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Apex - V854W - Footwear - Womens Voyage Lace Walker

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Size: ‌ Depth 5/16" - Medium Width ,4.5-11,12,13 - Wide Width ,4.5-11,12,13 - X-Width ,4.5-11,12,13 Price
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Footwear - Women?s Voyage Lace Walker - White/periwinkle
More Information
Manufacturer APEX
Code V854W
Sold By Each
Product Color White/Periwinkle
Product Size Depth 5/16" - Medium Width ,4.5-11,12,13 - Wide Width ,4.5-11,12,13 - X-Width ,4.5-11,12,13
Require Prescription? No
Score: 3.8 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Noel P. Review from
April 9, 2022
Fabulous Apex Mens Lace Walking Shoe!!
Ive had Type 2 Diabetes for over 30y and have taken very good care of my feet but finding shoes that really fit in all critical ways has been an exercise in futility before discovering the Apex Mens Lace Walking Shoe. It is the FIRST shoe I have found that will accommodate my diabetic feets substantial hammer toes & neuropathic condition which also include some nerve compression similar to Mortons Neuroma, and the critical need to have a sole that is not overly flexible. The sole on these is quite firm/stiff, but flexes just the right amount where it needs to. I love the fact the toe box is ta
Joseph S. Review from
October 29, 2021
A bit narrower than the same size white/blue walker
I have used the white/blue walker shoe exclusively now for about 10 years after I saw they were recommended and discounted for CMT patients. Unfortunately the discount is no longer offered. I liked them so much however I continued buying them anyway at full price and they are now the ONLY shoe I wear and the most comfortable with my type foot issues. They are a quality shoe with room enough for orthotics. When I saw the white/grey pair I thought I would give them a try for a change. What I found is the toe area for the same size shoe is unfortunately more narrow. I am going to keep them howeve
Nancy D. Review from
April 23, 2022
this is the 5th pair
this is the 5th pair of these I have gotten so yes I do like them. Only one pair was flawed---a seam came undone but my shoe repair man fixed it for me. not able to send back since I was wearing them and already had a "wedge" put on side. Wish you still made ones with velcro . had to have them put on the shoes--another expense. the velcro is nice for older people and for people having shoulder surgery which both apply to me. all in all they are a ice sturdy shoe and will most likely order again.
Phillip H. Review from
June 6, 2022
Mens lace walking shoe black
The sole of the shoes are made by glued on pieces of rubber that are coming off. This has created a fall risk. It should have one continuous piece of molded rubber. I have contacted the company and my podiatrist. Cheap made shoes. This is my only pair of shoes . One pair a year by medicare. They should hold up better if can only have one pair! The tongue of the shoe is fraying also
sandiegojesse Review from
August 4, 2020
I know this won't make it onto the website since only positives are listed, but I'll feel better airing my views anyway. After researching like crazy, I bought this style and another Apex shoe. Yes, they are well-constructed shoes. They are like walking on concrete, even after tweaking it with insoles. My normal size fits, but they are still wide for a medium width. No matter how tightly I tie them, heels want to slip a bit. Overall, they have been disappointing and do not make my feet feel good walking in them. I have another pair of Apex coming and I dread it. Will probably return it since t
Jacqueline F. Review from
August 29, 2021
This is my 4th pair of this shoe. You cant beat the comfort. I love walking and according to my Fitbit I walked close to 3,000 miles last year - for 95% of these miles I was wearing my Apex Walkers. No blisters, no hot foot, no ankle or knee pain. I love the roomy toe boxmy toes never feel squashed together. Like most people, I have one foot bigger than the other - I just remove one of the insoles and both of my feet have perfect fitting shoes.
