-in-the-wall phone (it won't answer. Foreign people are on it. It hasn't worked in over a week. Of course we talk to her every day.) So we bought this phone with the programmable buttons - it was easy to program, big white on black numbers if she has to dial a number, and ringer is plenty loud. This is only
Amanda Review from
July 15, 2020
Good purchase
I purchased this phone for my elderly grandmother who is partially deaf and has had several recent falls and suffered injuries which caused her to be disoriented. My hope is that if she falls again or becomes disoriented, she can easily recognize and call her family by photos. So far, she enjoys the photo speed dial. She is slightly bothered by the feedback she gets from than handset but says the ability to hear the caller is worth it. The only real complaint is that this model doesn't have caller ID. I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble remembering phone numbers or trouble hearing
Bf Review from
Home Depot
December 12, 2020
bought this phone because my special needs brother had to have access to call 91
bought this phone because my special needs brother had to have access to call 911. He would not be able to use my cell. the numbers are big so he can plainly see them. Loud enough to hear. I do not use it for any other reason. We practice so it is familiar. The voice carrier I use will automatically send the 911 operator his location.
Ok Review from
Home Depot
December 14, 2020
The phone will not hold stored numbers if its been...
The phone will not hold stored numbers if its been disconnected for a few days. Great tech support for any problems. This phone was for my 94 year old mother,and she can finally hear a conversation on the phone. She does have a problem hearing the phone when it rings but it does have the flashing red light when a call is coming in. Overall its a good product.
Rockin Rog Review from
March 20, 2015
Mom Had Tears And A Smile!
Honestly, there's no way I can say anything bad about this phone after seeing my moms eyes welling up with tears and her smiling as she recieved her first call and could finally hear the person talking! How could there be anything wrong with the phone even if it's small...For the price we paid also it's totally not right to say anything bad... Overall the phone should please everyone that is desperately in need of a clear conversation and a pretty loud ring tone. It delivers in these areas above par. Actually when I tried the phone I was relieved to find that sound was very precise and no back
Tony Review from
Home Depot
April 15, 2020
The phone is good for elderly people who have trouble seeing and/or hearing. How
The phone is good for elderly people who have trouble seeing and/or hearing. However, the volume boost and clarity controls actually make the phone SO loud that sometimes it causes interference noise on the phone. The large buttons and programmable part of the phone are great.
Grampadicky Review from
Best Buy
October 18, 2021
A Must For People With Vision Problems!
Great phone for people who need larger print. Works as well as expected. The only negative is the plastic piece which covers the photos ( pictures ) keeps falling off. Now we leave it off and just push on the photo.
Mom’s assistant Review from
November 1, 2021
Putting 9 in front of phone number
My mother lives in a retirement residence that requires the number 9 be pressed prior to the required phone number. Ive tried to program the phone with numbers including the 9 and it wont save the numbers. It works perfectly when entering a number without the 9.
Shelly Review from
March 15, 2019
Clarity P300 amplified phone.
This phone is perfect for my 88 year old hearing impaired father. He does not see well so I printed names in bold black instead of pictures. I colored the background yellow for my name so he remembers who to call first if he needs non medical assistance. The ringer and the earpeice can be turned up loud. I had a problem with my dad leaving the phone off the hook. This phone has a bright red light so he can tell the phone is not completely in the cradle. I am happy enough that i am purchasing a 2nd phone to place in another room.
VLC Review from
April 24, 2019
Very Nice, but Ringer is Not Loud Enough.
I guess it's a good phone for most people. It looks great. The problem is that we bought it for my father-in-law, who is 92 years old and hard of hearing. The ringer was supposed to be loud enough for him to hear it. He can only hear this phone while standing in the same room that it's in, which is the kitchen. He can't hear it at all in the living room. My father-in-law could hear his old phone in his living room. The ringer on this phone would probably be loud enough for most people, just not for my father-in-law.
GIna Review from
Home Depot
December 7, 2016
We purchased this for an elderly family member who has been declining in cogniti
We purchased this for an elderly family member who has been declining in cognitive skills. She was finding it difficult to phone us from her nursing home, and it wasn't always easy for her to see the buttons, either. With photos of our family members in the speed-dial spots, she has enjoyed calling us. She dialed everybody on the list, and left the most adorable voice mails for the ones who didn't pick up about how excited she was to get her new phone and try it out! When she got to my number, she thanked me up and down for this phone, and that she could reach out to people again. That meant j
Nancy Review from
September 10, 2020
Perfect for my 93 year old mother!
