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Advance Diabetic From: 1001LB To: 1001XW - Advance Socks

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Advance Diabetic:
1001LB - 1001XW
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1001LBAdvance Socks, Black, CrewLgBlackPair
1001LWAdvance Socks, White, CrewLgWhitePair
1001MBAdvance Socks, Black, CrewMdBlackPair
1001MWAdvance Socks, White, CrewMdWhitePair
1001SBAdvance Socks, Black, CrewSmBlackPair
1001SWAdvance Socks, White, CrewSmWhitePair
1001XBAdvance Socks, Black, CrewXlBlackPair
1001XWAdvance Socks, White, CrewXlWhitePair
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Advance Socks, Lg, Black, Crew
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Manufacturer Advance Diabetic
Categories Compression Hosiery, Diabetic, Extra Large, Leg Pain, Non Compression, Sock, Condition, Compression Level, Cotton, Crew Length, Diabetes Foot Problems, Diabetic Feet, Diabetic Foot Care, Diabetic Socks, Fabric, Gender, Large, Medium, Non Compresssion, Polyester, Size, Small, Style, Unisex, X-Large
Code 1001LB - 1001XW
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Lay Off Pain|Stomabags
Score: 3.9 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Conny S. Review from
January 3, 2021
Socks can make a difference
I am not diabetic but do suffer from edema (swelling) for which I wear medical grade compression pantyhose with my workplace attire. This pandemic summer I spent more time than usual outdoors; switching high-heels for garden clogs and hiking boots. I went through a pair of socks per day discovering few I could tolerate without constantly adjusting them. Most annoying was the elastic in the top band causing an indentation to develop in my leg due uneven pressure. I came across a travel blog touting the benefits of Dr.Segal's for air travel. I chose the Diabetic Socks because of their apparent p
Bobbie B. Review from
August 18, 2021
Great Socks
My husband is diabetic and we have trouble finding real diabetic socks. Our daughter saw your socks talked about on our ABC station before Christmas last year and ordered a pair for him. They instantly became his favorite pair or socks. I recently asked her where she got them so she sent me the link to your web site. I ordered several pair of the black socks and he is enjoying having more than one pair. They are so soft and comfortable. They wash very well and retain their shape and do not shrink. These will definitely be his only socks in his sock drawer from now own.
PegE Review from
October 6, 2021
Best Diabetic socks EVER!
My husband is a diabetic and has tried so many diabetic socks with little satisfaction. That is until Dr. Segals. He loves these socks. They are not only the most comfortable socks hes worn, but they are the most durable. He loves the variety of the colors and patterns. If there was any negative comments it would be there arent enough color/patterns to satisfy him. He even wears them in cool weather with his Birkenstocks because he finds them a colorful, comfortable option for keeping his feet warm in cool weather.
Christine M. Review from
November 3, 2021
Not worth the price or results
After just 3 wears, the socks showed snags first at toe tip, then other areas. Apparently your toenails need to be smooth and shaped in order to not snag the material. I saw small snags around shoe area also...probably from lace rivets? Pulled up, I still ended up with somewhat swollen ankle areas but just higher up. Think I'm heading back to the other "Dr." as in Scholl's...those held up for 6 years...not impressed with quality of my purchase...colors/designs wonderful but end result not positive. Should've started with one pair vs. the six I ordered.
Millicent C. Review from
October 29, 2021
Im a womens size 9. Since Im between sock sizes and have thick legs, I ordered Large. They were enormous so my husband kept them. They are very nice and cushy. So I ordered the medium and they are tight on the ankles. Thats not right fit DIABETIC socks. They were hardly different from any ordinary crew sock you get for half the price. Photo to show you the size with a ruler. Nice pretty colours but only for the slim people. The width at the top of the sock should be more than at the ankle, but they are the same.
Millicent C. Review from
September 1, 2021
High Quality
I was between sizes, so I ordered the larger size. Wrong decision. These socks are sized generously. They have soft, cushy soles and high quality fabric. My husband has decided to wear them after trying them on and enjoying the coziness. Theres a supply chain problem that they need to sort out as they took a long time to deliver and I live in Canada. Somehow they are too linked to the states and shipments get hung up. Delivery within Canada from a supposedly Canadian company should be quick and easy.
