About Artur Dzhurinskiy

My name is Artur Dzhurinskiy and I graduated from St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 2014 with a doctor of pharmacy degree.

Through my academics I gained valuable experience learning about various medications that are used to treat disease states. I took pathophysiology, which helped me learn about how diseases in the body progress. I also took four different therapeutics courses, which helped me understand not only disease states, but how to select the proper medications for a disease based on guidelines. My favorite course while at college was pharmacology. I love learning about how medications work and how they affect the body (pharmacodynamics).

I am passionate writing about medications and disease states. I decided to get started with SB Medical because I have the opportunity to educate patients by writing about disease states and medications or medical devices. Hopefully through my writing I can educate patients about their disease states, medications, and medical devices.

I also have an interest in the drug development process and clinical trials. Primary literature is very important because new medications are being developed that could revolutionize the way we treat certain conditions. My main goal in the future is to hopefully write clinical trials and other regulatory documents relating to the drug approval process.

My main hobby includes playing chess. I play chess primarily online. Chess teaches you how to think strategically. Also, chess teaches you how to have a plan or goal in mind, which helps me in writing. The reason for this is because you need an explanation for every move you make in chess; just like you need an explanation for every sentence you write.

Artur Dzhurinskiy has written 7 posts on Diabetes Blog

A patient guide for understanding insulin

Insulin is a hormone made by your pancreas that helps to lower your blood sugar levels. Insulin helps lower your blood sugar levels by storing the extra blood sugar in your liver.

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A patient guide for premixed insulin

Premixed analogues provide both basal and postprandial coverage starting with 1 injection, but they are generally administered twice daily (BID)

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Medical Device Errors

Medical device errors can be due to manufacture-related error, which is further subcategorized as manufacturing errors or device-design errors.

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A Patient Guide For Understanding Insulin Pumps

Insulin pumps are computerized systems that deliver insulin by two different methods. The first is referred to as a basal dose and the second as bolus dose.

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A patient guide for glucometers

Glucometers are medical devices used to measure blood sugar level. Follow the directions of your doctor and the range that your blood sugar levels should be

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Comparing Pre-Mixed Insulin Regimen to Basal Bolus For Diabetes

Current clinical guidelines recommend to use basal-bolus insulin regimen for the management of hyperglycemia in non-intensive care unit settings.

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There are three components to a basal-bolus insulin regimen. A basal insulin, a bolusinsulin, and a correction insulin. Each type is described here.

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