This was just what my 93 year old mother needed. Although she liked the portability of her cell phone, her decline in her hearing made it impossible for her to rely on the cell phone anymore. Sound and quality is good. And it is nice that she has her family on speed dial with buttons that have our pictures on them.
ScootandUkeDude Review from
January 6, 2013
Great for both hearing and sight impaired, but...
This is a nice phone that is quite easy to use for both the hearing and sight impaired user, especially if they are getting up in the years. The picture buttons were our main reason for the purchase as the intended user is also in the early stages of age related dementia. On many similar phones you first have to push a speed dial button before you depress the picture, on this one not so, you simply touch the picture of the person you wish to speak to and it dials the number. It can get nice and loud if you turn it all the way up, and the ringer sound is loud and adjustable too. I really liked
Linda Review from
February 16, 2016
Excellent Product
This phone is exactly what my elderly father needed. He is very hard of hearing, and has days when he gets confused - but with this phone, all he has to do is push 1 button to reach me, and he can HEAR me. The Boost button is a great function. It was easy to program the phone numbers. I am in my 60's and not technical at all, but the directions were only a few steps and easy to understand. The phone also rings loudly and has a flashing light, and it has been wonderful having him answer the phone, instead of me sitting on the other end listening to it ring and ring, worrying that something was
bmp111 Review from
Best Buy
February 17, 2021
Handy phone for senior parent
Phone is good for what it's intended, but there is always a clicking sound on the line when we use it. My mom is able to call us when she needs us, though, without having to dial the number, so it is handy. Took me several attempts to print out the right sized pictures to fit into the speed dial buttons.
Catmom Review from
Home Depot
June 10, 2021
My mother has a lot of trouble seeing and cannot...
My mother has a lot of trouble seeing and cannot use a regular phone. I got this phone for her and she can use it and make her own phone calls again now. She likes it and she is happy to have it.
Daryl Review from
October 17, 2016
Serves the purpose but could be improved
The phones works as advertised however could be better . The buttons for picture dial could be actual raised buttons . Instead there is a cheap thin plastic overlay that went missing in a week .... The ringer volume could be louder . The hand set volume is fine but if you need the " boost " button , the senior or visually disadvantaged person could randomly be fumbling for buttons and mess things up . Other than these things it's pretty simple and straight forward .
TJ Review from
December 16, 2018
Clarity 300 memory picture amplified phone
I was looking for a phone for our elderly father who has trouble using key pads because of hand tremors and is hard of hearing. This phone fit the bill and was a big hit. He is able to make calls to his family with just one touch of a button, and the sound is great too! Crystal clear! We are very pleased and have since recommended to others with elderly family members.
Maggie Review from
April 22, 2017
Mostly Satisfied
We got this phone for my mom who is mostly deaf even with her hearing aids. She's able to hear everything while keeping her hearing aids in which is very important as we don't want her to be taking them out and then forgetting to put them back in. The direct dial is really helpful as Mom has the onset of dementia and sometimes has trouble remembering how to dial. The one thing I wish it had was call and date and time display. The older Mom gets, the harder it is for her to keep track of these things. Over all I give it a good rating.
cmor9499 Review from
January 29, 2015
This phone is perfect for elderly with vision and memory problems.
This phone is wonderful. I got it for my 85 year old mother who has beginning Alzheimer's and is almost blind with macular degeneration. She was struggling with the Clarity talking phone - after using it for years it is awesome however she and could no longer remember the sequence to use even pre-set buttons for dialing no matter how I made giant diagrams. We used COLORS with this phone instead of pictures for her and she has gotten her freedom back she says! She can now reach out to me and my sisters with no problem = we each have our own color assigned and she just LOVES this phone! Clarity
Best Buy
September 28, 2017
Great Phone for My Grandmother
I bought this phone for my 97 year old grandmother and boy am I glad I did. She was able to call the family members with out any trouble of remembering any phone numbers or losing her list but when she fell and was found by her pastor he went to that phone and was able call family without having to worry about what the phone numbers were. He was just able to hit the picture (in my grandmothers words, punch us in the face, ha ha) and get a hold of us. I am very thankful that a phone was created for someone like her. The cost of this phone was a great deal as well.