Rebecca K. Review from
August 30, 2021
Poor customer service
I purchased a second pair of Apex running shoes, because the first pair that I purchased seemed to be made of good quality and fit perfectly. However, the second pair has the sole starting to seperate from the shoe and the leather is cracking, all within weeks of purchasing. I have emailed and left a voicemail about this, but no one has had the decency to get back to me about this. It is obviously a manufacturing defect, as the first pair I purchased has only just started to show wear & tear and the were purchased well over a year ago.
MICHELE R. Review from
March 26, 2021
Women's Lace Walker X-white
I have foot problems and 75 yo. So I go into this with a problem. Not the shoe, me! The shoe is leather, which will have to be broken in. I knew that, done this before. I just ignore the hassel it is until the shoe is leather worn out! After that (about 1 1/2 weeks) they feel great! This probably won't happen to you though. Im differen,t but if you have a foot problem, beware, the shoe will hug you until you wear them out to fit your foot. Its the "nature of the beast?! But afterwards..smooth sailing for a LONG time. I wear these shoes everyday for everything and never been a problem after I w
peter t. Review from
March 10, 2021
Decrease in shoe quality and service quality in past year
The shoes themselves are ok, but the interior wears out between 200-300 miles of walking. The soles and out uppers are still in great condition, but the interior breaks down and they no longer feel comfortable. The quality seems to have decreased over the past 2 years (I've been buying them for at least the past 4 years). Also the delivery time has gotten worse the past year with longer delivery times. My most recent order in January was split with one pair of shoes taking 6 weeks to receive. I also received no communication from Apex. I had to reach out to them to get a status. Definitely a d
Sandra B. Review from
December 7, 2021
Perfect Shoes for me!
These shoes are the only ones I can wear and I love them. They work with the brace I use inside and I have external braces applied to each shoe as well to guard against supination. I would not be able to walk if I didnt have these shoes. Never stop making them please! Great fit, nice width and they last! I love them!
AMY Review from
August 24, 2020
Hard cushion
I bought these shoes having worn soooo many walking, hiking, running shoes. I average about 100 miles a week walking for work. I was hoping these shoes would be significantly better than a average running or walking shoe from a major brand. I've only been able to wear the maybe 2 hours total at work. The only pro for me is the front row box is a little roomy...but the soles is so hard and doesn't feel very cushiony to walk in. I also had to no put in a more expensive aftermarket I sole to even get them comfortable enough to wear for an hour or so. I am just really disappointed because they are
Martin B. Review from
October 30, 2021
These are the only shoes
These are the only shoes that work for me. I have a brace insert that fits great and also get structural braces applied to the outside to prevent supination. These shoes dont rub or irritate, they have a roomy toe box so my feet get air and arent squished even with the inside brace. I highly recommend these shoes!
Beth F. Review from
May 6, 2022
Love these shoes!!
I am a senior who walks daily, thanks to these shoes, which I have been buying for years. They have the stability I need to support my back and knees. I have a high lift in one of my orthotics, and this is the only shoe with a deep enough shoe bed. I walk outside in these shoes in the snow all winter, but they are not too warm in the summer. They are the best!
Debbie R. Review from
January 1, 2022
Although these do not look
Although these do not look very fashionable, they are extremely comfortable and sturdy. They provide a large toe box, which I need. They do not irritate my bunions, and keep my plantar fasciitis at bay. I can walk very long distances in them. They are my second pair, the first lasted several years.
Gloria S. Review from
August 30, 2021
Great shoe...
These shoes are fantastic!! If you have balance / nueropothy issues, this is the brand for you. I am more stable when walking, especially on uneven surfaces than with any other shoe. They are made sturdier, but still are lightweight than others I have worn. Will keep with this brand.
John K. Review from
August 22, 2021
The Walkers appeared to be
The Walkers appeared to be very good quality. For me the width was good but the length was too long. Unfortunately I had to return them. I have purchased other shoes from Apex that fit perfect but it is a hit and miss at times. Their return policy is very good and I have never encountered a problem.