Ruth R. Review from
January 12, 2022
Good socks
I specifically bought these socks because I was looking for socks that would not leave marks on my legs. The good part about these socks is that they are comfortable and have really cushy feet, but the material from the ankles up feels different (it seems to be knit differently from the rest of the sock). I would describe the top of the sock as loosely stretchy. Unfortunately, despite this they still leave marks on my legs (although not nearly as deep as some other socks). Overall, good but not quite what I was hoping for.
Dennis B. Review from
December 2, 2021
The black socks do not live up to the standards of all the other Dr Segal socks
I bought 6 pair of solid black socks, washed them as soon as they arrived, and put them in my sock drawer. I just knew they were going to be great, just like the 10? 15? pair of colored one I have purchased for my wife. They are all she wears. Well, was I ever wrong! Instead of being plush and fluffy like all of hers, they were thin as a tee shirt! If I hadn't already washed them, I would return them all and buy larger versions colored one like hers.
Nancy R. Review from
September 7, 2021
Way too tight around ankle and leg. Not very much stretch. Cuts off circulation.
Very disappointed in these Sox. You claim they are for diabetics, with seamless toes (which they have), but the tops don't have enough stretch. After wearing for just an hour, my legs are aching and swollen from the constricting tops. I've had other diabetic six, but they seem to only come in plain white or plain black. I was so happy to finally find diabetic sox in designs and colors, only to be disappointed.
Danielle R. Review from
September 7, 2021
Good quality but not for overweight people
These socks are well made and feel comfortable, however, I am unable to wear them. While they advertise wide stretchy bands, they aren't really for overweight people with big calves. I was able to pull them up (they only go half way up calf), they would not stay up and would roll down. I folder the tops over for little cuffs to prevent this, however, by the time I took them off several hours later, I had "rings" around my calves because they became too tight so I cannot wear them. I ended up giving them to my elderly mother.
Valerie D. Review from
August 13, 2021
I use the word Bad, not because the socks were really bad, but the design is not wonderful in the toe box. There needs to be size S and M - not combined. My foot is narrow and the toe box way too big which leaves the toe seam jutting out on the sides. As well I did send photos to a customer service rep as after one washing/hang to dry the elastic along the top edge was loopy. This is a manufacturer issue and not a basic fault with all the socks. My rep was quick and efficient and new socks are on the way. Great customer service - 5 stars :-)
Suzanne H. Review from
September 27, 2021
Some for me :)
I bought these as a Christmas gift for my husband. He is diabetic and has a hard time finding socks that are comfortable on his feet. I can't wait to surprise him with these at Christmas. On examination of the socks, they look and feel amazing. If he likes them, I will be purchasing more after Christmas. I will post some pictures then! Thank you for selling this item. It is so important for diabetics to look after their feet! I bought these ones for me to try :)
Judy B. Review from
January 1, 2022
Disappointing experience
I ordered 8 pairs of socks in various patterns, intending to replace all my old ones. The socks arrived promptly and looked very attractive. However, the first disappointment was that they were no better than my regular socks when it came to leaving compressed indentations on my calves after a couple of hours wear. The second disappointment was that it cost me $23 to mail them back and Dr. Segals would not refund the postage. That is reprehensible for a company that sells its products on-line with no way for a try-on.
Alice R. Review from
August 7, 2021
I ordered two pair of your socks. Havent had them very long. I ordered on pair small and one large . The purple ones fit my foot perfectly but are too small around the leg and I had to take them off mid day. The black ones are actually too long in the foot but better in the leg. I am having trouble getting them dry . I cant get enough water out by had. Next time lll put them in the dryer on spin for a minute. Ill find a new friend for the purple ones! AliceR
Suzanne H. Review from
September 27, 2021
Diabetic socks for Christmas for my hubby!
I bought these as a Christmas gift for my husband. He is diabetic and has a hard time finding socks that are comfortable on his feet. I can't wait to surprise him with these at Christmas. On examination of the socks, they look and feel amazing. If he likes them, I will be purchasing more after Christmas. I will post some pictures then! Thank you for selling this item. It is so important for diabetics to look after their feet!
Jeanne B. Review from
November 18, 2021
Not as colorful as the others. But comfortable!
If you like a dash of color these are nice. On my last ordering I ordered one of these and 2 mystery socks and I ended up getting three of the same. I kind of wish they would have given me different sock colors. That was my only disappointment. The socks are great - warm moisture wicking and helpful as diabetic socks go. I just want more color in my life these days.