Review from
Home Depot
February 7, 2017
Happy senior
I bought this phone from my mother who is 96 years old. She could not dial complicated numbers, so I bought this programmable buttonphone. It has enabled her to just push one button in order to reach her loved ones & Friends. We had just moved her into assisted living, which required dialing #9 before each phone call. The programmable buttons allowed me to actually have the 9 in there already! Now she doesn't have to remember to do that either, hooray!
guinnyk Review from
August 3, 2014
Good but has flaws
Phone sound was good (with adjustable volumes). Photo placement availability is great option. Big buttons good for the elderly who have a hard time focusing on one small button with their fingers. Down side was as soon as phone was removed from the box and the sliding buttons at the bottom of the phone were adjusted the caps fell off. Sliding toggle could still be used without top caps but I ended up super-gluing them both on. I do not know how long that will hold up. Overall it works good for now (have had for 2 weeks but usage on phone is small). s
Rach Review from
Best Buy
January 15, 2022
Very good for my father. He is able to hear the conversation with ease. However the only thing if he pulls the phone from the ear there is an echo.
noah Review from
Best Buy
June 14, 2020
Good phone for elderly
Easy to program and being able to use pictures is great. Sound is excellent. Howe ver, wish it were not as light weight as it is...any slight pull and it moves. Good phone for the money.
MorwensCat Review from
January 16, 2012
I did not have any trouble programming numbers into this phone but I do agree that a way to review the programmed numbers would be helpful. Short of using the speed dial buttons there is no way to confirm that the number has been entered correctly and accepted. I did not have any problem adding photos. I used double sided tape to stick the photos to the template that comes on the phone. The photos are a bit small for an elderly person, although I do not see how you could make the spaces bigger, so I ended up changing the photos out for first names. I bought this for my mother, who has dementia
Apptec Review from
September 5, 2011
Great phone for seniors.
Works great... volume boost button makes it easy to adjust to very loud when needed. The picture buttons for speed dial keys is a great idea, and work great... you just print out some small pictures and scotch tape them in place under the clear plastic button cover... then just tell the senior to "press the face" of the person you want to dial. My parents are in assisted living, and they tried a cell phone, but it wasn't loud enough, and was hard to understand how to press the right sequence of buttons for programmed speed dials, and which buttons to press to answer or hang up. So this phone m
Auntie Mickey Review from
May 22, 2009
Perfect Phone for Elderly.
I purchased this phone for my 85yr old Mother, who is hard of hearing. She can not wear hearing aids while on the phone, and often, leaves them off due to comfort. This phone has been more than a blessing for her! The volumn control and the amplification button do work, and they don't add noise to the conversation. Mom was thrilled with the amplification feature! The next best thing, was the fact she can have names on the speed dial number! I can't tell you how many wrong numbers have been dialed before this phone! We used white paper with large printed names, no photos, so she could really se
Review from
Home Depot
September 27, 2016
Good product for people with difficulty hearing and seeing.
Bought this for my 94 year old mother-in-law. With hearing aids, she still has problems with hearing the phone. The large buttons help her see to dial and the picture inserts for programmed dialing are great. She also has trouble seeing. (Nearly blind.) She is enjoying the new phone.
Stepmom Review from
Best Buy
June 13, 2020
Great amplified sound!
So perfect for thosevwith compromised hearing and or seeing! Children can now again call and talk to their parent! Wonderful boost to quality of life!
Sharon Review from
May 4, 2019
Useful features but needs speaker phone
No speaker phone. Bought two similar phones From my memory impaired mother and felt that the speakerphone was enough of advantage to keep the second model. Had a nice slider for time adjustment on this phone which is preferential to the one Im keeping.
Review from
October 23, 2016
Amazing phone.
I couldn't be happier with this phone. My dad has had difficulty hearing me on our main phone and could never hear us on the cell phones. He wears a hearing aid which gives him limited hearing. We installed this amplified phone and now he can hear us clearly on all phones and we no longer have to talk loudly for him to hear. 5+++ stars for an incredible product.
Lisi Review from
September 23, 2017
Works great!
It works just as it said it should! I was able to program in nine phone numbers that my 93-year-old mom calls frequently, and it has made her phone experience way more successful! Wish it had a speaker option, though :( We decided not to use pictures because names written in black sharpie seemed to work as well and for my mom, was easier to see:)
Richard Review from
July 3, 2021
Great phone
It's a great phone for hearing impair. It's great for know who is calling and it's easy to make calls to your favorite people.
greatstuff7662 Review from
August 20, 2019
Not great, not horrible
Like the big buttons. Wish it had a answering system. Have been having problems with it ever since we got hooked up with Verizon. We think its our grandmother pusing buttons that should not be pushed. Thats all.
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