Patrick M. Review from
March 3, 2021
I bought these shoes because
I bought these shoes because I am diabetic and have a hard time finding shoes that are comfotable. For shoes that cost $147 Im very disappointed in how uncomfortable they are. The only way I can wear them is with a separate insole that I had to purchase in addition to the exorbitant amount I already paid. Your comfort insole looks and feels like a piece of cardboard. Walking in your shoes feels like Im walking barefoot on concrete. Very disappointed!
Marshall F. Review from
July 24, 2021
Apex footwear? I'll pass
Once I took the shoes out of the carton, I knew I had made a mistake. They're hideous! I tried them on nonetheless, but quickly realized that they weren't very comfortable. The decision to return them was easy. Alas, Apex received them back more than a month ago and STILL hasn't issued my refund. Moral: do not do business with Apex!
Beverly L. Review from
May 28, 2022
I love this particular shoe,
I love this particular shoe, have been wearing this brand since 2014. Unfortunately the shoe I ordered was too big as this was my first time ordering online. It's been two months and am still waiting for a refund to reorder. The sizing chart provided was misleading. Should have just ordered the size smaller.
Beverly K. Review from
May 10, 2022
True size
Hi, I have been a Coustmer for yrs. Never had any problems with my order or size. But recently someone that took the order made a Mistake and I had to return it back 1.label was place on top of correct label. 2. Shoe size was in correct. I feel that that person needs to be Retrained/with a verbal warning. As my boss said that's one Mistake too many.
Emily C. Review from
September 5, 2021
These are great shoes. I have been trying many brands of shoes with no success. These shoes are supporting and comfortable. I am on my feet all day and walk on concrete. My feet are beginning to heal from damage from my last NB shoes. I am very satisfied and thankful for these shoes.
peter t. Review from
January 25, 2021
Great shoes with improvement suggestion
I like these shoes and have purchased them for 3 years. They are comfortable and fit my orthotics well. My only negative is how long they last. I walk quite a bit and these shoes only last me 3 months before the inside uppers wear out and the shoes begin to feel loose as the internal support materials break down. I walk 3-5 miles per day for exercise. I wish they would last 6 months or longer.
Debra T. Review from
January 28, 2021
My favorite shoes.
I have worn this shoe for years. However I had to order a half size larger do to non availability of my size. big mistake. however the quality is still my favorite shoe. One pair was backordered without my knowing it so still waiting on another pair which I will send back and try to get my correct size. I sent an email to try and get the size changed. but no response. still a great shoe my orthotics fit great.
Gloria R. Review from
March 12, 2022
This pair of shoes is
This pair of shoes is bigger than the last two pairs of shoes I've had over the years. Same shoe, same size, I thought, but they were too big. So disappointed! I love these shoes because they are supportive and so comfortable. Sad that the new pair won't work for me.
Kathy R. Review from
April 24, 2021
This is my second pair
This is my second pair of these shoes. I need orthopedic braces because of drop foot in both feet and my feet are also very wide. I have had my first pair for 2 years and other than needing new insoles they are still in good shape for being worn 365 a year ! I havent worn new shoes yet because I need inserts installed for my braces but am very hopeful! As far as wear they are not broke over! Highly recommended.
Susan H. Review from
October 26, 2019
Hello, I have been wearing
Hello, I have been wearing these shoes every day and they certainly are wide enough ,I love the toe width as I can move my toes freely inside the toe area. This would be the first time I have worn shoes wide enough for my feet. However the down side is they are heavy and I find walking a little uncomfortable. I also find that I bought the shoes a little too big. Next time I will order a half size down. These are great as I do a lot of standing for my job. I also sit a lot for another job. I am going to order the next pair for running as they look lighter. I need something else for the workout
Darlene R. Review from
May 30, 2021
Too Roomy
I have a wide foot and was happy to find a sneaker that offered space in width as well as height (toe box). Unfortunately, this shoe is TOO roomy for my foot. I tried to compensate by adding a gel liner (to add much-needed cushioning as well as to fill in some of the excess space), but even that didn't really help the fit. I had such high hopes for these shoes but must admit that I'm disappointed with both the fit and comfort level, and will be looking for a replacement from another brand soon.
