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How to Appropriately Use a Lancet and Lancing Device

A lancet is a small sharp needle which is inserted into a lancet device. This device is used to poke the tip of the finger so as to get blood samples and monitor glucose in blood. There are other types of lances which are used for incising in surgical procedures.

The gauge of the lancet greatly determines the dimension of the cut . If higher numbers are chosen, then the incision will be larger. On the other hand, if a lower number is chosen, the incision will be smaller. Lancets with higher gauges are the preferred choice, since these are more convenient and cause a minimum amount of pain or no  pain at all.  Although it may sometimes become difficult to obtain an abundant quantity of blood for the sample and it may take various attempts before getting the desired amount.

The lancing device includes a spring which allows the lancet to puncture the tip of the finger. After fulfilling its task, the spring immediately returns to its initial position. This item allows the user to set the deepness of the incision by selecting the desired measurement. This greatly helps to decrease pain and uneasiness while taking a blood sample. However, selecting an inappropriate measurement may result in more than one puncture hence more pain.

There may be times when getting the desired results won’t be possible. If that is the case a different size of lancet can be used. Specialists also recommend washing the hands with warm soapy water and performing a small hand exercise. This exercise consists of shaking the hand before attempting to prick the finger again. By doing this, blood circulation in the fingers will be stimulated and bleeding will be more abundant.

Lancing devices contain a maximum of five configurations. Specialists advise selecting the third one located in the center. When the device has been set on the superficial setting (5) the user will need to apply more strain and effort to make the lancet prick the finger. Once this happens it is a sign that the lancing device has become weary and needs to be replaced.

It is not advisable to reuse a lancet. These items are meant to be used only once and then discarded, otherwise they might lead to health complications. Because of its thin structure, a lancet can deteriorate very easily when utilized more than one time.

The lubricant added to the lancet does not extend its lifetime since this will also wear off after the first use. By following these guidelines the user will not have to worry about infections and injuries related to using a lancet with limited lubrication more than once.

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