Jean L. Review from
September 27, 2021
Comfy socks
The diabetic socks purchased were for my 98 year old mother who is in long term care with dementia. She loved the light colours of blue and mauve and how comfortable they were. Downside is the facility washes all clothing including these socks in hot water. The socks shrunk a bit and had pulls in the upper part. Is there any chance of your company producing a sock to withstand the required hot water for laundry in long term care facilities?
Eunice B. Review from
March 23, 2021
Diabetic socks -- maybe
I really won't know what I think of them until winter rolls around again. They are too thick (I know you made them that way for comfort and cushioning) to fit in my shoes. However I think they will be good in my winter boots. They are also very warm and I don't know how my feet are going to like that. We will see. I am also less than happy about how snug the leg is. The ad seemed to show they would stretch to fit a large calf. My legs are 2 different sizes (cast to my knee as a child) and they are very tight on my left leg and comfortably snug on the right. I did wear them pushed down around m
elaine B. Review from
December 25, 2021
Best diabetic socks ever!
The fit perfectly. I have tried other brands and the fit is awful. No ring around the ankle which makes them so comfortable, which I was always afraid of circulation. I can't thank you enough Dr Segal's for making the best diabetic socks. I also love the funky colors and designs! Happy Holidays to you, your family and staff! Elaine B
Debra H. Review from
November 3, 2021
Happy sox
Great colours/patterns. Soft material. Perfect thickness for comfy padding. Warm for colder weather. Cuff is not too snug and sock stays up. Easy to get on. No irritating seems. Sock paradise!!
Raymond C. Review from
May 3, 2021
Socks okay
These socks are considerably thicker than I had hoped for. Also these socks are not loose enough where they reach your calf. They leave a mark on my calves, and I am not that big a man. Also still do feel the seam at the toes even though Dr Segals advertises they do not do this? Lastly I assumed since these socks are from a Canadian company with much hoopla about this fact, that these socks would have been made in Canada, however they are not. Socks made in China. I was very disappointed. Not sure I would purchase again.
Patricia D. Review from
August 26, 2021
Difficult feet to dress
I like the socks but I have had surgery on both feet and my ankles are large. Finding socks that fit is so hard. My feet actually measure 9 and 9.5 but I have to buy a 10, 10.5 and sometimes 11 for my shoes to be comfortable and not have pressure areas after a days wear. Your socks are a little snug and they are a little tight in the calf area. I think they will work for winter. I wish you made ankle or no shows.
Diana C. Review from
April 29, 2021
Great sellers
These socks are advertised as diabetic socks; however, they left deep dents in my legs no matter how I positioned them on my leg. I don't have diabetes or edema. The socks themselves are soft and comfy. The other issue is that they are rather pricey and return shipping to Canada is not included but the seller is working to resolve the shipping issues. The seller was great in their communication and tried to make it right by issuing a partial refund which is acceptable with me as it was my error in regards to shipping for returns. Great product for people that don't have an issue with socks tha
Dorothy C. Review from
January 19, 2022
Diabetic Socks
I initially purchased 4 pairs of these socks. I have thin skin and cant wear anything binding. I ordered the diabetic socks and found them to be non binding, but also dont fall down. Not having seams made my toes feel comfortable. I have several pairs and varieties of these socks. These are the only socks I wear now.
Lori K. Review from
April 2, 2021
I have a unique medical situation with my feet and legs and these socks handle both. I need a snug, comforting supportive foot part to help with severe neuropathy and a looser calf because of lymphedema. Ive been through countless sock purchases and never found the perfect one until NOW. Ive a dozen pairs and Ill be returning for more. In top of the comfort benefits, I have to say, they are nice looking socks and made well. Im hoping a crew and ankle sock will be available in the near future, Id grab up a ton of those bad boys. Thank you for a great product.
Marion T. Review from
December 6, 2021
Such comfort
Im not diabetic, but you dont have to be to enjoy wearing these socks - loose enough to to not cut off circulation with enough elasticity to stay in place. Happy with the colors. Would have preferred the mystery additions not match a pair I ordered-now I have 3 pair that are exactly alike. But I shouldnt look a gift horse. Love these socks and will buy again!