Lisa S. Review from
September 5, 2020
I typically order Vionics but
I typically order Vionics but thought I would try a different brand for a change. The visual appeal of the shoe is not what I expected more like eggshell white then white. The shoe is not as comfortable as my vionics usually are. The shoe is ok but I likely wouldnt buy another pair. Of course I probably shouldnt have purchased the width I did because they are a little too wide.
Michelle B. Review from
December 1, 2021
A GREAT shoe for orthotics wearers - both men's and women's sizes!
I just bought my second pair - these are GREAT shoes! PS Side note: they were temporarily out of my Women's size of these shoes - so I used a conversion chart I found on line and ordered the right MENS's size for me. PERFECT FIT - and no difference in appearance or quality!
Carl W. Review from
May 10, 2022
Too wide in heel .
Too wide in heel . I usually buy 10W. My doctor said they were too wide , so I returned them last week . I liked the shoes otherwise . If I had a discount coupon I might try them again ? Keep me on your mailing list for awhile . I could test out a pair of 10 D , and pay you if I like the fit of the shoes .
Donna B. Review from
August 20, 2021
They seem to run a
They seem to run a little big but I can deal with that. Next time I will order appropriately. I have one toe that is much higher than the others and the toe in this shoe is comfortable. I have a short, wide foot. This shoe is extremely comfortable.
Verda o. Review from
April 19, 2022
Shoes are not white. I
Shoes are not white. I ordered white.cream colored shoes were sent. Why? Why? Why? I hate the shoes and will never where them again. They are very big and do not fit.
Don L. Review from
August 17, 2021
Quality, comfort and fit are
Quality, comfort and fit are great. These are the third pair that I have over the last 12 years. Took about a week to properly break-in and they became more comfortable as I worn them. My compliments to Richard Schwartz.
RoseMarie M. Review from
April 7, 2022
Please dont discontinue this shoe
Please dont discontinue this shoe white X821 and the black X801. These are the only shoes that work for me. I can not use shoes with mesh on the top. As I walk my big toe pushes up on the top of the shoe and shortly creates a hole.
Ann D. Review from
December 10, 2020
Stiff and not cushion-y enough.
These fit fine in terms of being pretty much the same as other 8W shoes I've worn over the years, but they were just not cushion-y enough. I look for the best shoes I can find for the arthritis I have in my feet and ankles but these were painful in that regard. They were not nearly flexible enough as I walked. Not for me. Grateful for the easy return process.
Marcelyn S. Review from
October 30, 2019
I bought the Lace Walker at the last minute before a two-week trip to Japan. My plan had been to wear my Apex Riena Runner, a style I have worn and loved for 18 months. Then I realized those might be too informal for some occasions, plus heavy rains were expected and all-leather would be better. I walked miles every day and the shoes were absolutely perfect. They were comfortable and gave me the support I need. (I have orthotics.) They kept my feet dry on rainy days and made it possible to handle hills and rocky walkways. I couldnt have been more pleased.
Allyn R. Review from
August 24, 2021
good outdoor work shoe
This is my third pair in this style. I wear them every day to work on the farm. The soles provide good traction for outdoor work. They have a large toe box which accommodates my orthotic inserts.
Marcia E. Review from
February 6, 2021
Apex for Quality
I stand all day on my feet. I found these shoes are the best support and comfort. I have worn these for the past 5 years and would wear nothing else. I rate these a 5. The product quality is above others I have tried . I highly recommend the Apex brand. I wear the Sandler for superior comfort and support.
Sandra W. Review from
October 20, 2020
Love these shoes after years of buying!!
