Applied Nutrition - 95084 - PhenylAde Essential Drink Mix 40g Pouch, Unflavored

PhenylAde Essential Drink Mix 40g pouch, 157 calories, unflavored. PhenylAde Essential Drink Mix is the foundation for building a healthy PKU diet. This great tasting PKU product provides an ideal blend of vitamins and minerals with a superior amino acid profile to meet the needs of children, teens and adults following a PKU diet. PhenylAde Essential contains less saturated fat than other leading PKU formulas with added fiber and flax to support heart health.
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Manufacturer Applied Nutrition
Categories Condition, Diabetes Nutrition, Diabetes Supplement, Diabetic Diet, Diabetic Drink, Dietary, Health Nutrition, Medical Nutrition, Mineral Supplement, Nutritional Drink, Nutritional Supplement, Protein Supplement, Vitamin Supplement
Code 95084
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Applied Nutrition - 95084 - Phenylade Essential Drink Mix 40g Pouch, Unflavored