Linda B. Review from
October 3, 2021
super comfy and colorful
love these socks. My size 12 feet fit nicely, the cuff is stretchy and stays up, without binding or adding any lines. The soles of the socks are soft and cushioned. I plan on buying a bunch more to replace all my old, ill-fitting socks in my drawer. And they look great with my Birkenstocks. thank you
Donalu G. Review from
March 23, 2021
Diabetic socks,
The socks are very comfortable, attractive in appearance and fit well. I was very happy with the pair I ordered for myself. I ordered a three pac for my DAds birthdays and quality good. Only concern was one pair did not match. Not terribly noticeable but he definitely noticed! When I went to check out I was offered another pair at discount so I ordered. However came in wrong size. Suggest not having one size highlighted as I found it hard to switch to bigger size, and obviously was not successful! Gave them away for a gift!
Chris L. Review from
October 2, 2021
Cute, Comfy but Binding
The socks are fun and the foot part is very comfy, but the real reason I bought them was to prevent binding. That did not happen. I am a large woman with big feet and I am not convinced that the socks were designed for larger people. I mean I dont think the circumference of the top part of the sock increases much with the foot size. The socks are also quite expensive.
Marcia H. Review from
August 19, 2021
Pretty good so far, but early days yet
While I am okay with the fit of the socks, I still feel the need to remove them as soon as possible when I get home and can be sockless. I have worn each of the pairs I bought twice and I follow the care instructions. After only two part-days of use, there is already wearing/pilling happening on the bottom of the heels. I'm hoping this does not continue and become holes this quickly. My review will change if so.
MaryAnn S. Review from
October 23, 2021
Mystery Diabetic Socks
Love,love these socks! Fit without cutting into calf or making pressure lines! Comfortable all day. Think I have almost every style, and colors after making this purchase. Looking forward to some new ones to purchase. Have ones that match almost every pair of slacks or sweaters, & blouses to complete the look of the day! (Cant add photos)
Randy B. Review from
July 3, 2021
Good Feel, durability in question...
Still testing the durability of the socks. I like the way they aren't too tight above my ankles, and they seem to work well over all when new. But, I notice some thread strings around the top of the sock after wearing them for a week or two, which may suggest they don't offer a lot of durability over time. Only time will tell with respect to durability. The socks are expensive in my opinion, and if durability isn't there over time, then I would have to modify my rating to being just "OK." Waiting for final durability results before any conclusive opinions.
Nancy F. Review from
July 31, 2021
PokADot Dot socks are colorful
PokADot Dot socks are colorful, but the stripes dont line up. At least you are consistent, all your stripes dont line up! The.other.socks with stripes were good, the stripes lined up! I it meant I havent tried all of the socks on but the pair like the one you have a bath with the purple stripe those socks were fine so maybe its just the spare I dont know I havent looked at my other pair of polkadot socks and one pair Im giving to a friend of mine so I hope well actually she wont mind if the Stripe stop meet up Im just glad my spouse is it alive to see that the stripes dont lineup because she w
Kathleen D. Review from
January 23, 2022
They looked good but not
They looked good but not for me. They do not have the flexibility I need since I have lymphodemia. It was advertised as stretching but not for me. I could not get on with comfort. I had socks from my podiatrist that were perfect. She is retired and I cannot get socks that fit me, She purchased the ones I got from her from a Podiatry student I believe from Minnesota or Michigan
Shirlee G. Review from
May 21, 2021
Good but not perfect
I wear diabetic socks because my legs swell and regular socks leave an indentation, sometimes a very deep indentation, in my leg around the top of the sock. I have tried other brands of diabetic socks that do not do that but they also do not wear well, developing holes in the heels and pilling badly after only a couple of months. I have not had these striped socks long enough to see how well they wear. They do, however, leave a mild indentation around the top of the sock. It is not as pronounced as regular socks but is more than other diabetic socks I have tried.
Michael F. Review from
November 19, 2021
The Best sock I ever worn
I am a salesman on the road selling men's apparel and accessories. I happen to sell wholesale men's socks to retail stores. these are by far the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. I really just cleaned out my sock drawer of 50 pair of socks and replaced with Dr. Segals. No more binding around my calf's. Will be buying many more.
Martha H. Review from
May 31, 2021
Love the colors!
I was attracted to these socks because I have thicccc ankles and these claimed to be super stretchy PLUS all the other diabetic socks Ive seen are dreadful boring colors. So, I ordered the largest size and the length is great, but tops of the ankles are still just a bit snug. They ARE very comfy otherwise though, and the patterns and colors are great, so Ill still wear these for part of the day or when I work half-days. After about five hours the ankle is just too irritating though. Id definitely recommend for people who have normal ankles and not tree-stump legs like me.