I have worn these shoes for years and they are truly the most comfortable, great fitting, durable, and provide sufficient room for my custom inserts! I hope you never stop making this style!! I love them and that is why I keep purchasing them!! I love the great customer service and fast shipping!! A truly great shoe!!
Robin E. Review from
January 30, 2021
I thought the Mens Lace
I thought the Mens Lace Walkers-Black were very well made. I had to return them for a larger size. Ive been trying to reorder another pair, but I keep having technical problems with the website. I cant give a more through review, because I havent had a chance to actually walk in them yet. Disappointed.
Marialena R. Review from
October 29, 2019
Sizing issues
I did the sizing instructions for my purchases. Traced my foot and then measured it with a tape measure. It came out to a size 8.5. I received my first order and it was too big. So I reordered the next size down, paying more shipping to get it to me, 2 pairs. I received the size 8s, and they are still too big. I cant afford to reorder and do it again with the shipping cost so now I am wearing these shoes with 2 pairs of socks... still too big! Not completely satisfied. They seem like if they fit they'd be a great shoe.
Carol A. Review from
August 3, 2021
great support sneakers
Love these walker sneakers. I have bad feet problems and this shoe gives me the needed support and comfort I need. Also they very nice looking especially with summer colors. Would highly recommend them.
Jimmy M. Review from
July 22, 2019
Black Lace Walker's - Mens
Love the shoe's. Feel great on my feet. Bought from store in June. I called you customer service in early July, after the sole started coming loose after I wore the shoes 3 or 4 times. Was treated very rudely by the gentleman that I spoke with. Sent back to store and all they did was re-glued the sole. Now its is coming loose again. Sad you won't warrant your product. Last time I purchase from APEX. Don't know why my shoes were just re-glued, not replaced. Was supposed to been replace according to the gentleman I spoke with at your company, he was supposed to had spoken to the store that I pur
Marsha K. Review from
August 10, 2021
Didn't fit my foot well.
Didn't fit my foot well. Had to return. Might work for others. Looked like quality materials. On the stiff side but when broken in they could be very comfortable.Toe box could be a little wider.
Rosemarie H. Review from
June 5, 2020
Wear for 12 hour shifts
Wear for 12 hour shifts as a respiratory therapist. I was born with a a disability to both legs and feet requiring multiple surgeries for reconstruction. These shoes allow me to work more comfortably than any other that Ive tried. Im with your company for life. Please continue to make these shoes. Shipping was very fast also. Run a little big but I can comfortably wear thicker socks.
Annie C. Review from
April 12, 2021
I was do hoping these
I was do hoping these would work ... I have very sensitive feet and even with cushioned orthotics these feel like one is walking on cement .. so terribly hard. Also they are very very stiff. I need stiff shoes and dome support but these provide far too much. One cannot move ones foot at all.
Stephen S. Review from
April 14, 2022
Shoes too heavy, customer service awful!
The shoes were too heavy, so I returned them. More importantly, have not received a refund even though I returned the shoes to the Louisville facility on March 16. Ive called twice, only to be placed on hold, then promised a call back thst never occurred. Whats the deal?
SUZANNE M. Review from
April 14, 2022
Supportive classy sneaker
Great supportive shoe without being heavy. I was told to get 1 size lower than I usually wear and they fit perfect and were able to fit my custom orthotics without feeling squashed. And they look stylish!!
Renee C. Review from
April 6, 2021
Great shoes and comfortable right
Great shoes and comfortable right out of the box! I bought these for my fiance for his 71st birthday. His first time wearing these was to golf 18 holes. Sizing is accurate. This is the second pair that has owned.
Craig M. Review from
June 4, 2021
On my sixth pair
I have been wearing Apex Walkers for the last few years. I am on my 6th pair and they are great. I use orthotics which slip in with no problem. I wear a size 14 and they fit and support my feet and back. After I put in some serious wear on the shoes I buy a new pair and wear the old ones to work in the yard.