Patricia G. Review from
October 29, 2021
Sock size
I accidentally ordered S-M socks and I meant to order M-L. Anyway, it turns out the S-M ones fit me perfectly!! The two mystery socks were the only ones I did order M-L and its still okay that theyre a little large. I wear a ladies shoe size 9-10. Very comfortable socks. I really enjoy wearing them. All of the designs are nice!
Shirley M. Review from
October 27, 2021
Solid black socks
I really like the solid black socks. I would give them five stars. But the blue striped ones are not great. The first time I washed them, both socks had a line of loose threads running up the back. Also even though they stretch really well the little white elastic around the top leaves a mark on my legs.
Sharon W. Review from
August 31, 2021
Very comfortable socks
I was skeptical to say the least but these socks are the most comfortable and they stay up all day. I have tried other diabetic socks in the past and was not impressed as they always fell or gathered at the ankle. I dont like wearing socks the best of times in the summer but these socks dont even feel heavy on my feet. I would definitely recommend and buy more socks again.
Betty R. Review from
March 24, 2021
Diabetic Socks
This is my first purchase and I am super satisfied!! I normally purchase mens diabetic socks to fit properly on my size 11 feet!! These fit like a glove and I love the fun stripes and colours! Highly recommend to fellow diabetics and those with circulation issues! And, on another note, these socks wash well and when dry, return to their original shape... no stretching! I have purchased the Blue Stripes, Purple Stripes and Grey Stars! Love them!
Cheryl C. Review from
April 17, 2021
Nice Socks for diabetic feet!!!
I really love these socks and I have tried a lot of them. I like how these are a bit thicker so my feet stay nice and dry and supported. Being thicker you may need to wear your shoes a little looser but its not too bad to adjust for them. I love that they come in Polka dots and other fun patterns. I believe that I have purchased at least three pairs so far. They are my new "Go-to" for everyday wear with closed toed sneaker type shoes.
Keith A. Review from
December 31, 2020
Diabetic Socks
I have had Type 1 diabtes for 35 yrs and have yet to have found a good pair of diabetic socks without paying top dollar. However, Dr. Segals have lived up to their claims. Dr. Segal's diabetic socks do not slip or sag when worn. The soles are thicker so they help with pain fron peripheral neuropathy, and these socks do not shrink or lose their shape after machone washing. In my opinion these socks are an excellemt value for the price. My feet thank Dr. Segal
Megan Review from
November 18, 2021
I needed these badly!
I bought a pair, not thinking too much about how they'd help... Omg. I've been really tired from work, been in my feet a lot. I opened my sock drawer this am and remembered I had these! Put them on for my 10hr work shift.. and wow. I got home and my legs and feet didn't hurt like they normally do. The relief was just so nice. I enjoyed my evening off for once, not in pain and hitting.
Ramona K. Review from
May 17, 2021
Three Stars for the Fit (for me personally)
I would give these socks five stars on colors and feel of the material. They just didn't work for me. My calves are too wide and the socks left marks on my skin. I've been searching everywhere for socks that would fit me comfortably without leaving marks and tired of black and white being only color choices. I wish these would have worked for me because they are the prettiest socks I ever had. If my calves weren't 15-17 inches diameter, they would have been perfect!
Karen P. Review from
December 23, 2021
Brown socks
The socks are awsome as usual, but the brown ones I ordered in size sm. -the heels came up to my ankles when I put them on.. It's ok -can give them to my husband but they were marked as sm/med. Will order some more after Christmas but please make sure the brown ones are marked the right size. I measured them with the other new ones and they were huge!!! Merry Christmas to you all there!
Janis G. Review from
November 1, 2021
Diabetic socks
When I placed an order for two pairs, I received a pop up offering me a discount on two more pairs. Great idea! However you sent the wrong size so theyre if no use to me. I need. ML. Then I received 5 text messages that same day offering more deals. 5 a week would be too many. If your product is good, you will achieve good results with one email a week.
Brian H. Review from
October 14, 2021
So far so good
Recently purchased multiple pairs as a new diabetic this year. Excellent product. Comfortable stylish and no discomfort around shins from the socks feeling like they pinch in anyway. Initial washing resulted in reasonable shape retention. Excited at the potential of product durability
Sandra N. Review from
November 10, 2021
I love the colours and
I love the colours and soft feel of my new socks. The non binding tops are great and comfortable to wear. I would like to see some sort of arch support in the socks as I have high arches. I usually wear socks that have the arch support stitching and I find Dr. Segal's socks slip around on my feet after a short wearing time.